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Chapter 51: How To Stop a Murder

It wasn’t awkward.

I was feeling very uneasy, out of place and I would have loved to be anywhere but here.

But it wasn’t awkward.

The smile on my face was fake and no one would ever think that it wasn’t. Ellie was chuckling nervously every few minutes and trying to create small talk with everyone but no one seemed interested.

But it wasn’t awkward.

I would have felt more at ease if I were locked in a prison cell with no windows and my roommate was a hungry crocodile.

But it wasn’t awkward.

I was sitting between Ryder and Ethan with Damien and Leah sitting right in front of us. Leah was leaning close to Damien who was glaring at Ethan and Ryder while Ryder had his arm wrapped around my shoulders while he glared back at Damien.

But it was definitely not awkward.

Not at all!

“I heard that you’re having a sleepover at your house tonight, Penny.” Leah spoke up in a cheerful tone. I could see the excitement in her eyes.

“Yeah, she is. Close friends only.” Ryder answered for me. He gave them a fake smile before rolling his eyes.

See! Not awkward!

I almost wanted to laugh as an uneasy expression settled on Leah’s face at his words while Damien clenched his jaw but I stopped myself.

He’s probably just angry about how Ryder had indirectly yet so bluntly stated that his new girlfriend wasn’t not invited…

But what Ryder did was probably for the best. I mean, it didn’t look like she knew that the sleepover was at the Principal’s house and I wanted to keep it that way. I did not want the whole school to know that I was the Principal’s niece.

God knows that I couldn’t deal with that type of drama!

“Were you going to invite me?” Ethan asked me with an amused expression on his face.

Turns out, my sweet sweet sister had found a photo of me and Ethan on his social media from the one time that we went on that date.

She had then contacted him and explained to him how Damien had broken up with me and how I was in a desperate need of a rebound.

When we first arrived, Ethan had assured me that he would just help me be strong in front of Damien and that he had no intentions of even trying to date me.

Ethan was right now interested in someone else and I was happy for him.

But the person he was interested in was now sitting right next to my ex-boyfriend, clinging to him like a vine.

I had sensed his discomfort and we were now both providing each other with the support we needed to get through this breakfast.

“Are you her boyfriend?” Ryder asked Ethan with a flat look.

Oh god!

“Umm… No.” Ethan stuttered.

“Then you are not invited.” Ryder told him.

This cannot get any more awkward!

“And you are?” Damien asked Ryder with barely concealed anger on his face.

And I stand corrected!

“Of course I am!” Ryder replied. “These two love me so much that they cannot even think about being away from me.” He said as he wrapped his other arm around Livvy’s shoulders.


Liv and I rolled our eyes at that comment but remained silent since it wasn’t completely wrong. It was just over-exaggerated.

Ryder was someone important to us and we loved him to bits but the tone he used implied that we both had romantic feelings for him.

“Ry, I’ve been living happily and peacefully without even seeing your face for the past year or so.” I reminded him as I shrugged his hand off of my shoulders.

“That doesn’t mean that your heart wasn’t calling out to me everyday.” He argued. I scrunched my face up in confusion as I glanced at him. “Oh, I felt it, baby girl.” He nodded his head.

That was weird… Even for Ryder…

“Anyways, if we are all finished, maybe we can all walk around for a while?” Livvy suggested.

There was a chorus of yeses as we all got up.

Leah instantly grabbed Damien’s hand in hers before giggling as she looked up at him. He looked at me before looking back at Leah.

Oh my goodness!

How could I have ever seen him as anything but a jerk?!

I looked away only to have my eyes land on Ethan’s sad face. He was trying his best to hide his disappointment but he wasn’t succeeding.

Poor boy!

I walked up to my sister to give her a piece of my mind for randomly inviting Ethan without asking me.

“Why did you think that inviting Ethan was a good idea? And why didn’t you talk to me first?” I hissed quietly at my sister.

“You are right. I should’ve asked you. I didn’t know that he was going to be such a disappointment as a rebound.” Liv replied, shaking her head.

Is she for real?

“Liv, he likes that girl who is clinging to my ex!” I exclaimed in a whisper. “Why are you being so heartless?” I sighed.

“I’m being heartless?” Live questioned as she looked at me with her eyebrows raised. “I upgraded him. He liked some plain old clingy girl and I gave him a chance with my badass little sister! He should be thankful!” She huffed, crossing her arms.

“Olivia!” I exclaimed loudly. I knew that everyone was looking at us now but I didn’t care.

I was serious. She was trying to use Ethan and she wasn’t happy with the fact that he was going along with her plan. She was mocking him.

My sister was someone who did not really care about what she had to do to achieve what she had set her mind to. And in this case, it was getting her sister a rebound.

I knew that she was doing all this for me but now she was being mean.

“I’m sorry, okay?!” She exclaimed after a few seconds of just staring at me blankly. “I know that I am being a little extra but I am angry! I want to just strangle that jerk!” She said, pointing at Damien at the last sentence.

Livvy’s face was shining with sincerity and concern which made my gaze soften.

I knew why she was worried. She knew how I was in no mood to get into a relationship this time. But I did get into one. And I was serious about it. But in the end, I got hurt.

Livvy has never been able to see me hurt. I remember how when we were little, she had completely destroyed my bicycle when I fell down from it and scratched my knee.

And the time when she broke the arm of the boy who pushed me in a puddle when we were just in preschool.

Livvy always goes overboard when it comes to me. She has always been that way.

And I love her for it…

“Me?” Damien asked, pointing at himself.

Wrong move, dude!

“No, not you. Just the damn jerk who thought that playing with my sister’s feelings was okay.” She seethed, glaring menacingly at Damien.

Flying Elephants!

“But-” Damien started but Livvy cut him off.

“You don’t know how happy I will be if Penny stops caring about you and let me strangle you.” She told him.

I have to do something!

“And when his throat starts hurting and he can’t speak even when you let go…” I continued on as I smiled at my sister.

“Then I’d chop his fingers off and he would shout so loudly that his voice box would have permanent damage.” Livvy smirked at me as she played along.

I wanted to grimace at the image that her words created in her mind but I didn’t wasn’t to anger her anymore by making her realise that I still cared about Damien.

“What the heck is happening here?” Ellie whispered to no one I’m particular.

“Shhh! Just let them talk it out.” Ryder shushed her. “It’s how Penny stops Livia from committing crimes like murder.” He explained.

“What?!” Ellie whisper-yelled.

“That’s how I am still alive.” Ryder shrugged nonchalantly.

“And then…” I trailed, smirking at my sister.

“Daddy dearest will send his men to clean up the mess and throw him in a ditch.” Livvy and I spoke together before bursting out laughing.

“I am not getting murdered, am I?” Damien whispered, his eyes wide with fear.

I hope not…

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Penny: I hate you right now! Just because I stopped my sister from killing you doesn’t mean that I like you!

Damien: I-

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