Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 17: Apologies and Demands

“Don’t you think that this apology is too little and too late?” Leah scoffed. I rolled my eyes at her.

She wasn’t even looking at Ellie! She was talking to me.

“At least she is apologizing, Leah. You didn’t even apologize for what you did.” I commented. It was Leah’s turn to roll her eyes as she looked away.

Ellie, Leah and I were in an empty classroom with no one in the hallways since it was the lunch break. Ellie chose this time to talk to Leah since we had a lot of time to explain everything and no one would even listen to anything.

But it wasn’t going very well. Leah was acting like a stuck up snob, not even caring much. And Ellie looked frustrated at this point but she was still being apologetic. Leah was acting like she was the queen and we were the peasants here to apologize for something.

If this wasn’t about bullying, I would have not thought about it twice before breaking her perfect face!

“I didn’t do anything wrong.” Leah said as she pretended to be examining her nails. I sighed as I got down from the teacher’s table, where I was sitting.

“You cheated on one of her best friends.” I reminded Leah as I stood next to Ellie. I glanced at Ellie before continuing. “That too with another one of her best friends.” I said.

Leah sighed dramatically before covering her face with her hands as she groaned. She then looked up at me with a bored expression.

“Big deal!” She exclaimed. “Besides, he cheated on me with my cousin!” She pointed out.

“From what I heard, your cousin forcefully kissed him. That’s not cheating.” I stated.

“So? He was still smug about it.” She grumbled as she crossed her arms. Ellie sighed before stepping towards Leah.

“Look, Leah. I know that whatever happened was wrong. I am just here to apologize for the bullying. Xander cheated on you and you did the same. That’s between the two of you. I am here to apologize for whatever me and my friends did in the cafeteria.” Ellie explained.

“And if you want, all of them will apologize to you.” I added.

“And if you want, we’ll do it in front of everyone in the school.” Ellie added. Ellie’s words made me mentally smile. She did wrong but she was ready to accept it and try her best to make it right.

She really is a nice person…

Leah thought about it as we looked at her, trying to see if this would please her. I was already starting to plan how we will all apologize to her in the cafeteria right where it all happened.

From what I could see, Leah was someone who loved drama. Having the whole group apologizing to her would obviously appease her.


“I don’t want you all to apologize to me in front of everyone.” Leah smirked as she finally looked at Ellie. “I don’t want to tarnish your image in front of others.” she added.

“Then what do you want?” Ellie asked, cautiously. Leah chuckled darkly at that.

“I want you to make me one of you guys.” She said, making me and Ellie frown in confusion.

“What do you mean by making you one of us?” I asked her. Her smirk grew bigger.

“I want to be in your group. I want to be one of the populars.” Leah explained. My eyebrows shot up as I turned to look at Ellie. Ellie had the same expression of shock on her face as she looked at me.

What does she think friendship is? How can she just expect that? And what does she think they all are? Just popular kids? Not real humans?

Friendship can never be forced. People who are meant to be friends become friends no matter what and people who are not meant to be friends can never be friends. No matter what.

Friendships are earned, not forced!

After thinking about it for a while, Ellie turned to Leah and smiled warmly at her. Her smile seemed genuine but I could tell that it was a forced one.

“That can be arranged. We would love to expand our friend-circle. After all, the more the merrier is what they say, right?” Ellie smiled.

I took a deep breath before plastering a smile on my face too as I turned to face Leah. Leah was practically bouncing on her feet as she looked at us.

“Welcome to the group!” I spoke with enthusiasm.

I just hope that the others play along…

“That’s awesome!” Leah squealed, making Ellie and I wince. She gave us both a quick hug before smiling widely at us.

“Can we head to the cafeteria now? I am starving!” Ellie whispered to me, making sure that Leah doesn’t hear her as she continues to jump around in excitement.

Maybe she’s just someone who wanted the attention she never had…

“I’m with you on that one, sister!” I whispered back. Ellie sighed in relief.

“Leah, come on. Let’s head to the cafeteria.” Ellie spoke with a smile on her face. Leah stopped jumping as she looked at us. She took a step in our direction before she stopped.

I practically saw the wheels turning in her head as her eyes widened.

I knew at that moment that she was going to say something that I would not like at all. I knew that she was going to say something that would make me regret convincing Ellie to apologize to her.

“I want something else too.” Leah said. Ellie breathed in deeply to hold her frustration back.

“What else do you want?” Ellie asked with the smile still on her face, looking as real as the reality.

“I want you to ask Damien to date me.” Leah said, making my heart stop beating for a second. “I don’t want you to force him to go out with me. I just want one date! And a real chance.” She explained.

“You like Damien?” Ellie asked her before glancing at me.

“I do. I used to like Xander but I’m not into guys who are taken. Damien isn’t.” Leah shrugged. Ellie glanced at me before sighing.

“That won’t be possible. Damien doesn’t date. If I suggest something like that just one more time to him, I’m afraid that he’ll shoot me in the head with his grandpa’s gun!” Ellie rolled her eyes.

“Can’t he even go on one single date with me?” Leah asked.

“No. Besides, he is actually interested in someone else.” Ellie replied. Leah gasped.

“But can’t he just give me one chance before asking out the girl he likes? I really do like him!” Leah pleaded. Ellie glanced at me again.

What she was asking for wasn’t wrong. Damien was a handsome guy and I knew that anyone could like him. And just because he kissed me, it didn’t mean that we were a thing.

Besides, I didn’t really want a relationship. Damien wasn’t someone who wanted to just fool around. He and I couldn’t work.

And that meant that I couldn’t just make him ignore someone who could really be a nice girlfriend for him.

He is a friend to you, Penny. Do this for him!

I took a deep breath before plastering a smile on my face.

“I’ll talk to him. I’ll make sure that he gives you at least a chance.” I told Leah. Leah squealed while Ellie stared at me with wide eyes.

“You all are so forgiven!” Leah said before giving me a quick hug and leaving the classroom.

“Penny, are you sure about this?” Ellie asked me in a whisper. I sighed.

“Yeah.” I answered. “I think Damien should give her a chance.” I shrugged.

“What about you?” Ellie asked as she placed a hand on my arm. I chuckled.

“I am not looking for a relationship, Ellie.” I told her, honestly. “I was just flirting with him because it was fun.” I added.

“Whatever.” Ellie sighed. “But I am not even helping you with this Damien situation now!” She warned me.

“Don’t worry. I got this.” I told her with a smile. “Now let’s go for lunch!” I said. Ellie nodded in agreement before we both almost ran to the cafeteria.

Jason: I just realised how stupid I am...

Mason: *smirking* I have known all about that since the day you were born, baby brother.

Me: Hey! Don’t say that to poor Jace! He’s sweeter than you!

Jason: Thanks! Anyways, I realised how stupid I am! I could have gotten plastic surgery to look like someone who is not Mason’s twin!

Me: Now even I think that you are stupid, Jace.

Penny: Me too.

Jason: *rolling his eyes* I could make myself look like someone like Thor!

Me: I support you with that!

Ellie: Me too!

Xander: You have a boyfriend, Elle.

Ellie: And he looks nothing like Thor.

Damien: *sighing* I am surrounded by idiots.

Liam: Let’s talk about something relevant. The next update will be up on 14th June 2021.

Xander: Which is Monday, the day we tried to ban.

Ellie: And let’s not forget that we succeeded in banning it in Crazy-topia.

Me: All because of your queen. *snaps fingers and a crown appears on my head*

Jason: Now, let’s decide a date for my surgery!

Penny: ASAP!

Mason: *smirking* I can help with that. *puts on surgical gloves* I will perform the surgery.

Jason: Uh... I would feel better if a professional does it.

Mason: *wickedly* I am a professional, dear brother.

Damien: *sighing* See you all next time!

Jason: *hurriedly* Until next time, stay safe! *runs off the stage*

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Mason: Stop, baby brother! *runs off after Jason*

Curtains close as all the characters and the author run off behind the twins to protect Jason...

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