Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 48: A Bottle of Water [Part 1]

“Why are you both smiling like that?” I questioned as I tilted my head to the side while looking at my sister and Ellie giggling about something.

Something is up…

We all were sitting down on the carpeted floor of my room while we tried to decide on what movie to watch next on the monitor sitting on my desk.

I was just happy to see myself surrounded by my best friends…

And I’m not talking about the friends who were in their pjs…

My best friends were the burgers, fries, popcorn and the best of all, ice cream…

Like I had hoped, Livvy and Ellie didn’t end up hating each other. In fact, they looked like they were some long lost friends.

Ever since the girls arrived for the sleepover, Liv didn’t stop smiling even for a second. But now she and Ellie were whispering into each-other’s ears and giggling like they both knew something that the rest of us didn’t.

And I hate not knowing stuff!

“Nothing, baby sister.” Liv smiled innocently at me. Ellie agreed with a nod of her head and the same innocent smile.

The weird thing about their innocent smiles was that they were actually making me feel sure about the fact that they were not innocent.

“Umm… Penny, why don’t you go downstairs and get some more popcorn?” Ellie suggested. “Mine are finished, can you please bring some for me?” She asked sweetly.

“You can have mine, Ellie. I’m not in the mood to have popcorn.” Kara spoke up. Ellie bit her lip as she stared at the bowl that Kara was offering.

“I want freshly made popcorn.” Ellie told Kara.

Hmm… Something is definitely up…

“They are fresh, Elle.” Kara argued.

“Penny! Just go down and get me some juice.” Liv commanded in that big sister kind of way.

“We have the juice bottle right here.” I told her as I threw the bottle right at her head.

“Ouch!” Liv groaned as she glared at me. “You could have just handed it to me!” She grumbled, rubbing her head.

“That’s my girl!” A deep voice said with a chuckle. I turned to the window of my room with widened eyes.

“What the heck are you doing there?” Liv and I asked in sync as we looked at the boy who was struggling to climb in through the window.

“Oh! Spooky sister sync!” He grinned at us. I frowned as I looked at Liv who was looking at me with a frown of her own.

Spooky what?

“Spooky?” We both asked in sync as we both looked back at him.

“Weird too.” Ellie said as she took Kara’s bowl of popcorn and started eating as she looked at me and my sister like we were a part of her favourite TV series.

I better be the protagonist of that damn series you’re watching Ellie!

“What the hell are you doing there? You can fall down, Ry!” My sister and I said in sync again as we looked at the boy who was still struggling to climb inside.

“If you guys really are worried, would you mind giving me a hand?” Ryder huffed from the window.

“I would mind actually.” Livvy said flatly.

“Me too.” I rolled my eyes at Ryder.

“Oh! So now you lose the sync! Just to give me two rejections.” He grumbled. I sighed before getting up and helping him climb into my room.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked him again.

“Crashing the party!” He grinned.

“Don’t you remember what Uncle K said?” I asked him, crossing my arms.

“That’s why I just didn’t walk straight into the room.” He shrugged.

“What if he comes in to check up on us?” Liv asked with amusement on her face.

“I doubt that he would want to make things awkward by coming to check up on his nieces in front of some students from the school where he is the principal.” Ry chuckled.

“What if he went to check up on you to make sure that you aren’t creating any trouble?” I raised an eyebrow at him. His face paled at that.

“That can happen.” Liv agreed.

“Shit!” Ryder whispered.

“Well, since you are already here, you might as well enjoy your last night alive.” I told him, trying to cheer him up but the fear on his face intensified.

“H-he won’t do anything.” Ryder stuttered.

“He won’t kill you.” Liv tried to assure him.

“But he could torture you.” Ellie added, trying to conceal her smirk.

“But you won’t die.” Liv smiled up at him.

“That’s unless he decides to bring the good old rifle out.” I pointed out.

“Don’t scare me, Panda!” Ryder scolded me.

“Grumpy.” I grumbled as I crossed my arms with a pout on my face.

“I’m going to go back now.” Ryder sighed. “It was nice meeting you all!” He added with a smile as he looked at my friends.

“Hey! Stay.” I told him. “I’ll go and check on Uncle K and make sure that he doesn’t go to your room to check on you.” I smiled at him.

“I love you, Panda!” Ryder exclaimed as he gave me a quick hug.

“I love me too.” I sighed. He rolled his eyes before sitting down next to Liv.

“Why is she a panda?” Kara asked.

“Penny is what everyone calls her. I’m not everyone. I’m someone special. So I have a special nickname for her.” Ryder smirked as he looked up at me. “Isn’t that right, Panda-bear?” He asked me.

I rolled my eyes at him.

He’s such a goof!

Just a goof with bad boy looks…

And tattoos!

“Don’t tempt me, grumpy! Or I will go and tell my uncle exactly where you are!” I warned him.

“Okay, now go and save his dumb ass.” Liv chuckled. “And bring me a bottle of water from the refrigerator!” She called out as I opened the door.

Yeah! Only the bottle. Not the water!

That’s what she deserved for not saying please!

I quickly checked up on Uncle K and Aunt Athena. I told Aunt Athena about the situation with Ryder and like I had guessed, she agreed to make sure that Uncle K doesn’t go to check on him.

I then walked down the stairs to grab that chilled empty bottle of water for my sister.

Yeah! I am that childish!

On my way to the kitchen, I heard someone knocking on the front door. I frowned as I walked to the door and peeped through the peephole in the door.

I gasped in shock as I stepped back from the door.

Me: Today is so not my day!

Penny: You are so right!

Me: *huffing* I was baking a cake but by mistake added a little too much batter in the tin and it overflowed and created a mess. And then, while cleaning the mess, my new T-shirt got totally ruined. I’m so not happy right now.

Mason: Poor cake! *sobs*

Me: And in the morning when I was supposed to go somewhere with my parents, I couldn’t wake up because my phone’s battery died and the alarm didn’t wake me up.

Ellie: Poor you...

Me: And to top it all off, the cake overflowed. AGAIN!

Jason: Do you even know how to bake a cake?

Me: Yeah, I do... I’ve done it a thousand times! I don’t know what’s wrong with me today...

Damien: So, your challenge for the day, if you want the second part of the chapter today: Make the author feel better with your comments!

Penny: That sounds... I won’t say anything... She’s having a bad day, guys! Help her out!

Jason: Until next time, stay safe!

Mason: And eat Cake!

Me: *wailing* CAKE! *starts crying uncontrollably*

Curtains close as the characters try to console the author...

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