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Chapter 24: Amazon Warrior

“He didn’t do it!” I whine in frustration.

This is ridiculous!

“And how can you be so sure, Penelope?” Principal Hughes asks, sounding equally frustrated.

“First, it’s Penny. And second, like I told you, I was with him after school! We were at Ellie’s house with the rest of our friends.” I told him for the umpteenth time. He shook his head, still not ready to believe me.

Why is he not believing us?

“If you said that the video of that student, whose locker exploded with glitter paint, was not done by him, I would believe you even if I don’t want to. But I won’t believe you with this.” The Principal said in a stern voice.


“Speaking of that incident, just asking out of curiosity, did you find out who did it and why?” I ask, trying to act nonchalant while I was grinning like an idiot.

I have been dying to know more about the whole thing but no one knew what happened.

I heard Damien sighing behind me as the Principal rolled his eyes at me.

What? A girl’s gotta know what a girl’s gotta know!

“It was Sarah Cooper. Some students told us about how she and the victim have been in a fight for a long time now.” The Principal informed me with a tired sigh.

Wow! People really do hate Sarah!

“But what punishment did you give her?” I asked, curiously.

I mean, I should know what I would have gotten myself into if I would’ve gotten caught!

“A month of detention.” The Principal said, looking at something on his computer screen. I bit my lip to stop myself from grinning like an idiot at his words. “And that is what Damien will get.” He added.

Hell no!

“But he didn’t do anything!” I yelled. The Principal raised an eyebrow at me with a disappointed expression on his face.

“If you don’t want the same to happen to you, I would advise you to keep your voice down in front of me.” He told me in a stern voice.

The corners of my lips turned down involuntarily as tears filled my eyes. I pursued my lips, trying to keep my tears at bay.

Damien can’t be in detention for a month!

“But he is my friend. I finally made a friend and now you are taking him away from me.” I said, my voice coming out sadder than expected.

“Penny?” Damien asked as he placed his hands on my shoulders and made me turn to face him. His eyes widened when he saw my teary eyes. “Why are you crying? It’s just detention.” Damien said in a soft voice as he cupped my face in his large hands.

Aww! He is so sweet!

I looked into his eyes to find him looking at me with a small reassuring smile. His brown eyes made me want to get lost in them.

I know that that was sappy but his eyes are really hypnotic! I swear, they really are magical!

Maybe he really is a Greek god…

“This is my office! I will not tolerate this type of a scene here!” The Principal yelled, making me come out of the trace I was in.

I shake my head before turning to look at Principal Hughes. His angry eyes and clenched fists told me that he wasn’t really very happy at the moment.

Should I offer him the chocolate I have in my bag? Chocolates make everyone happy!

But that chocolate might have melted by now…

You’re in a tough spot here, Penny!

“Please believe me! You can even ask everyone else! Damien was with us the whole time!” I said, pulling away from Damien.

“Penny, you are new to this school. You don’t know what kind of a person Damien is. He always does stuff like this!” The Principal argued. “He needs to be punished!” He added.

“Oh I know all about that!” I told him. “And I know all about how you like to blame him for everything that goes wrong in this school!” I told him.

By the looks of it, my words were only making Principal Hughes angrier than he already was. But right now, I was angry-Penny.

And angry-Penny cares about nothing besides winning the argument!

“Penny, maybe the detention isn’t that bad.” Damien whispered to me. I scowled at him.

“Keep your mouth shut, pretty boy!” I told him, not even turning to look at him as I maintained eye-contact with the Principal.

This is a war!

“When I told you to make friends, I didn’t mean to say that go and get involved with such a bad influence.” Principal Hughes commented.

Oh no! He didn’t just say that!

“Damien’s been more welcoming than you! The only reason why I don’t want to leave this place is because of the friends I have made here. Otherwise, I would have made a huge mess and my lovely parents would have shipped me off to somewhere else!” I ranted.

I was breathing heavily by the end of my rant. I wouldn’t just stand here and be judged on my choice of friends. If he expected me to do that, then it’s his fault.

“Penny! I know for a fact that you were the one behind the glittery explosion in that kid’s locker! So don’t act like you aren’t being the troublemaker that you are just because you want to stay here!” The Principal shot back.

My eyes widened as I took a step back. I was hurt. Deeply hurt by the words he just said. When he realised what he said, his eyes turned wide too.

He opened his mouth to try and say something but he had nothing to say. He said what he had to say.

He told me the truth about how he saw me as a troublemaker too…

“Penny, why are you crying?” Damien asked in a panicked voice as he turned me around to face him.

His words made me realise that I was crying as I stood in my spot numbly. Damien wiped my tears before he hugged me close.

I knew that Damien’s actions might anger the cruel Principal further but I didn’t care about that right now. So, I wrapped my arms around Damien’s torso and cried into his chest.

“I should have known.” I sobbed, my voice cracking.

I should have known that he only saw me as a troublemaker just like everyone else…

“Penny-” Principal Hughes started but his voice was a little hoarse so he cleared his throat.

“Penny, don’t cry. You’re a brave amazon warrior, aren’t you?” Damien said, making me chuckle through my tears. I pulled away to look at his face.

Where did that come from?

He smiled down at me, wiping my tears yet again. I couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Amazon warrior?” I asked as I pushed his hands away and tried to get rid of the tears on my face by myself.

“You are a strong headed girl who would fight with anyone to get what she wants.” Damien shrugged. I smirked at him nodding my head.

I am an amazon warrior, just like Damien said! I can’t cry like a mere mortal!

I took a deep breath before turning to Principal Hughes once again. Armed with my determination, I knew that I wouldn’t let him punish Damien for something that he didn’t do!

Just then, an idea hit me like a truckload of bricks.

At least that egoistic guy who calls himself a Greek god is good for something…

“Principal Hughes, if you could just call Mason Carrington here, I can prove that Damien was with us away from the school when someone spray-painted the windows of your office.” I told him.

I felt Damien’s curious and confused eyes at me while the Principal frowned.

“You do know that I won’t believe anything that boy tells me, right?” He remarked.

“I know how you have zero faith in us all because of your biased nature.” I reassured him. “But my friend, Mason, is someone who likes to take a lot of selfies and I believe that we can find one with Damien in it. The time-stamp will prove Damien’s innocence.” I explained.

Principal Hughes thought about it for a while as he looked between me and Damien. The expression on his face told me that he was actually considering the fact that Damien might not be behind this stupid prank.

“Would you stay away from this boy and his friends if I let him go?” Principal Hughes asked in a leveled tone.

Not this again!

“Nothing you say or do will make me change my mind about my friends. Besides, Damien really is innocent this time.” I spoke in a confident voice.

“Very well then.” Principal Hughes sighed. “I believe you and I guess he really is innocent. You both can get back to your lunch break now.” He waved his hand, motioning to the door.

I smiled back at Damien before he took my hand and we both walked to the door. We were just about to get out when I stopped and turned around.

“Principal Hughes?” I called out. He looked up from his screen to me. “Can you please call my aunt and tell her that I would not be coming back today?” I stated more than asked.

My aunt was a really nice woman but since my parents trusted her and my uncle to take care of me, she was a little over-protective. So now, if someone says anything even remotely bad about me, she takes her big knives out…

I love her and her knife-collection very dearly!

“What-” He started asking but I cut him off.

“I have an overnight bag with the chauffeur and I would stay over at a friend’s house.” I told him. “Thanks!” I cheered before he could respond and left his office with Damien.

Good luck with that super awkward conversation with my dearest aunt, Principal Hughes!

“I hope you know that the friend who you are staying with tonight is me.” Damien said as we walked to the cafeteria.

I rolled my eyes at his comment.

“I was thinking about Ellie.” I muttered.

“Well, you promised to be an on-call baby-sitter for my sister. I need you to stay over and babysit my sister.” Damien shrugged.

“Okay, fine!” I chuckled.

I swear, he really is something else…

Me: I am really really really sorry!

Penny: She is so sorry that she said really thrice!

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Jason: Do you ever forget to breathe?

Me: Shut it, you dumbos! You didn’t remind me about it either!

Mason: I forgot...

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Ellie: Then why didn’t you remind her?

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Mason: *snickering* You can try...

Me: I can erase your existence. You know that, right?

Mason: Sorry! *zips his lips*

Me: Anyways, see you guys soon!

Jason: Until then, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Curtains close as the characters start making a timetable for the author so that she doesn’t forget anything ever again...

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