Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 39: Twin Rush

“Oh god! So that stick actually did have a use in a prank!” Ellie laughed.

We were all currently sitting in Ellie’s living room as I told them about the whole ‘prank on the Principal’.

“See I knew that! That was why I bought the stick. And you said that I was stupid.” Xander chuckled.

“I’ll always say that you are stupid. Only because it’s true.” Ellie rolled her eyes with a smirk on her face. Xander raised an eyebrow at her.

Aww! They’re so cute!

“Do you want to say that again?” Xander asked as he started tickling Ellie. She punched his side, making him pull away instantly.

“Don’t ever tickle me again!” Ellie warned her boyfriend whose face was scrunched up in pain as he held his side where she had punched him.

“You guys are so cute!” I said as I looked at them with a dreamy look.

“You really are crazy, aren’t you?” Liam commented, eyeing me. “Ellie just punched him… How’s that cute?” He asked.

Oh no he didn’t!

“Call me crazy and I can give you a repeat of the sweet prank I pulled on your car. Only this time, the intensity would be a bit more and it would explode on your face instead of the innocent car.” I smiled sweetly at Liam.

Maybe I’ll do his make-up this time and make him look pretty for once…

Or maybe I can have Aria help me in making him look like a princess with fancy pink rubber-bands in his hair and glitter on his face…

Or maybe…

“Damien, are you sure you wanna date her? She’s crazy!” Liam spoke to Damien who was sitting next to me on the couch.

Does he have a death wish?

I narrowed my eyes at Liam which made him gulp before he pretended to zip his lips.

Damien chuckled as he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to his side. He placed a kiss on my forehead before looking back at Liam.

“I’m pretty sure.” He told Liam. I smiled at Damien before kissing his cheek.

I looked back to Liam, sticking my tongue out at him childishly.

“Real mature!” he mumbled.

He’s asking for it now!

But before I could have said or done anything, our attention went to the loud voices shouting as we suddenly heard rushed footsteps headed our way.

We all looked up to see Mason rushing to us with Jason right behind him.

“Penny! He is taking all my cookies! Beat him up!” Jason whined.

What the-

“I’m not!” Mason almost giggled.

The weirdly gleeful look on his face was creepy…

But then again, when is Mason not creepy or weird?

“Penny! Help me!” Jason sobbed, still running after his twin around the room.

Before I could say or do something, Jason snatched a jar of cookies that Mason was hiding behind him and rushed over to me. He did a happy dance as he stood next to me.

“Penny! You saw how he took my cookies! Do something!” Mason cried. He walked over to us and tried to snatch the jar but Jason started running around the room in circles again.

Okay! This is not even weird anymore…

It’s super weird!

I eyed the two brothers before turning to the others with a silent question.

What the hell was happening here?

“They’re going to act like toddlers for a while before they crash.” Ellie replied. “That’s their classic sugar rush…” she shrugged.

“We are not on a sugar rush!” Both the siblings yelled out in unison, making us all wince at the pitch of their tones.

“Can we get out of here before they burst our eardrums?” I ask as I look at everyone.

“Don’t leave us, Penny!” The twins whined with the same pitchy and loud voices as they continued running around.

“You guys go and have fun. Xan and I will stay here. Someone needs to be around these two to make sure that they don’t break anything.” Ellie sighed.

“How did they even get those cookies?” Xander frowned. “I swear I hid those!” He shook his head.

“Your hiding place hasn’t changed in the past ten years!” Mason giggled as he ran around chasing his twin.

“You’re a dork!” Jason added, laughing loudly.

“I know that they are almost always so excited about the smallest of things but their weird smiles are creeping me out now!” I gulped as I looked at their faces.

“Come on. It’s almost time for our date.” Damien said as he got up. I got up as Damien took my hand, intertwining our fingers together.

“I have an assignment to complete. So I will leave now too.” Liam said. “Kara, I’ll drop you home on the way.” he said as he offered a hand to his girlfriend.

“I’m staying!” Kara shot back. “I always miss the stupid stuff these two do when they are going crazy. I wanna stay and watch this time!” She explained.

“Yay! Kara is staying!” Mason and Jason belted out together with excited grins as they continued to run around in circles.

“Fair warning, Kara-bear, things get pretty messy when they’re in this state!” Ellie warned.

“Well, I’m out!” Liam said, eyeing the twins before he ran out of the house as if his tail was on fire.

“What’s up with him?” I asked Damien as I looked behind Liam.

“Last time when the twins were on their sugar high, they kinda used Liam as their personal trampoline.” Damien told me with a smirk.

Oh my goodness!

“He was scarred for life!” Ellie added, nodding her head with a serious expression on her face.

“Penny!” The twins shrieked as they ran towards me.

I’m pretty sure that I had that deer-caught-in-the-headlight look before Damien pulled me out of the crazy twins’ way.

The identical weirdos crashed into the couch that Damien and I were previously sitting on. In less than five seconds, the two of them were snoring loudly.

“Well that was quick.” I commented as we all stared at the sleeping beauties snoring on the couch. The two of them were cuddling with each other with the almost empty jar of cookies between them.

I wonder how they’ll react if they wake up in the same position…

I quickly took out my phone from my pocket before taking a photograph of the two of them being so adorable.

You never know when it might come in handy!

“Since it was surprisingly quick this time, wanna go to the movies?” Xander asked as he looked around at all of us.

“That would be awesome!” Kara smiled.

“Yeah!” Ellie cheered.

And just like that, the three of them walked out of the house.

“Are we supposed to leave them here?” I whispered to Damien.

“They won’t wake up even if the aliens declare war this very instant. It’s better to leave them be.” He shrugged.

I turned to look at Damien with furrowed eyebrows. He frowned as he looked at my expression.

“Aliens?” I asked.

Was the silently brooding guy a geek?

“Aria is suddenly in love with aliens.” he sighed. “She makes me sit with her as she watches a bunch of weird alien movies.” He groaned.

“Aren’t you glad that it’s not princess movies anymore?” I chuckled.

“That is a huge relief! But I’d rather watch her playing with you.” Damien replied.

“Aww!” I cooed. “You’re so cute!” I gushed.

Damien glanced at the sleeping twins before smiling as he shook his head at me.

“Come on! We have a date planned!” he said as he pulled me with him to the door.

I glanced at the twins one last time before following Damien.

Who knew that brooding silent guy was a cutie and the twin troublemakers were toddlers when they were high on sugar?

Life is really full of surprises!

Me: I am so damn proud of myself!

Penny: She finally caught up with her writing schedule... Kinda...

Me: I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and so I was in bed all day with my laptop… And I wrote THREE chapters!

Ellie: Umm... But you didn’t write anything today...

Me: And one of them was twice the usual length!

Ellie: You still didn’t write anything today...

Me: Hey! I’m taking a day off. I have finally caught up with the writing schedule and the next chapter I wanna write needs my amazing readers’ opinions...

Jason: So, do you guys like it when a mysterious change in a character is left unexplained or do you like it when it is explained?

Mason: In simple words, something happened. Do you guys want Damien’s POV like we had in chapter 31 to explain it? Or do you want the secret to be revealed to you when it is revealed to Penny?

Penny: WHAT? What do I not know?

Me: A lot!

Penny: Like what?

Me: Like how to make a Dutch-braid.

Penny: Umm... You are right about that...

Me: *put on sunglasses* I always am.

Penny: Anyways, we would need your answers before the next update.

Me: So don’t forget to COMMENT!

Damien: The next update will be up on 21st August 2021.

Xander: Which is this Saturday.

Me: What do you guys think about tattoos?

Jason: I want one!

Me: I wasn’t asking you! You’re still a high schooler!

Jason: *muttering* But I want one...

Me: Anyways, don’t forget to COMMENT, people!

Jason: Until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat CAKE!

Me: *whispering to the twins* You two are not getting anything sweet!

Mason and Jason: WHY?!

Curtains close as the author and the characters run off to ride their pet dinosaurs...

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