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Chapter 20: Chit-chat with the Enemy

“Did you know that Damien went out with some girl yesterday?” I heard an all too familiar but unexpected voice saying. I sighed but I continued walking in the direction of my next class.

I didn’t want anyone to remind me about that. It was the talk of the school. Everyone found out about that little date since Leah wanted to click a hundred selfies and upload them all on her social media.

“I know about that. I was the one who fixed that date up.” I answered in a bored voice.

“Oh! I know that. I know why you did it too.” He spoke in a smug voice, making my foul mood even worse. I took a deep breath to control my anger.

I really could use his face as a punching bag right about now…

“Then why are you here?” I asked, still not ready to look at him. He chuckled before he stopped me from walking any further by gripping my elbow. I turned to him, gritting my teeth in anger.

Can I just throw a punch now? I mean, I could easily tell them that he was trying to bully me since I’m the new girl…

“So they can forgive Leah but not me? And I don’t mean that I am asking them for forgiveness. I am just asking you to give me a chance!” Ethan demanded.

Oh god! Not this!

I narrowed my eyes at him before I pulled my arm away from his grasp. He was starting to get on my bad side now. Listening to everyone talk about Damien and his new ‘girlfriend’ was proving to be more than enough to piss me off.

“Let’s not forget that your first impression wasn’t the best.” I snapped back. “And they are my friends. Therefore, their enemies are my enemies.” I added.

I know that they say that keep your enemies closer but if I stay around him for any longer, I might break more than just a few of his bones…

Ethan sighed before running a hand through his hair. I could see the frustration in his eyes as he tried to come up with something.

“So, if I apologize, will you give me a chance?” he finally asked. I was shocked by his words.

From what I have heard from everyone which includes a few of his own friends, he is not the one who apologizes or accepts defeat.

“Well, it depends on whether they forgive you or not.” I shrugged, my voice losing the hostility from a minute ago.

“But they will never forgive me!” Ethan exclaimed. I raised an eyebrow at his outburst. “They hate me!” he claimed.

That’s a bit dramatic…

“Well, you aren’t very likable from what I know.” I mumbled to myself but he heard me and gave me a are-you-kidding-me look. “That’s not my problem” I shrugged.

“You don’t know but they hate me. It’s because I left a note in Ellie’s locker long ago. I was just asking her out and Xander saw it first and removed it.” He tried to reason with me.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Almost everyone in the hallway was staring at us, knowing how I am friends with his enemies. I wasn’t comfortable with the weird looks I was receiving.

“Look, I don’t care why they hate you or what happened before I got here. I just think that they are good people and I don’t want to lose them as my friends.” I stated.

“I understand that.” Ethan started but I cut him off before he could say anything.

“And I have been warned about how you can be manipulative.” I told him. He frowned at that. “Well, let’s just say that my friends aren’t the only people who don’t like you. Your teammates don’t like you that much either.” I explained.

“Who was it?” Ethan asked with his jaw clenched tightly in anger. I chuckled before shaking my head at him.

“You are just trying something to get back at Ellie and Xander. Please don’t involve me in your feud.” I sighed before turning around to walk to my class.

I knew that Ethan was following me but I didn’t say anything because he was silent too.

Maybe he’s in the class too…

“So, according to you, what should I do? Just let them go after they humiliated me?” He finally asked when I took a seat in the second last seat near the windows.

Ethan took the seat in front of me and turned to face me. He looked genuinely curious as if he really wanted to know my answer. I sighed.

“Ethan, I don’t know what actually happened since I’ve only heard the stories from one side and I’m honestly not interested in knowing anything about it all. But have you considered letting it all go?” I said.

Ethan shook his head without missing a beat.

“I can’t just let it go, Penny!” He argued.

“It’s just high school, Ethan. No one will remember what happened here in a few months. We will only remember our friends.” I remarked.

The thoughtful look on his face told me that he was actually considering my words.

“So, can I ask you out in college?” Ethan finally asked, making me laugh.

“I’ll tell you what, if you do ask me out when we are in college, I might just consider it.” I shrugged. Ethan rolled his eyes at that.

“I don’t even know if we are going to be in the same country! And I don’t do long distances.” He commented. It was my turn to roll my eyes.

“I’ll tell you what, if you really are as changed as you claim to be, which I really doubt at this point, I’ll give you a chance in high school itself.” I sighed.

There was no way that he was changed. I mean, he did try to sabotage my friendship with Ellie by showing me the video. I just want him to stop bothering me at this point.

“I’ll try.” He said with a thoughtful look on his face. “But on a lighter note, I didn’t expect you to arrange Leah and Damien’s date.” He said.

“Why didn’t you expect that? You were the one who showed me the video.” I frowned.

“Well, I thought that you would either leave them all or just ignore the whole thing.” He shrugged, making my frown deepen.

Was I that mean?

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you like Damien?” He said which came out more like a question rather than a statement.

“I might like his face. But I don’t even know him.” I rolled my eyes.

“Do you like my face?” Ethan asked out of the blue. I narrowed my eyes on him.

“Nope! Your face just reminds me of my crappy first day.” I told him honestly with a sickly sweet smile on face. Ethan frowned, pouting unhappily.

“We are gonna have to change tha-” before he could complete his sentence, the bell rang and right on cue, the teacher entered the room.

“Are you even in the class?” I whispered to Ethan as a few students entered the room in hurry.

“Nope. Which is why I am gonna bolt. Bye!” He whispered back before he ran away, making me chuckle.

I suddenly felt my phone vibrating in my pocket as the teacher started teaching. I took the phone out, hiding it behind my books.

I know that using your phone between classes is probably not a good thing but in my defense, I had to put my phone on silent since I forgot to do it before.

But the name that popped up in my notifications made me pause before I opened the message.

DashingDamien: Penny, were you just talking to Ethan?

Wait, how does he know about this?

I frowned before looking around only to find Damien sitting a few seats away, glaring down at his phone.

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