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Chapter 2: The Stupid Twin Story

I knocked on the open door making the teacher turn to look at me as I stood at the door with an awkward smile.

I swear, this is the worst part of being new to a school!

“I am new here. And according to my schedule, I have chemistry with...” I trailed off as I looked down at the schedule in my hand. “Mrs. Sandy Krampe?” I asked as I looked up at the old teacher.

She smiled at me but I could see just how fake it was. This teacher looked a little older than my own parents but she wore a tight short dress as if she was trying to look young. I immediately knew that I wasn’t going to like her very much.

But I smiled at her. I believed that we should never judge a book by it’s cover. I shouldn’t judge this teacher that fast. She might be someone amazing who had some kind of clothing shortage and had to borrow one of her daughter’s dresses.

“Ah! Yes, they told me about you.” The teacher said as she motioned for me to enter. I smiled awkwardly as I entered the classroom. I knew that everyone was staring at me but I kept looking at the teacher. “Ms. H-” The teacher started but I interrupted her.

“I would appreciate it if you would call me Penelope rather than by my last name.” I said before she could say my name. She looked a little irritated but she maintained her fake smile on her face.

“Alright, Penelope. You can take a seat anywhere you want.” She said. I smiled at her before turning to look for a seat. I found two empty seats. One was next to a serious looking dark haired handsome guy and the other was next to a brunette haired girl.

Now, if it were any other situation, I would have taken the seat next to that girl without a second thought. But that girl was sitting next to the same guy whose arm I twisted in the hallways just a few minutes ago. And they looked like they were pretty close friends. So, I opted to sit next to Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Mysterious.

“Ms. Penelope, why were you late to class? Who was supposed to show around school on your first day?” The teacher asked as I took out my notebook from my bag. I looked up at her to see her glaring at the other students in class as if she’ll kill them if I took their name.

“Actually, ma’am, I got lost and I had requested to have no one assigned to show me around so it took me a while to find the class.” I told her, truthfully. “I am sorry for being late.” I added. The teacher gave me a fake look of concern.

“Do you want me to assign someone to show you around, dear?” Mrs. Krampe asked. I wanted to roll my eyes at her stupidity but I controlled myself and smiled at her.

“That won’t be necessary, ma’am. But thank you.” I said in a polite tone. I really just wanted the class to start even though chemistry was never one of my favourites. I just wanted the attention off of me now.

“It won’t be a problem, dear. You can tell me if you want any help.” The teacher insisted. I knew for a fact as to why she was being so nice to me. She wasn’t doing out of the goodness of her heart. She was doing this for her own selfish reasons.

“I said, I don’t want anyone to show me around!” I exclaimed. I took a deep breath to calm myself when I heard gasps from the students around me. “I am sorry for being late. It won’t happen again.” I told the teacher. I could see that she was clenching her jaw in anger but she didn’t say anything. She just nodded her head.

She sighed before putting a scowl on her face as she started the lesson.

“He’s an idiot! I hate him!” I heard a voice exclaiming as I made my way to the school gym. I frowned as I looked at the same guy whose arm I twisted in the morning. He was sitting on the ground with the tall dark haired guy next to whom I sat during the chemistry class.

I stopped to look at what was going on since I saw the dark haired guy smiling down at the Mason guy. And his smile was gorgeous.

They are friends? That kinda explains why he didn’t even try to talk to me in class...

“You don’t. He is your brother.” The dark haired guy told Mason. His voice was deep and husky. Mason just shook his head as he held his ankle. He winced as he tried to move his leg.

What’s wrong with him?

“I hate him! First he makes me trip and twist my leg, then he takes the note I got from the nurse and tells the coach that it was him who twisted his leg just so he could see me limping across the tracks as the coach forces us to run! He is a monster!” Mason said. I frowned at the serious tone.

I thought he didn’t have a single serious bone in his body...

“You ate the last pancake when he told you that it was his. He is just taking his revenge. Relax. I’ll help you.” The dark haired boy said.

“I am not letting him get away with this so easily! I am going to take my revenge! He’ll get what he deserves!” Mason spoke in a serious voice.

“Jace, you can’t be serious!” the dark haired guy chuckled.

Wait! Jace? His name was Mason, right?

“I am serious. He calls me his clone, makes me feel stupid and even make me look like an idiot in front of everyone!” The blonde guy, who apparently isn’t Mason, said. “Mason is going down!” he added with a clenched jaw.

Drama! Where are the popcorns when you need them?

“And what will you do, Jace? Huh? He’s your brother! You can’t hurt him!” The dark haired guy said. He squatted down to look directly into his blond friend’s eyes. “Just leave it. I’ll help you with the running. You can lean on me.” He said in a calm tone.

So they are twins...

“I won’t leave it this time, Damien!” The blonde guy who looks just like Mason said. “I’ll make him pay!” He added with determination. The thought of high school drama made me feel excited and so I walked up to the two boys.

“There you are!” I said as I smiled down at Mason’s twin. “Ever since the morning, I felt like I didn’t beat you up like I should have.” I said as I squatted on his side, opposite to the dark haired handsome who frowns at me.

Yes, he is handsome. Now focus on the task at hand, Penny!

“What? Who are you? I don’t even know who the hell you are!” Mason’s twin spoke up.

I knew that he wasn’t Mason but I knew that this would keep him distracted while I do what needs to be done.

“Have you already forgotten me? Do I need to remind you how I twisted your arm?” I asked with a fake gasp. The dark haired guy narrowed his eyes at me.

I swear, if it was just me and him, I would have married him already!

“Look, whoever you are, you might have met my twin brother, Mason. My name is Jason. I didn’t do anything wrong to you.” Mason’s twin told me.

He looked sincere and nice. Well, at least better than his brother. That strengthened my resolve to do what I had to do.

I rolled my eyes at him as I held his ankle which he was holding. He winced loudly in pain.

“What are you doing?” The dark haired guy asked, making me look into his beautiful brown eyes. I wanted to stare into his eyes all day like a hopeless little girl staring at her crush but I had more important things to handle.

Focus, Penny!

“What does it look like I am doing? I am doing what I should have done in the morning. I am breaking his bones!” I shrugged as I looked down at Jason’s ankle. It was swelling and turning a little red.

“Hey! I told you, I haven’t even seen you before the chemistry class today! I did nothing! It might have been my twin’s fault!” Jason spoke with urgency in his voice.

So it wasn’t Mason who was sitting in the class next to that girl...

“Really? You want me to believe the stupid twin story? Are you that afraid of me? Or do I look stupid to you?” I asked before suddenly twisting his leg without any warning. Jason yelled out in pain.

“What the hell!” The dark haired guy exclaimed as he glared at me. I ignored him as I smiled at Jason.

“You’re all better now! You’re welcome!” I said in a cheery tone as I stood up.

“What the hell are you talking about? You just twisted his leg more!” The dark haired guy almost growled at me as he stood up to glare at me.

He looks so damn hot!

“Actually, she didn’t, Damien.” Jason spoke up. We both looked down at him to see him moving his ankle. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Jason said as he looked up at his dark-haired hot friend. I smiled down at him.

“Well, I leave you two now. I don’t wanna miss gym class. Toodles!” I said as I waved at the two boys and started walking away. I stopped after a few steps and turned back to them only to find them already looking at me. “Before I go, if you guys are planning a prank or something on Mason, feel free to invite me. I love drama!” I said before leaving the two boys behind.

I think I just made a friend! And met a Greek god...

Me: Hello, people!

Penny: How are you all?

Ellie: And how was the chapter?

Kara: Do comment what you think! Don’t be a silent reader!

Mason: And comment about how unfair it is that the girls get all the lines here!

Me: Hey! You have a line too!

Mason: But that comes in the end! I want to be the one to start!

Me: You’ll have to write the chapter for that to happen.

Mason: *pretending to zip his lips and throwing the key*

Jason: *catches the key and hands it back to Mason* Keep it with you. You’ll need it later, bro.

Mason: *rolls his eyes*

Xander: Anyways, the next update will be up on 18th March 2021.

Liam: Which is Thursday!

Damien: Do COMMENT, VOTE and SHARE! That might bring us all a little earlier to meet you all.

Liam: Well, see you guys soon!

Jason: *whispering* Unzip your lips, Mace!

Mason: *narrowing his eyes at Jason* It wasn’t a real thing, Jace!

Damien: Until next time, stay safe!

Me and Mason: And eat cake!

Mason: Feels awesome to say that again!

Curtains close as the characters and the author leave to get back to their castle in Crazy-topia...

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