Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 38: Erasing the Evidence

“Hey!” I spoke in a sugary sweet, cheerful voice, as I approached the lady sitting near the principal’s office.

“Hey, sweet pea.” The lady smiled as she looked up at me. “Your uncle is not here at the moment. If you want to tell him something, I will convey your message to him when he gets back.” She told me.


“Oh no! That’s fine. I just wanted to know if he would be heading home right after school or was he going to stay back for a little while.” I lied easily.

“Oh! Guessing by how he is in a meeting with a few teachers, I would say that he would most probably be staying back.” She stated.

That could cause a problem…

If he was going to be in his office after school, we might have to wait for a long time before we could sneak into his office.

I guess I’ll just have to deal with the whole thing now…

“I guess I’ll just head home with a friend then.” I sighed, pretending to be a little sad. The lady smiled sympathetically at me.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure that if you ask him, he’ll finish his work sooner.” She suggested.

“I guess so…” I muttered. “Anyways, I just heard that they are installing cameras in the classes now. Is that true?” I tried to sound curious.

“That’s not possible.” The lady chuckled. “The rumors these days are crazy!” She added.

“That’s what I thought. I mean, installing so many cameras would be so costly!” I remarked. “And even if they do, where would they store the footage!” I chuckled.

“Exactly! They can store all that in your uncle’s office computer!” She added.

“Oh! I’m sure they can.” I replied. “I mean, what else would they even store on his computer? I’m sure that he only uses his computer to play games when he gets bored!” I snorted.

“Oh no, honey! He has all the important records on his computer. And let’s not forget about the CCTV footage from the camera in his room!” The lady told me.

Sheesh! I don’t even know her name! And if I ask now, it would seem a bit weird…

“There’s a camera in his office?” I faked a gasp, pretending to be shocked. The lady nodded her head. “But they might be storing the footage on some other server too, right?” I asked.

“No. There is no back-up or anything anywhere else.” She told me. “I am almost always here so nothing actually goes unnoticed. If you ask me, that camera is totally useless.” She shrugged.

Well, I guess it’ll be easier than I thought…

“Does anyone ever even look at the footage?” I snorted, trying to keep the conversation going while I tried to think of a plan to sneak in and delete the footage.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we found the camera not working. No one’s seen any footage in so long!” She chuckled.

Well, the camera might just shut down now…

I mentally smirked evilly as I thought about how convenient all this is. No one would even see this coming!

Cue the evil laughter!

Now, I just had to distract this nice lady for a while so that I could sneak in and delete the footage.

That’s it!

The word distraction was essentially the same as the names Mason and Jason. Those two goof-balls can distract almost anyone!

“Honey, I think your class is about to start.” The lady said as she looked at her watch.

“You are right.” I smiled at her. “It was really nice talking to you!” I told her. She smiled at my words.

“You’re such a sweet kid.” She mused.

If only she knew the truth…

I walked around the corner and took my phone out to text the distractors.

WickedPenny: I need the twin power to distract someone! Come to the Principal’s office! ASAP!

MightyMace: On my way!

JollyJace: I’ll be there before my idiot brother! 😎

MightyMace: 🙄

DashingDamien: Penny, if you end up in detention, I’m murdering the twins!


WickedPenny: Don’t worry, pretty boy. Everything is gonna go perfectly! 😉

SassyEllie: Is this about something amazing that I’m being kept out of? AGAIN? 😡

WickedPenny: This time it was all the twins’ fault!

LazyLiam: What is happening here? 🤨

MightyMace: Penny is getting us out of trouble! 😃

Xanderrific: What trouble? 🤨

JollyJace: She is going to delete the footage of us setting up a prank for our dearest Principal. 😁

WickedPenny: Can you guys hurry up? And does anyone have any gloves? I don’t want to get trapped in the prank you guys have set up.

JollyJace: 🙋🏻‍♂️ I’ll bring them.

I sighed as I closed the chat and leaned against the wall behind me. I closed my eyes, mentally preparing myself for what was about to happen.

A few seconds later, I heard hurried footsteps. I opened my eyes to find Mason and Jason running in my direction.

“Took you guys long enough!” I huffed as Jason handed me the gloves.

“What do we have to do?” Mason asked excitedly as he glanced around the corner.

“Do you see that lady sitting in front of the Principal’s office?” I asked him. He nodded his head. “I need you two to distract her. Take her away from the door so that I can enter.” I commanded.

“You’re going to delete the footage from the computer in the office?” Jason asked.

“It’s a little more complex.” I sighed. I would have to somehow make the camera stop working to avoid suspicion.” I informed them.

“So you’ll need a little longer than expected.” Mason said as he nodded his head, looking deep in thought.

“Can you boys do this?” I asked them.

“Easy peasy lemon squeezy.” Jason smirked.

“I just have to text someone first.” Mason said as he took his phone out of his pocket and walked a few feet away.

I looked at Jason with a raised eyebrow, silently asking him about Mason’s sudden urge to text someone. Jason shrugged in answer.

I guess even the twin of the weirdo cannot understand him…

“All done?” Jason asked his twin as he walked back to us.

“Yup!” Mason said, pocketing his phone. “Let’s do this!” He said as he walked around the corner to the office with Jason at his side.

I took a deep breath keeping my back to the wall, straining to hear everything.

“Hey, Helen!” Mason said. I could tell the difference between his and Jason’s voice by now. There wasn’t that big of a difference but after spending so much time with them, I could recognize the slight difference.

How does he know her name and I don’t?

“Great! The troublemakers are here!” The kind lady sighed tiredly. “The principal is not here at the moment. Tell that to whichever teacher sent you both here.” She added in a monotonous voice.

“I thought you would be more happy to see us!” Jason spoke with fake-sadness in his voice.

“We haven’t visited you in so long! We haven’t gotten in trouble in the past few days and we missed you!” Mason told her.

“That might be why it was so peaceful these past few days.” Hellen, the lady, said.

“Peace is weird and uncomfortable and useless!” Mason huffed.

“Hey! Do you want to see my new experiment with the plants outside the principal’s office?” Jason spoke up in an excited tone.

“What did you do now?” The lady said, panic clear as day in her voice. I then heard the clicks of her heels letting me know that she was rushing away from the door.

I held my breath as I saw her round the corner. She walked in the opposite direction, not even looking at me. The twins jogged behind her.

They gave me thumbs up and goofy grins as they jogged after her. I took a deep breath before rushing to the Principal’s office.

I left the door ajar when I saw that the boys had even put glue on the knob. I rolled my eyes at their handiwork before rushing to the computer.

The glue that they had applied wouldn’t be visible to an unsuspecting person. But I could see the transparent stuff since I knew it was there.

I first looked to the corner of the room and at the camera. It was attached to the ceiling which made me groan.

How the hell do I get up there?

“Need some help?” A deep voice from behind me made me jump. I turned around to find Damien smirking at me. I breathed in relief as I nodded my head.

“How did you know?” I asked as I motioned to the camera.

“Mason texted me.” He shrugged. “I realised that if you get caught, we won’t have that date. So if I helped you we would at least be together. I don’t care if it’s on that date or in detention.”

I rolled my eyes at him but a smile still made its way onto my face.

“So how do we get to the camera?” I asked him.

Damien looked around as if he was searching for something specific. His eyes lit up as he walked to the cupboards.

“Luckily, the boys didn’t put glue on the handle here.” I sighed as he opened the cupboard. He took out a huge wooden stick and turned to me.

“What was that doing in there?” I asked incredulously.

“Xander once brought it to school for some prank or something but Principal Hughes found it and took it away.” He told me. I silently nodded, not knowing what to say to that.

Damien took the stick and walked to the camera. He hit the side of the camera, trying to break it.

“Hey! We have to make it look natural!” I called out as I walked to him and took the stick in my hands. I carefully hit the stick at the wires that were visible on the side.

After a few tries, a wire got caught at the edge of the stick and with a slight push, I was able to cut the wire.

“That should do it.” Damien shrugged. I handed the stick back to him.

“Put it back. I’ll delete the footage!” I told him in a rushed whisper. I didn’t know how much time we had. The twins might not be able to keep that lady away for too long.

I walked behind the huge desk to the computer.

The twins had even put glue on the keys of the keyboard which made me chuckle silently. Those boys were crazy!

Thank god that the system is touchscreen!

I smirked when the system asked for a password.

Even though the password was totally random and really hard to guess, I knew it. When I first came to this school, I had to sit in his office after the school ended till he finished his work.

And I often saw him entering the password…

Like the curious person I was, I always watched him type in his password.

“How do you know the password?” Damien asked as he came to stand behind me.

“I observe things.” I shrugged, repeating his words from earlier.

“Wow!” He whispered when I easily found the folder that had the recordings.

I knew that to avoid suspicion, I had to delete a couple days worth of recording. I decided that thirteen days was random enough and quickly deleted the footage before shutting the system off.

“Let’s go!” I said as I took Damien’s hand and ran out of the room, remembering to close the door behind us.

“That was fun!” Damien chuckled as we ran outside the building to find the twins.

“Yeah. But it’ll be much better when Principal Hughes returns back to his room!” I smirked.

Cue the evil laughter…

Me: Nope, I did not get to deal with the trouble I had with the chapters... I just realised that this one’s okay...

Penny: But you guys don’t have to worry. You sweet words of encouragement did help.

Me: And so, I actually got a little work done.

Damien: But we still think that you all deserve thanks for all the support you have been giving us.

Me: All your sweet comments, your eagerness to read the next chapter, your reviews and your support helps me more than you would think...

Penny: *smiling* So...

All the characters and the author: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Me: You guys are the best!

Mason: So, we’ll be back with another chapter the day after tomorrow on 19th August 2021.

Xander: Which is this Thursday.

Jason: Until then, stay safe!

Me: *whispering to Mason* Cake or Burgers or Pizza or what?

Mason: *whispering to me* How about something different?

Jason: Umm... guys... People are waiting...

Me: *whispering to Mason* Screw food and all the damn complications! Let’s go with coffee!

Me and Mason: *loudly* And drink COFFEE!

Curtains close as all the characters and the author go off to have some coffee and work on the future chapters...

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