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Chapter 23: Not Stupid

“So, who are you rooting for?” Mason asked as he sat down next to me. I bit my lip as I tried to come up with an answer.

How can I put ‘he ain’t coming out of this alive’ in a nice way?

“As a friend, I am supposed to root for Jason. But I don’t think he can win.” I answered honestly. Mason chuckled at my words.

“You are damn right! I am rooting for a black eye that my clone would be sporting in a few minutes!” Mason laughed. I rolled my eyes at his words.

I thought twins were supposed to be super supportive of each other…

Me, the twins and Damien were currently at the gym while Ellie, Xander, Liam and Kara were out on a double date. Damien was going to train for his next boxing match and the three of us tagged along since we had nothing else to do and I really wanted to see Damien in a real fight.

And while me and the twins were just supposed to do some light exercise and a little cheering for Damien, Jason didn’t want that. He challenged one of the boxers just for fun.

I just hope that he doesn’t end up with broken bones…

“He is your brother, Mace. Show him a little support!” I scolded him. “You can do this, Jace!” I cheered as Jason finally made his way to the center of the mats.

Damien was looking at Jason from the other side. He had been trying to prep Jason for the past fifteen minutes so that at least he could defend himself a little.

“Don’t give him false hope, Penny!” Mason whispered. I elbowed him in his stomach before moving away from him. He winced a little but followed behind me.

“I just don’t want him to get false hope and then get heartbroken.” he groaned in pain.

“At least he is trying! You can’t even do that! At least he’s got some courage!” I whisper-yelled at Mason, making sure that Jason doesn’t catch any of my words.

You never know, he could be a vampire or a werewolf with heightened senses…

“That’s not courage. That’s foolishness.” Mason countered. I rolled my eyes at him.

I knew for a fact that if I stayed near Mason, I would punch him in the face for how he treats his twin. And he didn’t seem to get the point of me walking away.

I sighed before making my way to stand next to Damien, who was silently looking at Jason and the other guy with narrowed eyes.

“Do you think he would be able to walk back home after this?” Mason asked, walking up to me once again. I mentally groaned in annoyance.

“That’s… doubtful.” Damien muttered under his breath but judging by the smug look on Mason’s face as he looked at me, told me that he heard Damien’s words clearly.

“At least it’s not impossible.” I said as I started biting my nails. Mason chuckled at my words but didn’t say anything.

Jason and the other guy, who looked like a giant, took their position and started circling each other. I gulped nervously.

I just hope that he comes out alive…

Suddenly, Mr. Giant threw a punch at Jason’s face but Jason dodged it successfully. This angered the giant and he started throwing more punches. Jason avoided the punches but was caught off guard when the giant punched him in the gut instead of his face.

Jason stumbled back, coughing violently. I gasped as the giant didn’t stop there and continued throwing punches at my crazy yet sweet friend.

“Stop it! Jace, run away!” I yelled when the guy didn’t stop even though Jason was now on the ground, hiding his face behind his hands.

The guy ignored me so I rushed up to him with Damien on my side. Damien quickly pulled the giant off of Jason and I squatted down next to him, trying to look at his face.

“It hurts!” Jason groaned when I touched his arm. I quickly pulled it back. I looked back at Mason who had no expressions on his face.

“Get the first-aid box!” I told him. He quickly ran off to get it while I turned back to Jason.

By the looks of it, his arms had a few bruises but other than that, he looked fine. His face wasn’t hurt at all but judging by how he was clutching his stomach, I was sure he might have a bruise there too.

“He is not a trained fighter, you idiot!” I heard Damien’s voice shouting behind me. I turned back just in time to see him throwing a punch at the giant who was fighting Jason a few seconds ago.

I wish I could punch that giant back to where he came from!

“He asked for it!” The giant roared back. I got up from my position and walked up to him.

“You should have stopped when you saw what your punch did to him!” I yelled at the giant. “Don’t you have any sense?” I questioned.

“He was being stupid. He thought that he could challenge me.” The giant chuckled. I clenched my jaw at his words.

Yes, I do know how stupid Jason was. But that doesn’t mean that this giant could beat him up!

“My brother is not stupid!” I heard Mason’s voice booming. I turned to find a very pissed Mason looking at the giant.

Aww! Mason does have a heart!

“Oh! He is. And you know that.” The giant shot back with a smirk.

That’s it!

“Mason, go and check up on your brother.” I told him in a firm voice. I then looked back at the giant. “Let’s see how un-stupid you are.” I said, as I fisted my hands.

“What? Now you think that you can do something with those tiny little fists?” The giant chuckled, fueling my anger further.

He’s asking for it now!

“I can do something though.” Damien stated, standing in front of me.

What does he think I am? A toddler?

“Me too.” Mason said, coming to stand next to Damien. I looked back at Jason to see him sitting down, staring at us with a bottle of water in his hand.

“I didn’t do anything wrong here!” The giant said, raising his hands up in surrender but his small smirk still managed to infuriate me.

I pushed past Mason and Damien before throwing a punch right at his face. He groaned as he held his nose as blood poured out of it.

“Oops!” I said innocently, raising my hands up.

“You-” The giant started but Mason cut him off.

“If you complete that sentence, I will make sure that you can’t speak or walk for at least a month!” Mason warned in a dangerous tone that even made the giant gulp.

“Whatever!” The giant groaned before he walked away, still holding onto his bleeding nose.

There was silence as we all looked at the retreating giant. He sure as hell didn’t get what he deserved but then again, Jason wasn’t that badly injured either.

“I think I broke his nose.” I said, breaking the silence. I heard someone chuckling behind us and turned to see that it was our injured friend.

“That was awesome, Penny!” He commented, standing up, slightly wincing as he straightened up.

“But you are still a stupid idiot!” Mason told his brother.

“I thought that you said that I am not stupid.” Jason frowned.

“You are. I just didn’t want anyone to relate your stupidity to my handsome face.” Mason replied, making me and Damien chuckle while Jason rolled his eyes.

“Well, at least now I know never to bring you guys with me to the guy for practice.” Damien sighed. I pouted as his words.

“But I wanna see you shirtless!” I exclaimed louder than I wanted to.


But who cares!

Damien chuckled, shaking his head at me. Mason and Jason just rolled their eyes in sync, creeping me out.

“Who wants pizza?” Damien asked, changing the topic. The twins eagerly raised their hands in sync with identical grins.

I looked between the two brothers as their eyes turned to me. It was like they prepared it all as their expressions turned from excited to smirking in sync.

“You two are creepy.” I told them honestly. They chuckled before going to change. I turned to Damien who raised an eyebrow at me when I stayed rooted to my spot.

“What happened?” He asked.

“I’m not Ellie. I don’t get distracted by pizza.” I told him, crossing my arms. “I still wanna see you shirtless.” I told him seriously.

Damien rolled his eyes but a small smirk on his face told me that he wasn’t really frustrated.

“If you promise not to break anyone’s nose the next time, I might think about bringing you to practice and maybe you’ll see me shirtless then.” He spoke as he walked over to the changing rooms.

“You know, you could just take your shirt off now and then we wouldn’t have to wait for the next time.” I told him, following behind him.

“Maybe we can get some ice-cream before we go back home. Aria will be back home soon.” He said, not even turning back to me.

The thought of the little girl and ice-cream instantly cheered me up.

“Next time sounds awesome!” I said as I skipped to the changing room. I heard Damien chuckling at me but I ignored him. I had to hurry to get to the little girl.

Ice-cream, here I come!

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