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Chapter 30: Blue and Red Ribbons

“So the blue ribbons were totally useless?” Ellie asked in confusion.

“Do you know how long it took me to find those? I had to go to at least a hundred shops before I found them!” Xander huffed.

“They were not useless! They made everything look pretty!” I chirped, dreaming about what would be the funniest prank ever.

“Red ribbons would have looked pretty too! But you wanted the blue ones, right?” Xander muttered to himself.

“Only the blue ribbons could have made it look pretty!” I scolded Xander. “The red ones would have made it all look like it was done by a preschooler!” I added.

“Oh really? Stuffing a car with animal shaped balloons, putting glue on the driver’s seat, sticking pie over the steering wheel, inflating the tires and the spare, putting hundreds and thousands of sticky notes on the outer surface of the car would have looked like something done by a preschooler just because the fancy bow you added at the top was red and not blue?” Xander questioned.

“We used the ribbons to make bows on the side mirrors and on the back of the car too.” Damien shrugged.

“You are forgetting the whipped cream on the door handles, the ghost stickers on the mirrors, the glitter paint on the roof beneath the sticky notes, the eggs on the windshield and the giant smiley faces we drew on the sticky notes at each side of the car.” Ellie chimed.

Did we do a little too much damage? Eh! Who cares!

“You know what I am saying!” Xander rolled his eyes. “I am talking about the ribbons. Were blue ribbons necessary? Couldn’t red ribbons have done the same thing?” Xander questioned.

“The colour coordination with everything was a great factor.” I shrugged, making Xander roll his eyes.

After the whole fiasco yesterday, Mason and Jason apologised to Ellie for their behaviour and harsh words. In return, Ellie accepted how she has been ghosting them to spend more time with Xander.

So, I came up with a group project to prank Liam. We were all just going to go to the movies but Liam told us that he had to stay at home to help his younger brother with his studies. And that gave me the perfect opportunity to convince everyone for ‘Project Get Revenge from Liam’.

It wasn’t hard to convince them all since they did think that what Liam did was wrong and they were all in the mood for something entertaining.

Even Kara agreed to help!

“It was fun though!” Mason sighed happily.

“Yeah. I haven’t had that much fun doing arts and crafts since Mrs. Reyes left the school.” Jason grinned, bouncing on his feet in excitement. He looked like a giddy toddler who was going to meet Santa.

“Where did you even get that glitter-paint from?” Kara asked, giggling.

“I had a can left from when I bought it for Ethan’s locker.” I answered nonchalantly as I inspected my nails.

“Which by the way, was so not cool!” Ethan huffed. Mason smirked as he high-fived me.

Due to everything that we all talked about after the fight, they were all open to giving Ethan a second chance.

So, I had convinced him to help us with our project so that he could spend some time with everyone and convince them of how he is trying to change.

Ellie and Xander were still confused because they didn’t know what happened between me and Damien but they were okay since they trusted their friends’ judgement.

And somehow during the whole work, when we were all laughing and having fun, Ethan and my friends actually managed to get along.

“It could have been worse. You are lucky. Just be happy about that.” I told Ethan with a smirk on my face. He rolled his eyes but I could see a small smile on his face.

He is actually cute…

“I was actually shocked to see how easy it was to convince Logan.” Ellie thought out loud.

Logan was Liam’s younger brother. He was just a couple of years younger and was actually a really helpful guy. He was the one who gave us Liam’s car’s keys and distracted him while we decorated the car.

“That might have something to do with Liam scolding him the previous night for getting a C minus on his math test.” Kara reasoned.

“Liam is a grumpy cat!” Ellie sighed. “Poor Logan is so sweet. So what if he got a bad grade? There are other ways to deal with it!” She remarked.

“Anyways, I don’t think he saw his car yet.” Xander frowned, looking down at his phone.

“Yeah! I mean, he didn’t call any of us for help or to throw accusations.” Mason agreed. I couldn’t help but pout sadly.

“He didn’t even see my masterpiece.” I mumbled. Ethan wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

“He will see it, Penny. Just give it some time.” Ethan told me. I pulled away from him.

“I know that, genius. I just hate the wait.” I shrugged.

“Hey! Did you put any cameras to record this one?” Jason asked.

“What do you mean by this one?” Ethan questioned.

“What? Do you really think that Sarah recorded that?” Mason snorted.

“And even if she would have tried, she would have either covered the camera with her long talons or something!” Jason added.

“I record all my pranks.” I stated. “If you don’t record it, how will you prove that it ever happened? And how will you see the victim’s troubled face again and again?” I questioned innocently.

“Wow! You’re a real evil genius!” Ethan whispered with an awestruck expression. I smirked as I flipped my hair back.

“Thanks!” I told him.

“Should I call Ethan and ask him to come here?” Damien asked. It was clear that he wanted to change the topic. “Maybe that will make him go out and see his car.” He shrugged.

“Oh! I’ll do it!” I exclaimed, raising my hand before I took my phone out.

I quickly called Liam, waiting impatiently for him to pick it up.

“Hello? Penny?” A confused voice said through the phone. I wasn’t sure if it was Liam or Logan since their voices were almost the same.

“Liam?” I asked, just to be sure.

“It’s Logan. Liam just went out for a minute. He left his phone here.” He chuckled through the phone.

“Went out as in out of the house or just your personal torture chambers?” I asked him.

“I’m not sure. I’m afraid to check.” He replied. I huffed, rolling my eyes.

“Be a little brave, Logan! Be a little adventurous!” I told him. He chuckled at my words.

“I’m pretty sure that if I get up from my seat, he’ll realise that I am not studying and kill me!” He sighed.

“He won’t kill you, buddy! He might break a few bones or even beat you till you are almost dead but he won’t kill you.” I reassured him.

“You do know that your words aren’t really helping, right?” He squeaked.

“Just give me the phone!” Mason groaned, snatching the phone from my hands. “Hey, Logan. Buddy, listen here, we need Liam to go and see his car asap. Otherwise you should know that Liam is just a ladybug in front of me when it comes to breaking bones.” Mason ranted.

“Hey!” I shouted, snatching my phone back. “Don’t you dare threaten that sweet boy!” I scolded Mason.

“Just put the phone on speaker, Penny!” Ellie suggested. I did what she told me and everyone started telling Logan what he should do.

It was such a chaos that I was really worried about the poor boy on the phone. And also about my eardrums…

“Guys! Stop it! He’s already terrified due to Liam’s anger!” I reminded everyone. They ignored me as they continued giving their suggestions.

I was just about to end the call to spare the poor boy’s life when suddenly, a loud scream came through the phone.

“That wasn’t me.” Logan whispered through the phone, barely holding his laughter back.

I guess Liam finally saw his car?

Me: I know that I am early this time but I just had to update!

Ellie: Why? What happened?

Penny: Don’t ask!

Me: I just wrote a super awkward chapter... I don’t even know why I wrote it... I am just a stupid alien...

Mason: At least you know now that you aren’t a human... *shrugs*

Me: I knew that since I was born... *rolling my eyes*

Xander: Anyways, since we want our readers to be more involved, we want you guys to comment when you want to read the next chapter!

Me: I’m being totally serious about this! I can’t wait for you guys to read the awkward chapter!

Damien: Also, would you guys want to read a chapter in my POV?

Me: Every comment counts!

Penny: We’ll have a vote!

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Mason: Option A- Yay!

Jason: Option B- Nay!

Me: Voting is open till 2nd August 2021!

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Jason: Until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Curtains close as the author and the characters start dancing like a bunch of freaks...

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