Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 53: The Queen of Awkwardness

“Mrs. G?” I called out as I ran up to the kind woman with a smile on my face.

She was just about to sit down in her car. She was in her formal wear with her doctor’s coat in her hand which told me that she was about to leave for her shift at the hospital.

She looked so professional and elegant that I almost wished that she was my own mother.

She might not wear any expensive dresses like my mother used to but she simply oozed kindness.

“Penny! I didn’t know that you were coming over.” She spoke with surprise as she looked at me. She gave me a quick hug before smiling at me.

“I was just coming over for Aria.” I told her.

She frowned as she glanced at the closed door of her house.

Just then, the door opened and Damien stepped out. He smiled at me which I ignored even if it made my heart beat faster.

He walked up to me and his mother, still keeping that smile on his face.

“Honey, Aria is at her friend’s house for a sleepover.” Mrs. Gray told me.

Wait… What?

How the hell did I not see this coming?

Gosh! Penny, you’re getting so dumb day by day!

But I can leave now, right?

Well, that sounds like a nice idea…

“Oh! Okay. I’ll… I’ll just head back home then. I just came over for Aria.” I said. Damien was about to object but his mother beat him to it.

“Oh don’t be silly, dear. You can just watch a movie or do something with Damien.” She smiled, waving dismissively. “You didn’t come here all the way just to go back home, did you?” She chuckled.

Blue bananas!

I chuckled nervously as I glanced at Damien who was smirking at me.

“Yeah, Penny. Mom’s right. You should stay. Maybe we can talk.” He shrugged, trying to act innocent.

Oh! I know that you planned this you evil yet handsome monster who looks like an angel!

“I wouldn’t like to intrude on Damien’s alone time.” I told Mrs. Gray with a forced smile.

“What are you talking about, honey?” She frowned. “He shouldn’t have alone time! He has a girlfriend and he should be spending time with her! Alone!” She stated.

Damien’s face turned from smug to guilty at the word ‘girlfriend’.

Oh! So the big bad boy didn’t tell his mommy about how he broke my heart?

“Mrs. G, Damien and I aren’t dating anymore.” I told her honestly.

“What?” She gasped.

“Umm… Mom, aren’t you getting late? You have lives to save!” Damien spoke up quickly before I could say anything else.

“Damien Nixon Gray! What did you do?” Mrs. G fumed as she turned to glare at her son.

It was almost comical to see her glaring at her son who gulped nervously even though he towered over her comparatively short frame.

This is going to be fun!

“M-mom, I-I can e-explain.” Damien stuttered.

“Explain what you did right this instant!” She demanded.

“I w-wanted to a-apologise to her. That’s why I called her over.” Damien gulped. “I wanted to tell her how much I regret what I did.” He said sadly as he looked at me.

Nope! Don’t try to work your charm on me!

“What did you do?” Davina Gray asked furiously. “Penny, what did he do?” She turned to me.

I shouldn’t enjoy this, right?

I mean, he looked so sad and guilty. I shouldn’t add to that by saying something that’ll make his mom mad, right?

“It’s not just his fault, Mrs. G.” I told her honestly. “I never told him that I am Principal Hughes’ niece and when he found out, he just… Reacted.” I explained.

Mrs. Davina Gray raised her eyebrow at me as if my explanation didn’t actually explain anything.

“So?” She asked when I didn’t say anything. She turned to her son. “You broke up with her just because she’s the principal’s niece?” She asked him.

Well, when you put it like that, it doesn’t really sound like my mistake…

But I knew that I did do wrong by hiding that single piece of information from someone who never even tried to hide anything so important from me.

What I did must have hurt him emotionally. I didn’t trust him when I said I did. In a way, I guess he was right. I did lie to him.

“It’s really not his fault, Mrs. G.” I told the woman who I have only ever seen with a smile on her face before this day. It was scary.

“Penny, I don’t think that anyone told you about it so I’m going to tell you.” She smiled as she turned to me, holding my hands in hers. I could see the anger behind her smile as she looked me in the eyes. “You should never defend your ex.” She informed me.


But I cannot let Damien take the blame when it was my fault too.

Damien and I might not be together anymore and he might hate me but I cannot let him take the blame.

I’m going to deal with the consequences of the choices I made.

“Mrs. G, I’m only defending him because he was right to react the way he did. He can never trust me after I hid such a thing from him.” I sighed.

“But I reacted the wrong way! I never told you who my uncle’s are! Why should you?” Damien raised his eyebrow at me.

This boy is seriously dumb!

And bipolar!

I agree with what he said before! Why is he changing his mind now? Did he really want to play the bad guy that badly?

“It was not your fault!” I told him through gritted teeth.

“It was my fault and only mine. Not yours. I was the stupid one. And I regret it all more than anything!” He snapped.

He’s so frustrating!

I hate him!

Well, not really… But I’m angry right now! So I am going to say whatever the hell I want!

I mean, I’m going to think whatever I want!

Wait a minute!

Did he say all the stuff that he did that day just because he was angry?

I do that all the time. I say stuff I don’t mean whenever I feel overwhelmed.

If that’s what really happened then maybe I should talk to him instead of avoiding him or pretending that everything is okay.

“Why?” I asked him, just to be sure.

“Because I was angry.” He sighed, his hands raking through his soft and silky looking hair. “The girl that I am falling for happens to be the niece of the person who probably hates me the most in the world. I just… I thought you were going to leave me when your uncle told you to and I was scared and it turned to anger and I lost control.” He explained.

Oh my goodness!

Why didn’t I see that? Why didn’t I understand what was going through his pretty head?

I was his girlfriend! I was supposed to understand him!

And in the end, it was me who overreacted and left…

Well, technically it was Sarah who made me leave…

But it was all my fault.

Damien’s face was getting blurrier by the second as tears filled my eyes. I gulped and bit my lip to keep the tears from falling down my cheeks.

“Damien, I am so sorry for not understanding you! I am really really really sorry!” I sobbed as the tears started rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably.

Damien shook his head as he came closer toe before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me into his chest. He stroked my hair as I gripped his T-shirt, crying into his chest.

“It wasn’t your fault, Penny.” He said before kissing the top of my head.

Not my fault?!

Not my freaking what?!

He really was an angel, wasn’t he?

“I don’t deserve you!” I told him as I pulled away from him and stepped back. “You are taking all the blame when it was all my fault for not understanding you and not giving you time to think before coming to talk to you. I should’ve told you the truth!” I cried.

Why is he literally so freaking perfect?

“No, Penny. I had no right to react that way! I said some really awful things to an angel like you! I should have controlled myself, sorted through my thoughts before saying anything!” Damien replied.

This idiot!

“It was my fault! I always overreact when I’m overwhelmed. I should’ve understood what you were going through!” I snapped back. “I was your girlfriend. I was supposed to understand you better than anyone else!” I added.

“Well, I was your boyfriend! I was supposed to always be kind to you and understand your reasons!” Damien shot back.

This stupid creature with a peanut brain is going to be the death of me!

“Damien, I-” I started but Damien’s mother cut me off with a heavy sigh, reminding us that she was still here.

And she witnessed the humiliating fight between the two of us…

Crap! This is awkward!

“For the love of God! Just kiss and make up already!” Mrs. G exclaimed loudly.

“Umm… Mom-” Damien started to speak awkwardly but his mother cut him off.

“I know! I’m leaving.” She said, raising her hands up. “I was getting late anyways.” She rolled her eyes as she got into her car.

“Bye, mom.” Diem waved awkwardly.

“Bye, Mrs. G.” I smiled, feeling super awkward.

Is the air filled with something that’s making everything awkward?

No, it’s probably just me…

I should seriously consider changing my name to ‘The Queen of Awkwardness’.

“Sort it all out!” Mrs. G yelled out to us. “Damien, if you mess this up again, I’ll tell Aria about your fight with Penny!” She warned before driving away.

It was awkward as Damien and I turned to look at the ground instead of looking at each other.

The both of us were too lost in expressing what we felt that we forgot that we weren’t alone.

But that was what always happened with Damien. Even when we’re not fighting.

Damien has a way of making me forget about my surroundings when he’s around. He makes me want to give him my undivided attention at all times.

“So… Should we kiss and make up?” Damien asked. I looked up to see him smirking at me.

“Wouldn’t wanna disappoint your mom, now would we?” I smirked back, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I never wanna lose you again, Penny. It was hell!” Damien sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer to him.

“I don’t wanna lose you either. No matter how strong I pretended to be, I was crumbling down on the inside.” I confessed.

“I know that I haven’t really known you for long but I really can’t bear the thought of not getting the chance to. I wanna be with you no matter who your mom, dad, siblings, relatives or friends are.” He stated.


“Well, my parents are rich, snobby people who often forget about my existence.” I told him. He chuckled, kissing my cheek.

“I really don’t care as long as they’re not coming between you and me.” He replied before pecking my lips. “Just asking out of curiosity, your uncle won’t suspend me from school for dating you, would he?” he asked.

“No.” I chuckled.

“I love you.” He confessed with a beautiful smile on his face.

“And I love you.” I replied with a smile of my own.

Gummy bears! I am becoming so soft and cheesy and stuff!

But I’ll allow this. Because I really do love him…

Damien leaned closer to kiss me but I interrupted him.

“I am not forgetting that you tricked me to make me come here.” I told him.

“I’ll happily take any punishment that you have in mind.” Damien replied with a chuckle.

Wrong move, pretty boy!

“Well, I do have something in my mind…” I replied with an evil smirk.

The roof of the hallway still did need some colour… And I really wanna go paintball sounds like an amazing activity…

This is gonna be so much fun!

Me: I thought why not just get this over with!

Penny: So here’s our story...

Me: The last chapter...

Damien: The epilogue is going to be next...

Me: This journey has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Not my first story but certainly one that’ll always be close to my heart.

Mason: And we want to thank each and every person reading this for being with us till the end.

Me: You all were amazing readers. Supportive and sweet. This chapter is dedicated to you all!

Jason: Thank you for everything, guys!

Me: And for those of you who want to read my next story, well, I did finally stop being lazy and started working on a brand new story.

Penny: Umm... You were sitting on your bed comfortably while starting with that new idea... You are still lazy...

Me: Well, it’s an incurable situation... Anyways, I think by a month’s time at most, I’ll be able to start posting the new story. You can follow me for the updates if you want...

Mason: The Epilogue will be up tomorrow.

Me: I’m not going to keep you waiting for it! I loved how it turned out to be. And I can’t wait for you guys to read it!

Jason: Well, until next time... Can’t believe that I am saying this for the last time... Stay safe, people!

Me and Mason: And eat CAKE!

Ellie: *looking at Jason and Mason who start crying* I think that we should get some ice cream.

Me: *looking at Xander and Liam who start crying too* I think so too...

Curtains close as the characters and the author go off to eat ice cream...

P.S. I forgot to mention this earlier but the Part 1 of this series, The Player’s Playmate, is currently available for a discounted price on Ukiyoto’s official site...

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