Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 42: Grumpy the Dwarf

“Why did you leave early?” Liam asked as he sat down on his seat at the table with Kara following behind him.

“Trust me, you don’t wanna know.” I grumbled as I continued to eat the surprisingly yummy pasta that was being served in the cafeteria.

It was lunch time and since I woke up late and didn’t have breakfast this morning, I was feeling super hungry. I wasn’t going to wait for the others to show up before I started eating.

Food comes first! Always!

Especially when it’s pasta!

“What? Did he tell you about his crush on you?” Liam chuckled. I looked up at him with a horrified look on my face.

He knew?

“You knew? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” I questioned. Liam answered with a smirk and a nonchalant shrug.

I really want to punch him now!

“What? Who has a crush on Penny?” Mason asked with an excited look on his face. He put his tray down and sat down next to me, looking between me and Liam.

“Who is going to get a punch in the face from Damien?” Jason jumped into the conversation as he sat down on my other side.

“No one! Damien can’t hit my brother!” Liam replied in a sharp tone.

“Oh boy!” Mason’s eyes widened.

“This is going to be super fun!” Jason laughed.

“It is not!” I spoke up as I glared at the twins. “No one is telling Damien about this!” I warned them.

“But shouldn’t your boyfriend know about this?” Jason snickered. Liam rolled his eyes at that.

“It’s just a little crush. Logan is still a little too crazy. He’ll get over it soon.” Liam responded.

“Well, at least we know now that both the Parker brothers are crazy.” Mason shrugged as he started eating his pasta.

“Not more than the Carrington brothers.” I commented, glancing at the Carrington brothers, Mason and Jason.

“True!” Mason and Jason spoke up in complete sync with a nonchalant shrug.

“Is it just me or are you two actually synced or something?” I questioned as I looked at the two.

“Twin power!” They spoke up in complete sync again before high-fiving each other over my head.

“This is freaky.” Kara shivered.

“It sure is.” Liam mumbled as he looked between the twins who were now grinning like crazy people.

“I’ll just ignore that.” I shook my head and closed my eyes, trying to get their in-sync behaviour out of my mind before I get any nightmares.

“So what did Logan say?” Liam asked.

“Why the heck didn’t you warn me?” I fumed as I looked at his stupid smile.

“I didn’t think he had the guts to confess!” Liam chuckled. “Looks like my little brother is growing up!” He thought out loud.

“If he’s such a grown up, do you want me to go and tell Damien about his feelings?” I asked Liam with a sickly sweet smile on my face.

“No! No one is telling Damien anything!” Liam hissed. I gave him a smug smile as I went back to giving my attention to my beloved pasta.

“Telling me what?” I heard Damien’s voice asking from behind me. I turn around to find him with furrowed eyebrows as he looks at Liam.

He looks so damn handsome with a confused look on his face!

Not the time to admire him, Penny!

“These guys want me to keep a secret from you!” Mason pouted as he looked at Damien. Damien narrowed his eyes on Mason as Liam started giving him a death glare.

Mason literally is the worst secret keeper ever!

“What secret?” Damien questioned as he walked closer to us, standing right behind me.

“Something related to Penny!” Jason squeaked.

I turned my incredulous stare from Mason to Jason, who looked so red and uncomfortable that for a second I thought that he was seriously ill.

“What secret?” Damien said through gritted teeth as his eyes now turned to stare right into mine.

Damn! He looks seriously hot!

I was seriously so damn stupid! How could I let my mind stay crazy even in such situations? I needed to get it all under control, right now!

I got up from my seat, staring back at Damien.

“You look seriously hot when you are angry.” I told him in a matter-of-fact tone. I could see a small smile forming on his face which he tried to hide.

“What secret, Penny?” He questioned in a softer tone. “I thought we had a deal to keep no secrets.” He added.

I sighed as I glanced back at Liam who was shaking his head at me.

Well, I would have to tell Damien about it someday. I mean, I don’t trust myself to not just throw that out there as a joke someday without thinking!

“Liam’s little brother, Logan, likes me.” I shrugged. Damien rolled his eyes at my words.

Did he not believe me?

“So, he finally confessed?” Damien shook his head with a small smile.

Wait! Hold the jelly bean for a damn second!

“You knew?” I exclaimed. Damien smirked as he nodded.

Oh god!

“It’s not like he would have handed his brother’s car-keys to just anyone.” Damien replied with a shrug. “He obviously likes you.” He shrugged.

“And you didn’t think that I should know about it?” I questioned.

“It’s not like you were going to react or anything to that news.” He answered.

“You could’ve warned me!” I yelled. “I just went to babysit him and imagine how awkward it was!” I remarked.

“Uh… You were there to tutor him. Not babysit him.” Liam spoke up.

“Not the time to worry about the terminology, Liam!” I snapped as I glanced at him. “I hate you!” I told Damien.

“No, you don’t.” Damien smirked as he placed his tray next to mine on the table. He then pulled me away from the table before sitting down on my seat.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jason whispered to Mason who just shrugged in reply and kept staring at me as if I was an alien.

I was about to scold him about taking my seat when he pulled me down in his lap.

I stared at him in shock with my mouth hanging open as he started eating his pasta as if nothing out of the ordinary happened here.

“Why are you not eating your food, Penny?” Damien asked when I kept staring at him like a statue.

“Ooooh! It’s ‘use your boyfriend as a chair’ day!” Ellie chirped when she saw me and Damien. She turned to Xander who was right behind her. “You know what to do, dear chair.” She patted his cheek before motioning to her seat.

Xander rolled his eyes as he sat down and pulled Ellie on his lap.

“Okay, this is officially awkward.” Mason stated when Liam suddenly pulled Kara on his lap.

“Tell me about it!” I replied. “A barbarian just man-handled me and people thought that it was normal.” I snorted.

“I wasn’t going to sit away from my girlfriend!” Damien remarked. “It was either punching Mason and making him leave the seat or this.” He shrugged.

“Gee! Thanks, Damien.” Mason rolled his eyes.

“No problem.” Damien smiled back.

Is it just me or is Damien actually being more social?

He must be really really happy…

“Did anyone notice that he was just going to beat Mason up! Not me!” Jason pointed out as he smiled so big that it looked like he won the lottery!

“No, I was too busy noticing that Damien just called Penny his girlfriend and she didn’t blow the roof off of this place.” Xander replied.

I frowned as my brain processed his words.


He’s right!

Damien just called me his girlfriend!

Out of the blue!

Wait… How do I use my voice box again?

“Damn! It would have been awesome to have an open-roofed cafeteria!” Mason grumbled.

How could he use his voice box so easily?

“Yeah, and then when it was raining, maybe you could sit here all alone and enjoy your open-roofed cafeteria.” Jason snickered.

“Gah!” I exclaimed when words failed me.

“Pee-Pee, you okay?” Mason asked, gently touching my arm.

“Gah!” I said looking right at him.

“I think that she finally lost her ability to speak.” Jason chuckled.

Gummy bears! I think he’s right!

“Gah!” I said in panic. Damien chuckled, turning my face to him.

Why on earth can’t I speak English?

“Breathe, Penny.” He told me before pecking my lips. “Breathe and speak.” He instructed.

“Are you sure that you are the same Damien Nixon Gray who didn’t want to befriend me too quickly?” I asked him.

“Pretty sure.” Damien chuckled. “I am just happy.” He told me before kissing my cheek.

“But I am not your girlfriend. You never asked me about it and neither did I ever ask you to be my boyfriend.” I argued.

“I am just saving our energy. You and I both know that if either of us pops that question, the other one will say yes. So why do it?” He shrugged.

“That’s a little too caveman-ish.” Ellie commented.

“I am a bit embarrassed to say this but I kinda find it hot.” I confessed before kissing Damien’s cheek.

“So, dear girlfriend of mine, am I forgiven for not telling you about Logan?” He asked me.

“You’re forgiven, dear boyfriend of mine!” I chuckled.

God! That was so damn cheesy!

“Can we get back to lunch before I puke my breakfast out?” Mason asked.

“Mood-killer!” Ellie muttered.

“Idiotic insensitive jerk!” Xander sighed, rolling his eyes.

“Buzzkill.” Liam commented.

“Stupid!” Damien grumbled.

“Brainless Blabberer.” I glared at Mason.

“Un-romantic, stupid, egghead who would probably live in my basement when he’s forty!” Jason pouted angrily.

“Okay! I get it! Now shut up!” Mason snapped as he started stabbing his pasta with so much force that it was a miracle that the plate didn’t break.

Aww! Poor Pasta!

“Show some love to the food, man!” Jason said as he stared at his brother. Mason just scoffed as he started eating.

Drama queen!

“We love you, grumpy!” I told him as I ruffled his hair. He fought a smile as he fixed his hair.

“I’m not a dwarf from Snow White! I am a damn Greek god.” He smirked.

“Yeah yeah! Whatever floats your boat.” Ellie snorted.

“You’ve seen Snow White?” I gasped.

“No!” Mason said a little too quickly as his cheeks started turning red. “I mean, pfft! Me? Snow White? I don’t know who or what that is!” He tried to cover it up.

“Oh god! You’re blushing!” I couldn’t help as I started laughing. “You are so cute!” I said.

“I’m not!” He mumbled.

Should I save him from turning anymore red?

Nah! He looks good with the blush anyways…

“It’s okay, Mace. Liking Snow White is not a crime.” Ellie told him.

“I-I… I d-don’t!” Mason stuttered as his cheeks turned bright red. I quickly kissed his cheek.

“Relax, Mace.” I told him. “Hey! What are we all doing after school today?” I asked everyone, changing the subject.

Damien kissed the top of my head with a smile, probably understanding how I was trying to divert everyone’s attention away from Mason.

“Let’s have a sleepover at my house! My parents are not at home and we can watch a movie or plan a new prank.” Ellie suggested.

“Yeah!” We all chorused.

It’s weird how I just feel at home with all these people when they were just strangers not so long ago…

Maybe I finally did find my people…

Me: Hello, readers!

Penny: We would like to make some things clear today.

Mason: We all love you for the support you have shown.

Jason: We love how involved you are.

Ellie: We love you for everything.

Damien: And we would be super happy if our story somehow inspires you.

Xander: But...

Me: Copying the whole thing is just WRONG!

Mason: Plagiarism is just disgusting!

Me: I recently found out that there is a site out there which is stealing my story.

Penny: Including the whole conversation we all have with you after each chapter.

Me: And I am really really disappointed. This makes me afraid of putting my work out there for people to read.

Ellie: We share this story with you and we feel happy about it. But the one who does the work needs to be able to call it their own.

Me: I would love it more than anything if my stories inspire you to write your own. In fact, I would love to read those stories. But copying is never right.

Penny: This is why we are stopping the updates on Wattpad.

Damien: The story will be updated as per the usual schedule on Inkitt. But that might stop if something like plagiarism comes up again.

Me: I love you guys and I don’t want to put the story on pause because I’m afraid to lose my hard work to someone who loves to just press CTRL+C and CTRL+P.

Damien: The next update will be up on 26th August 2021.

Xander: Which is Thursday.

Me: And since no one was able to guess the right answer for the question in the previous chapter, well, you all will just have to wait for that chapter!

Penny: But one of you got super close! You guessed it partially right.

Mason: But just guessing the speaker wasn’t the challenge. *smirks*

Me: You had to guess the person being spoken to as well.

Xander: So, because of the partial answer and the author’s newfound fear of sharing her work with even her friends before time, we are sorry to tell you that no one won the challenge!

Me: So, see you guys soon!

Jason: Until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat PIZZAS!

Curtains close as the author and the characters go off to lock the story up in a safe...

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