Sugar and Spice

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Chapter 4: Meeting the crew

“Hey!” I heard someone shout. I ignored it since I barely knew anyone here and it was lunch time so I assumed that someone was calling their friend. I shut my locker and started to walk to the ground to have my lunch.

Since I didn’t really know anyone and I didn’t even feel like trying to get to know anyone here, I realised that eating in the open field with my earphones on was really relaxing. I knew that there was a huge chance that I’ll create some kind of trouble in the near future and will have to leave this town and move somewhere else. So, I was spending more time enjoying the weather that the town offered instead of making any friends who might make me feel bad when I eventually leave them and the town.

“Hey! New girl!” a voice shouted out, making me halt. From what I knew, I was the only new student in the school right now since getting into any school in the middle of the year was only possible if you had some serious connections. I turned around to find one of the blonde twins, Mason or Jason, waving and smiling at me. He rushed over to me and smiled at me.

This has to be Jason since there is no way that Mason will smile at me… Or even come anywhere near me for that matter…

“Jason?” I asked just to be on the safer side. He looked shocked for a moment before his smile came back.

“I honestly thought that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between me and Mace.” Jason told me.

“Well, there was no way that Mason would come looking for me.” I shrugged. Jason chuckled at that.

“Yeah, Mace told us about what happened and how you twisted his arm yesterday.” Jason told me. “He’s pretty scared of you.” he added, making me chuckle.

“That was kinda what I wanted.” I told him. “Anyways, I’m not trying to be rude but why were you shouting for me?” I asked.

“I actually wanted your help with something.” Jason said, nervously as he scratched the back of his neck. I frowned at that.

“What can I do for you?” I asked him, curiously. “I don’t even know my way around the school and I know absolutely no one here. How can I help you with anything?” I thought out loud.

“You see, Damien, my friend from the other day was right. Mason is my brother and even though he is a heartless idiot, I cannot hurt him. At least not physically.” Jason started. I frowned at him as he paused for a second. “And since I didn’t even get to thank you for helping me with my ankle yesterday, I was hoping to invite you to have lunch with me and my friends at the cafeteria.” Jason explained.

I smirked as I realized what he’s up to. Jason smiled nervously as he waited for my response. I chuckle at him.

“You want me to join you and your friends during lunch as a thank you and to scare Mason while doing that.” I said. Jason shrugged.

“You are new here and judging by how I didn’t see you in the cafeteria yesterday, I don’t think you made any friends to sit with during lunch.” Jason said. “It’s a win-win situation.” He added. I shook my head as I smirked at him.

“I like the way you think, Jason.” I said. “I’m in!” I smiled. Jason’s eyes literally showed his happiness as his smile grew bigger.

“Great! By the way, call me Jace. It’ll make Mason think that we are really close friends.” Jason told me.

“And that’ll make him fear you.” I chuckled. “Okay, Jace. I’m Penelope by the way. But you can call me Penny.” I told him. He nodded his head.

“It’s nice to have you on my side, Penny. Thanks for helping me!” Jason. said as we both started walking towards the cafeteria.

“It’s my pleasure. Besides, Mason did seem like someone I would love to scare.” I told him, making him chuckle.

As we entered the cafeteria, I saw that almost all the tables were taken. Then my eyes caught Mason who was sitting with his friends, taking the table in the middle of the cafeteria. Xander and Damien were there too with the other cheerleaders and guys wearing the varsity jackets.

“Right there. You can sit right next to me.” Jason told me as he led me to the table where Mason and others were. When we reached them, Mason’s face paled as his eyes met mine. The others looked at me with a frown. “Guys, this is-” Jason started to introduce me but Xander cut him off.

“Penelope!” He said as he smiled at me. I smiled at him. He turned to the brunette-haired girl next to him. “Ellie, I told you about her, right? The girl who made Sarah run off?” He spoke to the girl. The girl’s eyes showed recognition and she turned to me.

“You made Sarah run away?” She asked me in shock. I smirked as I shrugged. “Oh my god! Will you be my best friend?” The girl asked me. I laughed as I heard a few people saying ‘hey!’ in unison to that. The girl rolled her eyes as she ignored them and stood up and walked up to me. “Thanks.” she said to me with a sincere smile.

“It was nothing.” I told her with a smile. “I was happy to help a guy who really just wanted to be with his girlfriend.” I added as I glanced at Xander.

“Well, Xander is a sappy idiot.” The girl shrugged, making Xander narrow his eyes at her. “But I still love him.” She added as she glanced at Xander. “I’m Eleanor. But you can call me Ellie or Elle or whatever you want.” The girl introduced herself.

“Hi, Ellie. I am Penelope. You can call me Penny.” I replied back. She smiled as she looped my arm with hers and walked up to her seat. I sat down next to her as Jason took a seat next to Mason.

“I already know that we are going to be close friends! I mean, I heard what you did with Mason. Hat’s off for that, girl!” Ellie said as she turned to me with a huge smile.

“Hey! I am your best friend! You should be on my side!” Mason spoke up with a frown. Ellie ignored him like she didn’t even hear him.

“This idiot is my friend but I don’t support him with everything he does.” Ellie told me. Mason’s frown deepened as he sat back with crossed arms.

“You know, Penny even helped me when I twisted my leg and Mason ran off with the note from the nurse.” Jason spoke up. “She’s definitely my best friend now.” He said as he glanced at his twin.

“That’s really nice of you.” A guy who was sitting next to Damien said. “I am Liam, by the way.” He said as I looked at him.

“Oh gosh! I didn’t even introduce you to everyone!” Ellie said, making me look at her. “Well, you already know me, Xander and the twins. So, that is Liam and his girlfriend, Kara.” Ellie said, pointing at the guy next to Damien and to the girl who was next to that guy. “And that is-” Ellie started as she pointed at Damien but I cut her off.

“Mr. Tall-dark-and-handsome.” I smirked at Damien as he raised an eyebrow at me. I could see the slight amusement on his face so I knew that he wasn’t really offended. “The guy who apparently doesn’t really have a girlfriend.” I added.

“Do you…” Mason trailed off as his eyes grew wide as he stared at me. He then turned to Damien who was staring at me. “Dude! The scary girl likes you!” He exclaimed. Damien kept looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

God! He looks so amazing!

“If you really do like him, you should date him! We’ve never seen him with anyone but us.” Liam said, making me chuckle. I looked at him.

“I don’t date. And I don’t plan on starting now.” I told him in a matter-of-fact tone. I turned to look at Damien who was frowning at me in confusion. “No matter how hot and handsome the guy is, I don’t date.” I said.

“Are you into girls then?” Kara, the innocent looking girl who was Liam’s girlfriend, asked me.

“I have had my share of relationships back at my old schools. And I finally realised that I need no one. I’m happy on my own.” I shrugged.

“That’s…” Ellie spoke up with a frown. “Not right.” She said. I sighed.

“Friends are nice but I don’t like relationships. I mean, hardly any high school relationships ever end up as something more than a time-pass.” I shrugged.

“Well, me and Ellie are forever.” Xander said as he put his arm around Ellie’s shoulders.

“And so are we.” Kara said as she kept her head on Liam’s shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her.

“You guys might have found something with each other but I still don’t think that I can find something as well.” I told them.

“She’s exactly like you, Damien.” Kara said as she looked at me with wide eyes. Damien shook his head with a small smile before he started eating his food.

“Well, this is our crew then. We are going to be your new friends then.” Ellie told me after a while. I smiled at her.

“I am still scared of you.” Mason told me with a shrug.

“That’s nice.” I smiled at him. “What about the others?” I asked Ellie as I motioned to the cheerleaders and the other guys on the table.

“I just introduced you to the inner circle. They are our friends but not best friends.” She told me.

“That’s fair.” I said as I pulled my sandwich out of my bag.

“Since you have already helped two members of our so-called inner circle, you are in.” Xander told me.

“Temporarily.” Mason grumbled as he jabbed a fork into the food with a little too much force, making me chuckle.

I guess I just found new friends… Temporarily…

Me: 1K reads complete!

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Me: Like voting was a thing in the previous story, challenges are gonna be common in this one...

Damien: It’s not our fault though. The author does what she wants so we are not to be blamed for this!

Me: That’s true. But this challenge will be easy.

Penny: And this challenge is not for the next update since the next update is on Mason’s special day.

Mason: That’s right! *puts on sunglasses*

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Me: See! Simple!

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Me: Maybe. *shrugs*

Mason: Cool!

Curtains close as the characters and the author starts preparing for the next update...

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