Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 47: The Sass Queen's Arrival

“You’re drama?” Sarah asked her.

“In the flesh.” She replied with an amused smile.

“What?” Sarah frowned.

Sarah turned to me with confusion written all over her face but I wasn’t looking at her. I was busy staring at the blond-haired girl.

I slowly walked to her as if I were approaching a rabbit who might run away any second. She just stared at me with an amused expression on her face. When I was close enough, I slowly raised my hand and poked her forehead.

“Ouch!” She shrieked. “What the hell, Pens?” She asked as she rubbed her forehead.

Oops! I think that I poked her a little too hard…

Well, what’s done is done!

But that confirmed it!

It is her!

“Livvy!” I squealed as I launched myself at my sister. She laughed as she managed to keep her balance. She wrapped her arms around me in a tight embrace.

“I am here, baby sister.” She beamed.

I pulled away from her to look at her beautiful face. She was smiling brightly at me and I was sure that my expression mirrored hers.

Growing up, Livvy was my support system. She was our parents’ favourite but she was the absolute best at being a sister.

She has always been my rock!

She knew me better than anyone. She could tell what was up with me by just looking at the back of my head.

Freaky? Yeah well, that’s Livvy…

We were best friends. We were sisters. We were family. One that I loved having.

“I missed you so much!” I told her when I felt my eyes watering.

“Hey! Don’t say all that! You’re gonna make me look like a clown as my mascara runs down my cheeks with the tears!” She chuckled as she hit my arm in a playful manner.

I gave her an incredulous look.

“Since when did you start wearing mascara that isn’t waterproof?” I asked her.

“Good point.” She mumbled as she nodded her head. “But I still don’t wanna cry.” She told me.

“Okay! Fine!” I huffed. “No tears.” I rolled my eyes at her.

“That’s my girl!” She grinned.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brings our attention to Sarah who was still standing in my room in the same position.

“Oh! Uh…” I stutter as I try to think of what to say. “Umm… Sarah, this is my elder sister, Olivia. Livvy, this is my friend, Sarah.” I introduced them.

“Hi.” Sarah spoke up with a smile as she waves nervously at Livvy.

“Why does she look an awful lot like Cass?” Livvy spoke as she examined Sarah from head to toe. She then turned to me. “Am I going to find someone looking like me too?” She questioned.

I rolled my eyes at my sister’s silliness.

“She’s Cassie’s cousin.” I informed her.

Livvy’s eyes widened as she looked back at Sarah who was looking even more uncomfortable now.

“Wow!” Livvy muttered as she kept staring at Sarah.

“Sarah, why don’t you go home and grab your overnight bag for the sleepover?” I asked her, trying to help her out of this uncomfortable situation.

God knows that I can’t control my sister being weird!

“Yeah.” Sarah spoke in a squeaky voice before clearing her throat. “It was nice meeting you, Olivia. I’ll see you later.” She smiled as she took her bag and almost ran away, out of the house.

And guess what? Livvy did not stop staring at the poor girl.

“Liv, you can stop staring now. She’s gone.” I remarked when my dearest sister kept staring at the staircase where Sarah had run to.

“She looks freakishly similar to Cass.” Liv muttered as she shook her head before she walked into my room and sat down on my bed. “So, you were planning a sleepover?” She asked.

“Girls night.” I told her as I nodded my head. “It would be so awesome! You can meet Ellie and Kara too!” I exclaimed.

“And here I was hoping for a sister’s night.” She said jokingly.

I knew that she was joking because I knew my sister well. I don’t know how but I always had the power to read her mind.

Freaky? Well, it’s me…

“It’s gonna be so much better!” I told her.

“Why not invite a few hot guys too?” Livvy asked with a smirk as she relaxed back on her elbows on the bed.

“Well, because Kara and Ellie both have boyfriends and I literally got out of a relationship.” I deadpanned.

“Then a hot guy would be the perfect remedy for your broken heart!” Livvy told me as she sat up. I gave her a flat look. “I’m just saying!” She huffed before crashing back on my bed.

“Well, we are having girls night.” I told her with finality in my voice.

“Ugh! I am so tired!” Livvy groaned, completely ignoring me.

“Try lifting your suitcases up the staircase, babe. You’ll understand the real meaning of being tired!” A deep voice said from the doorway of my room.

I turned to look at the familiar face, a smile instantly forming on my face.

I should’ve guessed that he was here too. I mean, he and Livvy are never too far away!

“Miss me, Grumpy?” I asked him with a smirk.

“Always, panda bear!” He chuckled as he opened his arms for a hug.

I ran into his arms and he lifted me off the floor with his hands wrapped tightly around my waist. He put me down after a few seconds.

“It’s nice to see your weird face again, Ry.” I told him with a smile.

Ryder, a.k.a. Ry or Grumpy, was one of our old friends. He was the one who introduced me and Livvy to the world of street racing.

Not so surprisingly, Ry was the kind of bad boy that parents’ warn their girls to stay away from. And also not so surprisingly, our parents weren’t around to see who we hung out with. When they did find out, they shipped me and Livvy off to two different corners of the world.

But Ryder wasn’t a bad guy. He was a total sweetheart. He used to bring ice cream for me and Livvy whenever he sensed our mood to be down. He was someone who valued friendship and that’s probably why he kept in contact even when our parents did their best to keep us away from him.

“But we won’t be seeing much of you tonight.” Livvy said from where she was still sprawled on my bed.

“Why is that?” Ryder asked as he walked into the room.

“Penny is having a girl’s night. No boys allowed.” Livvy answered, her eyes remaining closed.

“It won’t be the first girl’s night that I’ll be crashing.” Ryder shrugged nonchalantly as he sat down next to Livvy.

“Not on my watch, young man.” Came my uncle’s strict voice as he walked into my room. Ryder instantly stood up with an alarmed expression. “Olivia, you can take the room next to Penny’s and Ryder, you can take the room next to my office. Far away from the girls.” My uncle told them.

“W-what?” Ryder stuttered as he turned to Uncle K with a pale face.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Ryder was scared of Uncle K. He looked ready to pee in his pants!

But then again, Uncle K was a high school principal. He was a bit intimidating since he has seen the weirdest of situations with overactive teens over the years.

Poor Ryder!

Livvy sat up and the both of us looked at each other as we tried to hold our laughter.

“You will stay away from my nieces. Be glad that I am allowing you to stay in the house.” Uncle K told him.

Ryder gulped before nodding his head at Uncle K.

“You got it, chief.” He said with a salute. He started walking out of the room.

“And you’re not crashing the girl’s night!” My Uncle reminded him before he left the room.

Uncle K glanced at me and Livvy, offering us sweet smiles before he left the room.

Livvy and I looked at each other before we burst out laughing.

Gosh! I missed these two so much!

Me: I honestly loved how this chapter turned out...

Penny: Well, duh! That’s why you didn’t just delete it!

Me: No, there’s just something about this chapter. I think that it depicts me as a writer...

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Jason: Not really to the point?

Me: Hey! That’s not bad! If it was, then you guys are my worst creations!

Mason: We never said that it was bad!

Me: Anyways, like I posted on my profile, the answer to the previous question was Chapter 21: Furiously Pissed and the speaker was Damien.

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Unknown Speaker: You know, you are a very huggable person.

Hint: The chapter is between 15-20.

Me: Well, guess on!

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Curtains close as all the characters run off to join the circus...

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