Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 34: The Truth Comes Out

“Thank you so much for this, Penny!” Liam beamed as he shook my hand. I smiled at him.

“No problem, Liam.” I told him.

“You really are a lifesaver!” He told me, making me chuckle.

If he only knew me better…

“It’s really not a big deal. I’m already tutoring Sarah. Tutoring your little brother wouldn’t be any problem.” I told him. “And I actually owe him for helping with that prank I pulled on you.” I added.

Why haven’t I pulled another prank in so long?

Liam rolled his eyes at me but he still had a small smile on his face which told me that he wasn’t angry.

See! People remember even the bad stuff with a hidden smile of fondness…

I believe that everyone wants to get into a troublesome situation to make memories. They just don’t know it.

“Well, I’ll see you on Saturday then. I’ll text you the address.” He told me as he started walking away.

“Okay!” I chirped, going back to reading the huge book in front of me.

“Nerdy look doesn’t suit you.” An annoying voice said. I sighed as I looked up at the blonde idiot.

How did he even get here? I thought that he didn’t know that the school had a library…

“What do you want?” I asked him, wanting to come straight to the point. “And why aren’t you in class?” I asked when I realised that he didn’t have a free period.

“When do I ever go to class?” He asked in a bored voice. I rolled my eyes at that.

“What are you doing here, Mace?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow at him. He pouted at my question.

“Can’t a guy want to hang out with his dearest best friend?” He asked me, trying to look innocent with his eyes wide and a pout on his lips.

What the hell is he talking about now?

“You and I both know that you are not that type of a guy.” I huffed as I gave him a ‘are you kidding me?’ look. “Besides, a library is usually not your scene.” I added. He rolled his eyes as he sat up straighter.

“Okay, look,” He started.

“I am listening.” I told him, folding my arms and relaxing back in my seat.

“I might have given Damien an idea and I didn’t really think much of it and I thought that it was for the good. And I was even happy about it and I was relaxing and waiting for it all to play out and then Jace made me doubt it all. He reminded me of when I gave Xander an idea and how things ended badly after that and now I am super worried and I want to be around you to make sure that it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster.” Mason ranted, speaking a little too fast.


For a minute, I just blinked and stared at Mason, trying to process it all.

That was one hell of a rant!

“What the hell are you talking about?” I finally asked when I could see Mason starting to squirm uncomfortably under my stare.

“I just…” He sighed as he tried to relax. “I just want to make sure that Damien doesn’t mess everything up like Xander did.” He told me.

I frowned at his words.

I’m totally confused now!

“I am still confused.” I told him honestly.

“Did he already talk to you about something?” Mason inquired. I shook my head.

“I have been busy with tutoring Sarah and all the school work. I haven’t talked to him in a while.” I frowned as I looked at the table.

I should have talked to my friends. I have been really busy. I have even stopped hanging out with them on a daily basis like usual.

When I told everyone that I’ll be tutoring Sarah, they were all angry but then Cassie came to my rescue. She told them that she asked me to do it for her.

Apparently, they all knew Cassie. Shocking! But it helped since they liked her.

So, I started tutoring Sarah with a clear conscience. But since Cassie was staying for a few days, she asked me to hang out with her to catch up.

And because of all this, I couldn’t take time out for my friends.

I am such a crappy friend!

“Well, that’s good.” Mason sighed.

“But what will he do?” I asked him.

“When I gave Xander an idea, he lied to Ellie and told her that he loved her.” Mason frowned. “Knowing Damien, he doesn’t use words like love so I am not sure.” He shrugged.

“What happened?” I asked him. “I mean, Xander felt like Ellie was leaving him when you gave him that idea. What was Damien feeling that you felt the need to give him an idea?” I pondered.

Mason looked at me with a conflicted expression as he thought about it. I could tell that he didn’t know if he should tell me about it or not.

After a few seconds, he sighed defeatedly which almost made me want to smile victoriously but I was too worried about Damien.

“He lied to you.” Mason told me. I frowned at his words.

“What do you mean? What did he lie to me about?” I asked him.

“He doesn’t like Ellie. He didn’t want to turn you into her.” Mason said, giving me a tight smile.

“Wh-what?” I stuttered.

I was beyond confused and honestly, a little scared about everything.

“It’s true.” He nodded. “Damien was trying to recreate Xan and Ellie’s moments but only because he wanted you and him to be as close as they are. He doesn’t know much about relationships.” He shrugged.

Oh my goodness!

“Holy hell!” I breathed out, trying to process everything.

“When you threw the accusation at him, he thought that you didn’t want to be with him since you said that you liked Ethan. So he lied.” He explained.

“I never said that I liked Ethan!” I exclaimed.

“Ouch!” someone said from behind me. I turned to see Ethan walking over to us. “That hurts, Penny! Please be a little sensitive!” Ethan joked.

“I am insensitive like that. Get over it.” I rolled my eyes. I turned back to Mason. “What idea did you give him? What happened?” I asked him.

“He didn’t even talk to me. He gave me no ideas.” Ethan butted in as he took a seat on my other side. I took a deep breath to control my annoyance.

“I don’t hate you, Ethan. But if you don’t shut the hell up, I will.” I told him without even turning to look at him. Mason smirked at Ethan. “Mason?” I called. He turned to me with a worried expression.

“I might have encouraged him to go after you.” Mason mumbled. I sucked in a breath at his words. “It wasn’t a bad idea! I mean, you two do look good together!” He defended.

“Who the hell is going after you?” Ethan hissed. I huffed at his tone.

Boys and their jealousy!

“I am not your girlfriend, Ethan.” I told him as I turned to look at him. “Therefore, you don’t have a right to be jealous.” I smiled at him.

“But you and I are going out, Penny.” Ethan spoke through clenched teeth. “And you can’t just lead on a group of guys only to choose one in the end.” He told me.

“I can’t choose the whole group anyway!” I joked but Ethan’s expressions didn’t change. He was angry. “Ethan, you really have been an amazing guy. And I loved that date you took me on. But I don’t belong to you.” I told him.

“But shouldn’t you just tell me if you don’t want to be with me?” He asked.

“It’s not like that.” I groaned. “It’s a bit more complicated.” I sighed.

“Then uncomplicate it!” He demanded. I groaned as I looked down at the book I was supposed to be reading.

If what Mason told me was true, then I have to talk to Damien. That too, fast!

I accused him of something really wrong. I have to apologize to him! I should have talked to him!

Stupid, crazy, brainless, foolish Penny!

I felt so embarrassed! How bad would he have felt hearing those words from me! How could I have even thought that he liked his own best friend who was in a relationship with another one of his best friends?

You have gone and done something really messed up and stupid, Penny!

I quickly started packing my stuff up and got up.

“Where are you going?” Mason questioned as he got up with me.

“I need to go and have a chat with him now.” I told him.

“Penny! You haven’t answered!” Ethan reminded me. I gulped as I looked at him. I quickly gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

“Can we please talk later?” I asked him as I started walking away. “I promise that I’ll explain everything! I just need to go right now.” I gave him an apologetic expression before I ran off to look for Damien.

Gosh! What would I even say to him now?

Me: So... I have bad news... I’m a bit behind my writing schedule... *chuckles nervously*

Penny: So, we won’t be back tomorrow... Maybe not even the day after tomorrow...

Damien: But we will be back soon!

Ellie: Like next week soon!

Mason: Until then, you guys just need to keep having faith in us!

Jason: No one has faith in you, idiot!

Mason: Bleh! *rolls his eyes*

Damien: We’ll be back before 16th August 2021.

Me: If all goes well, we’ll be back on 11th August 2021. If not, we’ll be back on 14th August 2021.

Mason: Have some faith, guys! She added the year behind the dates! Which means that she’s not talking about next year’s August!

Me: Yeah! Thanks, Mason.

Jason: Well, until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat burgers!

Me: Too much sweet can give you a stomach ache so burgers it is...

Mason: With fries on the side!

Curtains close as the characters and the author go off to have burgers and fries...

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