Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 19: The Crazy Chick and the Drama Queen

“Do you even know how dirty that table is?” I asked as I eyed Mason and Jason, taking a seat across from them.

Did they even care about personal hygiene?

Mason raised his head up and shot a glare at me before he rested his forehead back on the table. Jason didn’t even move. I was wondering if he was asleep already.

It was the lunch break and by the looks of it, the twins were already tired. To top it off, they both also had detention after school. I could see that the smelly gooey cafeteria food wasn’t doing anything to cheer them up.

I could totally understand their pain!

“Jace, are you asleep?” Ellie whispered as she sat next to him. When Jason didn’t even look at her, she looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

“They both have detention after school and the day hasn’t really been good so far.” Xander answered for the twins’ peculiar behaviour as he settled down next to Ellie.

“Poor boys. They are suffering in the hell we lovingly call high school.” I commented, making Ellie and Xander laugh.

It was as if the twins had rehearsed it when they both looked up at me with menacing glares in sync. It was funny to see them this way when I have only ever seen them fooling around.

“What’s with the twin glares?” Liam asked as Kara took a seat next to me and he took a seat next to her. The twins moved their glares from me to Liam.

“They are having a bad day, Liam. Be a little sensitive!” Kara was quick to warn her boyfriend in a hushed tone.

The twins returned to their previous position, putting their heads down, in sync after a few seconds making me sigh.

Even though the whole in-sync angry glares and sulky mood might be a little funny, I wanted to get their playful funny selves back. I couldn’t be around grumpy people now or else my mood would turn grumpy and then I’ll be sulking for days on a stretch.

I really am not in the mood for all that!

“Why don’t we do something to cheer everyone up?” I said as I clapped my hand cheerfully and looked at everyone on the table.

Xander and Liam narrowed their eyes at me, the twins didn’t even look up and Ellie and Kara gave me confused looks. I sighed when they didn’t even reciprocate even one percent of my cheerfulness.

“What do you mean? What can we do?” Ellie asked me. I pursed my lips as I thought about it.

“Get rid of Leah for me!” Damien groaned as he sat next to me. He didn’t even glance at me. He looked at Ellie with pleading eyes.

If he wanted to ignore me then why did he sit down next to me?

“What happened?” Ellie asked with a frown.

“She has been following me since the morning! I can’t get rid of her and her smile is starting to creep me out!” Damien huffed. He closed his eyes and ran a hand through his hair, messing them up in a nice way.

He looked so good even when he was frustrated…

Do I have a crush on him? I hope not!

Ellie looked at me in question. I pressed my lips in a thin line before nodding at her silent question. Her eyes widened as she looked back at Damien who looked like he would start crying any moment now.

“How did she convince you to say yes to the date?” Ellie asked Damien. Ellie’s face looked comical as she stared at Damien as if he was an alien.

“A date with Leah?” It was Jason who spoke up this time. He was staring at Damien with an expression similar to Ellie’s.

“A date with that crazy Leah who cheated on Xander with me?” Mason asked as he raised his head up.

“What the hell! Are you crazy, Damien?” Liam shrieked. I winced at his volume and the anger in his voice.

“Please tell me that this is some kind of joke!” Xander exclaimed as he frowned at Damien.

I knew that they were all going to turn their angry gazes at me anytime now. I was just preparing myself for it as I waited for Damien to tell them everything.

“I am not crazy. And I am not joking. I am going on one single date with Leah. That’s all.” Damien answered, calmly. I nibbled on my lower lip as guilt settled in the pits of my stomach.

“But how did she get you to say yes?” Ellie asked Damien, curiously.

“We made a deal.” I answered, sheepishly.

“But that’s not important right now. Please help me, Ellie!” Damien spoke up before Ellie could ask any further questions.

Ellie sighed as she crossed her arms and leaned back in her seat. She thought for a while but then shook her head and looked back at Damien.

“I don’t know what to say. I mean, you did say yes to going out with her.” Ellie shrugged.

“I know that but I didn’t know that she was going to be so clingy at school before that!” Damien groaned as he covered his face with his hands.

“It’s just one date. It’ll be over tonight.” Ellie tried to cheer him up. He looked back at her, clenching his jaw.

“Just one date?” He asked sarcastically. “She’s literally making me prepare for it as if I’m taking her to prom!” He fumed, throwing his hands up.

“Is she asking you to match your clothes and bring a corsage for her?” Xander said, chuckling lightly. Liam snickered as the twins rolled their eyes with smirks on their faces.

“Yes.” Damien deadpanned. “Except for the limo, she’s asking for everything!” He told us.

Everyone was quiet after hearing his words. I could tell that they all felt sorry for him. I sighed. This was all my fault. I was the one who asked him to do this. I was feeling extremely guilty about it.

“I am sorry, Damien.” I mumbled as I looked down at the gooey food. I could feel Damien’s eyes on me but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him.

“It’ll be over tonight.” Ellie told him. “Thank you so much for doing all this for me.” She added. Damien sighed. I looked at him to find him still looking at me.

“You are babysitting my sister tonight. My mom’s not going to be home and since I am going on that stupid date, I can’t just leave my sister alone.” Damien told me.

“Don’t worry. I will take care of her.” I assured him.

“And since I don’t know when I might get back home, I would suggest that you bring an overnight bag with you. Even if I get back early, Aria would love to have you sleep over.” Damien said.

“Okay.” I smiled at him. He didn’t show any emotions as he stared back at me. “I really am sorry for all the trouble that you are going through.” I told him, honestly.

“I’ll make you pay for that. Don’t worry.” Damien smirked at me. I chuckled before I kissed his cheek.

I swear that I saw Damien blushing a little as he turned away and cleared his throat. And I am sure that everyone else saw that too because they were looking at him with amused expressions too.

“Penny’s got you wrapped around her pinky, Damien.” Jason said. Damien glared at him but didn’t say anything.

“And you can’t do anything about it.” Mason added with a smirk.

“At least that cheered you both up!” I commented as I rolled my eyes. “Now leave the poor guy alone! He has enough stress with Leah following him around!” I huffed.

And as if on cue, Leah ran over to our table, waving her hand at Damien.

Speak of the devil and the devil appears…

“Are you ready for our date, Damien?” Leah asked in an excited and cheerful voice. Her pitchy voice made us all wince.

“How could I not be? You have been after me since the morning.” Damien muttered, clenching his jaw when she placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh Damien! I can’t wait for tonight!” She giggled, ignoring the hostility in his tone. I could see the vein on Damien’s forehead becoming prominent as he clenched his jaw even harder.

I knew that Damien would do something stupid if Leah continued to talk to him any longer. I looked at the others for help but they were busy hiding their laughter.

I took a deep breath before I placed a hand on Damien’s shoulder and acted as if I was getting dizzy.

“I don’t feel so good, Damien. Please take me to the nurse’s office.” I mumbled loud enough for him and Leah to listen clearly.

“Of course. You’re gonna be okay, Penny.” Damien said in a worried tone as he got up and picked me up in his arms, bridal style. He almost ran out of the cafeteria with me.

I’m such an amazing drama queen!

“You do know that I was just acting, right?” I whispered when we were out of the noisy cafeteria. Damien didn’t put me down as he kept walking. “Damien?” I called out when he didn’t stop.

“I know that you are okay. But I am not. So just shut up.” he said as he walked out of the school building. I frowned as he walked up to his car.

“Where are we going?” I asked him. He opened the passenger door of his car before placing me on the seat.

“I can’t stay in school any longer or I’ll kill either Leah or myself.” He told me before shutting the door. He rounded to the driver’s side and got in with a sigh.

“Are you kidnapping me?” I gasped at Damien. He glared at me.

“The others are gonna be following us too.” Damien told me. Just then, I saw Ellie, Xander, the twins, Liam and even Kara running out of the school entrance. I opened the window to talk to them as they got closer.

“To the place!” Ellie commanded when everyone was near their vehicle.

“Me and Mace need to be back for detention or they’ll give us a week of detention.” Jason said.

“Then we’ll race there!” I exclaimed. Everyone nodded with smirks on their faces. I turned to Damien. “Can I drive?” I asked.

“Hell no!” He exclaimed before starting up his car. I rolled my eyes at him before turning to look at the others.

We all exchanged smirks before all the vehicles started racing away to the closest pizza outlet.

Me: *excitedly* Hi, guys!


Me: Hey! I was going to announce that!

Xander: You still can.

Me: Right. Before someone else says this, I’m putting The Player’s Playmate back on Inkitt for those of you who didn’t complete reading it for some reason.

Xander: It will be kind of a reboot.

Me: But only for 10 days. You can still buy the published book.

Penny: And for these ten days, I will be on a break. I think...

Me: I’m actually leaving that up to the readers.

Damien: So, while the reboot happens, do you guys want the author to keep updating Sugar and Spice?

Mason: Option A- Yay!

Jason: Option B- Nay!

Damien: The voting will end on 19 June 2021 at 1900hrs GMT.

Me: I will be putting The Player’s Playmate up on 20th June 2021 and it will be removed on 30th June 2021.

Penny: If we do pause the updates for Sugar and Spice, we will be back on 1st July 2021.

Me: And if we don’t, only one update will be posted.

Damien: So, this could be the last update for the month...

Penny: So I want to say that I really love you all! Thanks for reading my story!

Me: So, we’ll see you guys on 20th June 2021!

Damien: Don’t forget to VOTE, LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE!

Jason: Until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Curtains close as Ellie bursts into confetti due to the excitement...

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