Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 10: A Friend or A Serial Killer

“Penny? You are still here?” Damien asked as he spotted me after entering the house. I kept a finger on my lips, motioning him to keep quiet as I motioned towards a sleeping Aria who was on my lap on the couch in front of the television.

Damien nodded his head as he stepped close and looked at his sister.

“Can you help me put her to bed?” I asked him in a whisper. He nodded his head. “Just lift her up for me please. She might wake up if I tried to pick her up as I got up.” I told him, my voice low so as not to disturb the cute little girl in her dreams.

Damien picked his sister up in his arms easily as I got up and stretched. I then motioned for him to hand her over to me but he shook his head, making me frown.

“Penny!” Aria spoke up in her sleep making me smirk at Damien. He rolled his eyes as he gave Aria to me. I kissed the little girl’s forehead before taking her to her room which I remembered from when she took me to see her dolls.

I tucked the little girl in with a smile on my face as Damien just stood next to me. He bent down and placed a kiss on his sister’s forehead before we both left her room.

“Did you stay here for so long so that I could drop you back home?” Damien asked me as I picked my bag up from the couch in his living room. I turned to find him looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Actually, your mother had to leave because of an emergency at the hospital and she couldn’t leave Aria alone so I told her that I’d be here till you come back.” I told him as I rolled my eyes at him and walked to the front door.

Damien’s hand stopped me by gripping onto my arm. He turned me around to face him. He smiled at me as he left my arm.

“I was just joking, Penny. My mother texted me before she left the house.” He told me. I crossed my arms and gave him a stern look.

“And you still didn’t get back home early? Do you even care about your sister, Damien?” I asked him.

“You were here. I thought that if you wanted to go home, you’d just call me.” He shrugged.

“I am a stranger, Damien!” I told him incredulously as I threw my hands up in bewilderment.

“No, you’re not. You are a friend.” He frowned.

“Oh! So I am your friend now?” I scoffed. He pressed his lips in a thin line as he looked at me. “Thank the gods who are chilling up in the heavens that I am not some kind of serial killer!” I exclaimed in exaggeration.

“I think that is a little too far-fetched.” Damien told me. I gasped at his comment, dramatically.

“Far-fetched? How much do you know me, Damien? What do you know about me besides how I look and what my name is? Do you even know if Penelope is my real name or not?” I asked him.

Damien opened his mouth before closing it. He did that a few times, looking like a goldfish. He was speechless.

Very good, Penny! Well said! Now this guy who trusts no one will never trust anyone ever again!

“Okay, you win!” Damien sighed as he raised his hands up in surrender but I could see a small smile on his face which made me smile back at him. “Now, come on. I’ll drop you home.” He told me as he picked up his jacket. “But I am driving!” He added.

“There is no need for that, Dami-Dami.” I told him. He frowned as he turned to look at me. “My uncle sent the chauffeur to pick me up since it was getting late.” I explained.

“There was no need for that. I would have dropped you home.” Damien told me. I smiled as I shook my head.

“You might have started trusting me but I don’t trust you with my address.” I joked, making him roll his eyes. “Besides, my uncle’s car is parked right in front of your house.” I added.

“You do know that I was just joking, right? I trust you, Penny.” Damien spoke up after a few moments of silence. I smiled at him and nodded my head.

“It’s fine, Damien.” I told him. “I didn’t take it to heart.” I said.

“You know, Aria might be just a little girl but she’s a really good judge of character. I trust her judgement. And she seems to trust you. So, I trust you too.” Damien said with a serious look on his face. I fake-gasped at him.

“Did someone punch you a little too hard on the head during your boxing practice? Or have you finally lost it?” I questioned, trying to hide my smile. “Are you okay, Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome?” I asked as I pretended to check his temperature by keeping my hand on his forehead.

“I’m hot, aren’t I?” Damien asked me with an eye-roll as he pushed my hand away. I smirked at him.

“You know that you are.” I told him. He clenched his jaw in order to stop himself from smiling at me. “Anyways, I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Bye!” I said before placing a quick kiss on his cheek. Before he could have said anything or responded, I was already out of the front door.

I sighed as I walked over to my uncle’s car which was parked across the street. I didn’t tell my uncle or my aunt that I was at Damien’s house but I did tell them that I was baby-sitting a friend’s little sister. I had sent my location directly to David, the chauffeur, so that my uncle wouldn’t find out that I was at Damien’s house.

As I reached the car, David was already standing with the back door open for me. I rolled my eyes as I opened the passenger door.

“David, drive at a crazy speed and don’t you dare tell Uncle K where you picked me up from!” I told him as I sat and closed the door after me. He chuckled as he mock-saluted me before running up to the driver’s seat and getting in the car.

“If he asks, I’ll just tell him that you were in the neighborhood.” He told me as he started driving home. I turned to him and smiled at him.

“You are learning quite a lot of things with me!” I told him. “Good job! I’m proud of you, Dave!” I told him. He smiled at me before focusing back on the road.

“That was expected since I’ve been your chauffeur since you were just four.” He told me. It was true that David has been around for a very long time. I still remember when he came to my play-school to pick me up on his first day and I had stomped on his foot because I thought he was just a stranger. He was in his early to mid thirties back then.

David has been around more than my own parents. He has seen me growing up and I’ve seen him growing too. He was more of a parent to me than my own parents. His daughter, who is a couple years younger than me, is like a sister to me.

“You’re not just a chauffeur, David. You’re much more than that.” I told him, seriously.

“Yeah, I am supposed to be your bodyguard too. But you sneak away all the time so I don’t think I am much of anything other than a chauffeur.” David replied with an eye-roll.

“Hey! No sarcasm in front of me! I’m the only one who’s allowed to use it as a figure of speech!” I told him. He chuckled as he shook his head. I yawned as I turned to look at the road in front of us.

“Sleepy?” David asked as he glanced at me. I sighed as I nodded my head. “Go to sleep. I’ll take you to your room before I leave for the day. It’ll save you from the questioning from your uncle and aunt too.” David suggested.

“You’re a genius, Dave!” I told him as I got comfortable and ready to sleep. David’s chuckle was the last thing I heard before I was out.

Me: Hello people who read!

Penny: Since all the guesses were wrong, we are putting forward another challenge.

Ellie: You have to guess the unknown speaker again but the reward is a bit different this time.

Me: Unfortunately, my best friend is currently not feeling well. And without her reading my chapters first, I don’t feel confident enough to post those chapters.

Xander: Thanks to all those who offered to be the special readers.

Jason: But we don’t know when the next chapter will be up.

Me: Hopefully, we’ll be back next week. But since I cannot promise that, the reward for winning the challenge is that I’ll send chapter 11 to you.

Mason: So, put your guessing hats on, people!

Damien: And the dialogue is...

Unknown speaker: So now you’ve taken Xander’s role, huh? Now you’re the playboy who comes in a relationship with every new girl only to dump her the next day. You’re the new heartbreaker of our school now?

Ellie: We know that there’s gonna be drama in the next chapter. *smirks*

Me: I really cannot wait for you all to read the chapter!

Mason: Happy guessing, readers!

Jason Until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Curtains close as the characters put on armour for the drama in the next chapter while the author sits back with a big bowl of popcorn...

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