Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 44: Always a Deer

I wonder why the roof in the school hallways white? Don’t they want us to feel happy when we look up at a bright and colourful roof?

I frowned as I walked slowly while looking up at the boring white roof.

Should I take this issue to Uncle K?


Maybe I should take the initiative!

I could be a favour to the school and a fun project to sneak into the school building at night all wrapped in one!

Or maybe we could just play paintball with the roof at night! A fun project for the whole gang!

Hmm… That would be a good idea…

I suddenly walked into something hard, making me stumble back. I looked in front of me to see that I walked right into a wall.

Stupid wall!

Who placed this stupid wall in my way?

“Only you could do something like that, Penny.” Someone spoke behind me. I turned around to see who saw my embarrassing moment.

“Hi!” I squeaked in embarrassment.

“What were you doing? Admiring the roof?” He asked with an amused smile on his face.

“Something like that.” I shrugged as I walked closer to him. “What are you doing here at this time?” I asked him.

It was almost thirty minutes past the end of the last of the classes. The whole building was empty except for the adults and one girl who was busy admiring the roof till a few seconds ago.

And well, now I knew that Ethan was here too…

“Baseball practice.” Ethan answered. I nodded as I just now noticed his jersey. “What are you still doing here?” He questioned.

“Umm…” My eyes widened as I tried to come up with an excuse.

Umm… Not waiting for my uncle to finish his work so that we could head home!

Stupid, Penny! You can’t say that!

Then… admiring the roof so I can come here later to paint it?

Promising excuse and a true one but… No!

How about… looking for my lost cat?

You don’t even have a cat!

Well, he doesn’t know that…

What will a cat be doing in a school anyway?

Good point…

“Penny?” Ethan spoke up, breaking my train of thoughts.

“Huh?” I asked as I looked at him.

“Are you here to get your friends out of trouble again?” He smirked at me. I smiled nervously.

“You caught me!” I chuckled nervously.

“I knew it!” Ethan grinned. “You know, you didn’t have to hide that from me. I already saw Mrs. Krampe taking the twins and your boyfriend to the principal’s office.” Ethan smirked.

Hold the truck!

Mrs. What to where again?

“What?” I asked, the smile on my face turning to a super fake, irritated one.

“Oh! Is Damien not your boyfriend yet?” Ethan questioned with a mischievous smile on his face. “Are you still single?” He asked as he poked my arm.

“Hold your bullet train, Mister!” I raised a hand as I stepped back. “Damien is my boyfriend. Has been for more than a week now.” I informed him.

“Oh!” He said as he dropped his hand to his side. “Congratulations then.” He told me with a small, genuine smile.

“Thanks. Now what did you say about the twins and Damien?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

“That Mrs. Sandy Krampe took them to the principal’s office for something just now?” He spoke in an unsure voice.

Freaking flirting flamingos!

“Uh… Do you know exactly what happened?” I asked Ethan.

“Nope. I have no idea. I just saw that they were arguing and then one of the twins said something and Mrs. Krampe got angry and took them to the principal’s office.” He shrugged.

I bet it was Mason who said… Whatever he said!

“Okay. Thanks.” I told him as I started running towards my uncle’s office. “I’ll see you later!” I yelled back to Ethan as I turned the corner.

I heard him chuckling behind me as I rushed to see what the whole mess that they’ve created now was all about.

I swear, if it’s something that those two idiots did and dragged the sweet and innocent Jason into, I’ll kill them!

Yeah… Sweet and innocent… The adjectives I used for Jay-Jay…

Lately, Damien has been a little too happy and cheerful. People around us say that it’s because of me but I believe it’s mostly because Aria might be making him eat her super sugary cookies everyday…

Sugar rush can make people change faster than anything!

Due to his super happy-ness, Damien and Mason have been getting along more than Jason does with his identical dumbo of a brother.

I feel so bad for him when I see him studying to fill his time… Well, not about the studying part because that’s good… I think… But about the lonely part…

I burst into the principal’s office without knocking since I didn’t even see the lady who usually sits outside the office.

All the eyes turned to me with shock written on everyone’s face.

“Penny? What are you doing here?” It was the innocent Jay-Jay who got over his shock first.

Saving your dumb butterflies!

“I was admiring the roof in the hallway when Ethan told me that you three were here.” I decided to go with the brief truth.

“Admiring the… What?” Mason frowned in confusion while Damien tried to hold his laughter at bay.

Now you see why I am with Damien?

He gets me!

He understood just what I was saying while the other, with the exception of my uncle who just looked tired, looked confused and shocked.

“Penelope, dear, please wait outside. We’ll tell you when we are done with dealing with these troublemakers.” Mrs. Krampe said in a fake, sugary-sweet voice.

“Oh! But I think that I will be needed here to defend my clients.” I spoke in a mock-formal voice as I stood a little straighter and tilted my chin up.

“Penny, please just wait outside. I’ll be done with everything in a few minutes.” Principal Hughes sighed tiredly.

“Pee-Pee! Please don’t leave!” Mason muttered to me under his breath. I narrowed my eyes on him.

He did not just call me that!

“I guess, I’ll leave then.” I shrugged as I pretended to leave.

“Penny, wait!” Mason called out loudly. I smirked as I looked at him. “I’m sorry. I won’t call you that again.” He apologized.

“Apology accepted.” I grinned at him. I then turned to Principal Hughes who was staring at us with amusement. “What did my dearest friends do now?” I asked him.

“Penelope, don’t associate yourself with them! They are not the kind of students an intelligent girl like you should even talk to.” Mrs. Krampe told me in a fake-sweet tone.

Gasp! She didn’t!

“You wouldn’t want to argue about that with her, Mrs. Krampe. At least not now.” Principal Hughes warned the old, weirdly dressed teacher.

“Why not now?” Mason asked curiously.

“Because I am high on sugar right now!” I grinned at him as I pointed to myself with both my pointer fingers.

I was waiting for Uncle K to get his work done and I ate a little too many of the candies he had in his office. When my uncle realised what I was doing, he asked me to go and take a walk to cool down.

And I didn’t cool down… I just discovered the urgent need to colour the roof…

Now I feel bad for the sad colourless wall…

“Principal Hughes, I think that you and I both know that you need to get rid of these students once and for all. They are a bad-” Mrs. Krampe started ranting, ignoring me so I had to cut her off.

“Hey! No one is getting rid of my Jay-Jay!” I exclaimed as I wrapped my arms around Jason’s waist. He hugged me back with a smile.

“What about me?” I heard Mason’s voice. I pulled away from Jason and hugged Damien.

“And no one is getting rid of Dami either!” I told them.

“You know, it was me, Mason, who said that, right?” Mason asked in an irritation which made Damien chuckle.

How could Damien’s chuckle sound so deep?

Oh wait! I have my ear right next to his chest.

I giggled as I pulled away from Damien and looked at Mason.

“You can get rid of Mason. He calls me Pee-pee.” I told my uncle who was now looking at me with amusement clear as day on his face.

“Hey! That was one time! And I apologized!” Mason exclaimed. I rolled my eyes at him.

He is such a drama queen!

“Okay, don’t get rid of the grumpy cat either.” I shrugged.

“Principal Hughes! Can’t you see what is happening here?” Mrs. Krampe almost yelled.

“Oh, I can.” Uncle K chuckled as he walked around his table to stand right in front of us. “I don’t think any of them need more than a day’s detention.” He shrugged as he crossed his arms.

“But, sir!” Mrs. Krampe screeched, making me wince.

“Please don’t screech! You’re making my ears hurt!” I whined. Mrs. Krampe gasped while the others tried to hold their laughter at bay.

“Can’t you see what is happening here, sir? These notorious troublemakers are making this sweet girl act so disrespectful!” She screeched again.

“I was just telling the truth! You are really hurting my ears!” I cried.

Uncle K chuckled at that. Mrs. Krampe was about to say something else when he took pity on me and spoke up.

“Mrs. Krampe, she is just high on sugar and that is partially my fault for letting her sit near the bowl of candies. This is normal for her. I can assure you that the boys had nothing to do with this.” Uncle K told the screeching lady.

“Sir, you know as well as I do that you shouldn’t let her be anywhere near these boys.” Mrs. Krampe spoke in a much softer tone this time but she threw daggers at my friends so she was still the bad person here.

“That is my concern, Mrs. Krampe.” Uncle K told her. “For now, I don’t think that for something as small as a couple of typos in the assignments, these boys don’t even deserve a detention.” He reported.

Take that, screeching lady!

“But, sir! They are high school seniors! They shouldn’t have made those errors!” Mrs. Krampe screeched again, making me make a face as if I was crying.

“These types of mistakes are common! It just tells you that they actually did the assignment on their own!” Principal Hughes shot back. “I really think you are just doing this because of your grudge against them.” He shook his head in disappointment.

“I-I don’t have a grudge!” She defended herself in vain.

“Listen lady, it’s not like these three were the only ones in the class who had typos in their assignments. So, it’s either that you have a grudge or they killed one of your cats and so you have a grudge.” I told her in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Either way, you have a grudge against these boys.” Uncle K finished with a shrug.

“I… What about the way they questioned my authority when I gave them detention before bringing them here?” She asked with a smirk on her face that looked like she just won a championship.

The championship of wearing the least age appropriate clothes!

“You gave us detention for a month!” Jason spoke up.

“For typos.” Mason added.

“So what?” Mrs. Krampe challenged them.

“This is ridiculous!” Principal Hughes sighed. “My final decision is that the boys can go home and Mrs. Krampe, if something as ridiculous as this comes to me again, I will have no choice but to send you to the board for evaluation.” He said in a serious tone.

“But sir-” She started to argue but I was feeling tired so I cut her off.

“No buts. No cuts. No coconuts.” I told her while wagging my pointer finger in front of her.

She looked like she was fuming. I could literally see her face becoming red.

And I don’t know if it was my imagination or the reality but smoke was coming out of her ears.

She stomped her way to the door and opened it. She was just about to leave when she turned around and smirked evilly.

“Even if I was being unfair, sir, I hope you know that these students are bad news.” She informed uncle K. Before he could rebuttal, she spoke up again. “You should keep them away from your sweet niece, Penny.” She smirked before closing the door behind her.

What just happened?

“Niece?” Mason whispered.

I looked at all the faces around me. The twins and Damien were surprised and Principal Hughes looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Deer caught in the headlights… I wonder why it’s always a deer… Why not a rabbit for a change?

“Niece?” Damien asked as he glared at me.


Oh! Yes! I am the Principal’s niece!


Did that lady just reveal my secret?!


She is one evil lady!

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