Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 1: Damsel causing Distress

“So, are you new?” The blond haired guy asked me with a smirk as he checked me out. I smiled sweetly at him as I balled my hands into fists.

Breathe, Penny! Breathe...

This might have been the thirteenth time I have been asked this same question and I haven’t even entered my first class. And now my patience is running thin. If anyone else asks me this question again, I swear to god, I’ll punch them in the face.

Control, Penny. Remember, no violence on the first day. You can start from day two...

“Yes. Today’s my first day.” I told the guy with the sweetest smile I could muster, hiding the molten anger deep inside me. The guy smirked as he looked at the map of the school in my hands.

I had this map sent to me on my email a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t open it. And now this was my only hope if I wanted to navigate my way around without the help of some weird boys who just wanted something in return. And right now, I was regretting how I procrastinated opening the map as I feel a little lost.

Can’t they upload the school map on google maps? That would have been so damn helpful right now!

“Do you want me to show you around?” The nameless guy asked. I opened my mouth to say something but he spoke before I could. “I could show you where all the empty classrooms are.” He added with a smirk as his blue eyes trailed all over my form.

I knew this was going to come up! Can I just punch him now?

“And I can show you what it feels like to run to the nurse’s office with a bleeding nose.” A voice said from behind me, making me turn around. Another blonde haired guy was standing behind me. This guy had lighter hair with darker blue eyes. He looked like someone who was rarely ever serious and right now, he was serious.

“Oh really? Are you really going to punch me now, Jason?” The nameless guy asked. I looked at him to see him smirking at the new guy.

I really don’t want to be caught up in this!

“First of all, I am not Jason. I am Mason. And second, yes. I can punch you.” The new guy said. He looked pretty smug but the seriousness from a moment ago was almost gone from his face now.

“Oh really?” The first guy chuckled as he shook his head. “Mind your own damn business, Mason. I wasn’t talking to you and I don’t even want to talk to you.” He added.

“Well, I was dying to talk to you!” The new guy, who’s name was Mason, said sarcastically. A smile formed on my face at his sarcastic tone which made the first guy scoff.

“I told you, I won’t mess with you all if you don’t mess with me and my business.” The first guy told Mason.

“And you think that I am your business?” I asked in an angry tone as I narrowed my eyes on the first guy. He gulped as his expressions turned fearful for a second. He composed himself before smirking at me.

“If you want to, you can be. I am single right now.” He told me, making me raise an eyebrow at him in question.

He’s testing my patience!

I am good at many things but those things never included controlling my patience. And I am awesome at breaking arrogant guys’ bones and destroying their fat assed egos.

“Hey! I almost forgot! I just saw an angry Xander coming this way. Apparently, someone left a love confession in a note in Ellie’s locker and it might or might not have your name on it.” Mason said with a smirk. The first guy’s face paled and his eyes grew wide. It was almost comical to see him as he looked around.

“But I didn’t write it! I swear, I didn’t!” The first guy exclaimed. I wanted to laugh at the fear in his voice but I bit my lip.

“You have a lot of enemies, Ethan. Someone might have written one with your name just to get to you.” Mason shrugged with a mischievous smirk on his face.

I wanted to leave and find my class but this scene right in front of me was getting more and more interesting. I wanted to see it all before heading off to the first of many boring classes.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” The first guy, Ethan, asked Mason with a clenched jaw. Mason shrugged innocently. “You piece of-” Ethan started to say something but Mason interrupted him.

“If I were you, I would be running away and finding somewhere to hide instead of arguing.” Mason said with an innocent look as if he was giving a suggestion to a friend.

“I’ll get back to you for this!” Ethan warned, making Mason chuckle before Ethan ran off. I couldn’t help as a chuckle left my mouth.

“Well, hello there!” Mason said as he smirked at me. I sighed before smiling at him. “I am Mason but you can call me your knight in shining armour.” He said as he brought his hand forward for me to shake.

Mason looked pretty nice and seeing how he handled that Ethan guy, I felt like I could be friends with him. But the flirtatious smile that he had on his face was something I hated with a passion.

With the way my parents are always moving around for the family business, I have been the new girl a little too many times. I know for a fact as to how all the boys pay a little too much attention to the new girl and after a while when the girl becomes old, they pretend like that girl doesn’t even exist. And it all pissed the hell out of me.

I kept my smile in place as I placed my hand in his. Just as he gripped my hand, my smile disappeared from my face and I twisted his hand behind his back making him yell out in pain.

“Does it look like I need saving, Mr. Knight-in-shining-armour?” I asked in a strong voice as I twisted his hand painfully. He winced and closed his eyes.

“I didn’t do anything! I was just trying to help!” He yelled out. I clenched my jaw as I twisted his hand a little more making him yell more.

By now, there was a crowd gathering around us and everyone was staring at me like I was an alien. I didn’t want to gain any attention on my first day but I can never stand silly boys who think that they are better than us girls. As I twisted this arrogant boy’s arm, I didn’t care if I gained attention or if I was taken to the principal’s office. I’ll deal with it all.

But that didn’t seem to be the case as the bell rang just then. The crowd dispersed as everyone rushed off to their classes. A few of those who lingered ran off when I shot them a menacing glare.

I guess I will be able to avoid going to the principal’s office for now...

“Weren’t you flirting with me?” I asked him. “You boys think that you all are some damn princes and us girls are just some silly damsels in distress.” I said.

“I just said hello!” Mason yelled out. “Let me go, woman! Let me go before you detach my arm from my body!” He yelled out. I glared at him even though he couldn’t see me.

“You and I both know what you were doing!” I said as I let him go. He turned around to look at me as he rubbed his arm. “Let this be the first and last warning. Don’t mess with me!” I said with a stern look before turning around and making my way off to my first class.

Jason: *whisper-yelling* Move away, Mace! You’re standing right in front of me!

Mason: *whispering* You move away! I’m staying right where I am.

Xander: *whisper-yelling*Will you two stop arguing?

Mason and Jason: Nope!

Ellie: *sighing* *whispering* I say we kill one of them. It’ll end our misery once and for all!

Liam: *whispering in excitement* I’ll help you hide the body!

Me: *whispering* Why are we whispering?

Mason: *whispering* Because we are planning to wish Penny and Nini together when they come in through the door. Stay quiet now!

Penny: *whispering* What?

Jason: Shhhhh!

Mason: *whisper-yelling* They might come in at any moment now! Keep it down!

Ellie: *hitting Mason at the back of his head* They are already here, you idiot!

Mason: *rubbing the back of his head* Ouch!

All the characters: Happy Birthday!

Me: Aww! Thanks guys!

All the characters: And welcome, Penny!

Penny: Thanks. But just so we are clear, If anyone flirts with me, I’m breaking all your bones!

Mason: *gulping* Noted.

Damien: Why am I supposed to enter in chapter 2? Again? I thought this was my story! Am I not supposed to be there in all the chapters?

Xander: I wasn’t there in all the chapters of my story.

Me: *smirking* That’s because it wasn’t your story. It was Ellie’s.

Xander: WHAT?!

Me: *shrugging* Just like that wasn’t your story, this one isn’t Damien’s. It’s Penny’s.

Ellie: And you have an image to maintain, Damien. Entering in the second chapter is your thing!

Penny: Do you see how nice she is? She isn’t even angry about how she’s entering late too.

Ellie: That’s because I already got my happy ending...

Penny: That’s not helping, Ellie.

Damien: *sighing* Just make me amazing.

Me: Don’t worry, big guy. I will make you amazing!

Ellie: So, this was the first chapter.

Me: No promises but the next chapter will be up on Thursday.

Penny: Which is 11th March 2021.


Me: See you guys next week!

All the characters: Bye!

Mason: I want a beard!

Ellie: Why?

Me: And what makes you think that I’ll let you have you one?

Mason: You started Damien’s story before mine. I deserve that much!

Me: *sighing* Fine! *snaps fingers and a beard appears on Mason’s face*

Mason: This is so awesome!

Me: But you’re trimming it. *snaps fingers and the beard disappears*

Mason: Hey!

Me: I just trimmed it for you! You’re welcome.

Jason: You had a good, happy second there buddy.

Mason: I did.

Me: Let’s go and party, guys! There’s no virus stopping us in Crazy-topia! I’m the queen!

All the characters: Yayyy!

Curtains close as the characters leave and Mason jumps on Damien’s back shouting, “piggyback ride!"...

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