Dude... That's Not A Guy

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Unexpected Girlfriends

Ashton's POV:

"Man..." I keeled over laughing, " I can't believe you tried to kiss her and she totally blew you off" people in the halls were giving me looks but I didn't give a damn about them,

"Shut up, at least i got a date with her, unlike somebody" we both turned to look Alistair who huffed in annoyance and shook his head "Besides its not like that's never happened to you before" Xavier tried and I just shook my head with another laugh

"Oh please I could get any girl in this hallway to kiss me" I stated with a smirk, because it was true in fact I can proudly state more than half the girls here have had the pleasure to sleep with me.

Alistair scoffed "Sure, why don't you prove it"

"Go ahead and pick someone then" I grinned cockily, "and at least make it a challenge for me"

Both Alistair and Xavier scanned the hall for a potential target, no doubt trying to find someone who would turn me down. It took a minute before they both shared a look and smirked at me,

"Her" Xavier said,gesturing over to where a group of girls stood and I knew instantly who they were meaning. She was tall and lanky, shorter than me of course at my 6'1, but still tall, blonde hair and angled facial features. She happened to be a 3 time state championship winner and captain of the senior girls hockey team.

She also happened to be my ex-girlfriend.

And the breakup had not been clean to say the least, she hated me for it and probably still does.

"But I mean if you don't think you can-"

"Please, this will be simple" I cut him off, "now watch and learn boys, I'll be back" with that I winked at them and made my way across the hall.

As I approached the group a couple looked at me in confusion,

"What?" My ex Rebekah questioned them, and a smirk spread across my face,

"Hello Ladies" I greeted, Rebekah started before rounding on me with a glare,

"What the heck do you want?" Well by the sound of that reply someones not to happy to see me, guess I'm going to have to change tactics. I let my smirk slip into a light smile,

"What I can't just come and talk to you?" I asked,

"Don't bullshit me Ashton, what is it?" She kept her glare in place as she clearly became more irritated,

"Okay” I sighed in what I hoped was an almost nervous manner, it might not have been but it seemed to have an effect on Rebekah as she looked almost conflicted. “So I might possibly have missed you a little bit”

“What?- No we are not doing this again” Rebekah snapped either shocked or hurt, I couldn’t really tell. I risked a glance back at Alistair and Xavier only to see Xavier had disappeared and Alistair was watching me with an amused smirk.

“Beck-“ I tried, turning back around to face her but she cut me off,

“No Ashton” She stated firmly and went to walk away before I reached out and grabbed her arm, spinning her back around into my chest and placing my hands on her hips. She gasped in shock before I pushed my lips to hers, holding back the smirk when she responded almost instantly in a good way.

My eyes drifted past her bland blonde hair, briefly catching sight of Soraya behind us before I was being eagerly pulled closer and with that we were both against the locker making out. Rebekah’s hands running messily through my hair and roaming up the muscles on my back, whilst I slid my hands down to her arse.

It wasn’t until one of her friends made a sound that we pulled away, her face was flushed and I let a smirk slip onto my lips.

“Ash” Rebekah started out of breath slightly, “I missed you too” she admitted, “Do you want to get back together?” she asked, completely ignoring her friend’s unhappy looks. They were probably right to be angry, I have a reputation, a big one at that.

As I debated over what to reply, my eyes drifted back over to where Soraya now stood with Xavier and for some reason that made my decision easier.

“Sure” I winked, “I’ll drive you home after school, yeah?” I offered, only to feel a hand clamp down on my shoulder,

“Ash man, are you forgetting we have baseball training after school today?” Alistair asked an eyebrow raised as he looked almost upset, most likely at having lost the bet.

“Shit, dude, how could I forget”? I flashed an apologetic look at Beck but she just shrugged,

“I get it” She replied with an eye roll. That was one of the reasons we broke up in the first place, she didn’t seem to understand that I was more into the sport than I was her. Baseball always came first. But she never seemed to understand that, despite the fact that she was obsessed with Hockey. “You go to training, I’ll just catch another ride home”

“I’m sorry babe” I stated half-heartedly, I really wasn’t very sorry.

“Whatever” She sighed and began walking off to class,

“Woah” Alistair stated, “Relationships off to a rocky start ay?” he chuckled lightly and I rolled my eyes,

“Yeah yeah,” I dismissed, “Let's just get to class, what lesson do I have?” I glanced at Alistair as we began heading down the hallway,

“I dunno that advanced Physics shit you take I think” He replied, “You really should learn your time table, where like halfway through the year already man.”

“It’s not like I even go half of the time.”

“I don’t even understand how the hell you manage to pass that class if you hardly ever go” Alistair shook his head in confused and I just laughed at him.

“Physics isn’t even hard, I don’t know what you’re on about.” I winked, “See you at practice, Alice.” he glared at the nickname but just shook his head as he walked down a different corridor.

“Klarence!” Coach called down the field, “You’re lacking on your left side, pick it up a bit” I glanced over my shoulder at him with a frown, he knew my left ankle was bad, that’s why I didn’t want to play this season in the first place.

“Coach, it’s only been a couple months, you can’t expect him to be on top of his game” Xavier cut through whatever it was I had planned to say. I was catching to him at the moment as he worked on his outside curve balls, a couple of the other guys had arrived already and I could see Soraya among them tying up her cleats.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t appreciating her arse in those tights as she bend over but after receiving a pointed look from Xavier I figured it would be best to focus on my catching instead.

“I’m gonna try an inside” Xavier stated and I almost flinched at the idea. Inside balls was Xavier’s weakness and they often went wide and that hurt like a bitch, but I signalled him the go ahead and he sent the first one down as Soraya began making her way over.

Just liked predicted the ball went wide and I twisted my body at an unusual angle, letting out a cursed “Fuck” at the pain it caused,

“Shit, dude” Xavier shouted, rushing towards me, “I’m sorry, are you okay?” he asked worriedly, Xavier knew exactly what was wrong with me and how dangerous it could be to my future career and for me physically, the regret was clear on his face.

“I’m fine” I muttered out through clenched teeth as I stood from my squat, hiding a wince pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I didn’t need him worrying about me when we have a game coming up tomorrow.

By now Soraya and a couple other guys had gathered around, Finn and Calen looking almost as worried as Xavier, whereas Soraya looked confused.

“What kind of state catcher can’t catch a wide ball?” she asked incredulously, her hand on her hip in disbelief,

“Ashton cant –“ Xavier started

“I can catch inside balls just fine, thank you” I snapped back, “Now what the hell are all of you doing just standing around gawking? Go run the quarter base drill, Calen you’re in charge”

“Jeez, talk about touchy” Soraya muttered under her breath as all three of them began walking away,

“You sure you’re okay?” Xavier asked with a frown and I just nodded,

“Yeah, just gonna sit on the bench for a while” I replied with a shrug, and began making my way over to the bleachers, picking up my drink bottle on the way.

“Ashton honey, is that you?” Mum's voice drifted from the kitchen,

“Yeah mum it’s me” I replied sneaking down the hall with my baseball bag over my shoulder. I had promised mum that I wouldn’t be playing baseball this season because of my ankle and if she knew I had been at training – and got hurt no less- there is no way I would be going to the game tomorrow.

“Will you come give me a hand with dinner please?”


“Yeah, just a second mum” I called and hurried towards my room as quietly as I could, the twins were at a friend’s house tonight and I doubted Janice would be leaving her room. However as I rounded the corner I was proven wrong as I nearly walked straight into my younger sibling, tripping over the dog beside her and crashing to the ground.

“Oh my gosh, Ashton are you okay?” Janice asked, eyes wide as her hand flew to her mouth to cover a rare laugh. Sandy barked in excitement at the commotion and began jumping happily around, her foot colliding with what I’m sure was my spleen and probably many other internal organs in her rampage.

“Urg I’m fine” I replied battling to keep the dogs head away from mine as her tongue lolled excitedly, “Don’t just stand there help me” I cried desperately as Sandy continued her excited rampage, “Before I die!” I might have been a little over dramatic here but seeing Janice smile like she was priceless,

“You’re such an idiot” She laughed, pulling on Sandy’s collar to heave her off of me. It didn’t take long before I was freed and I’m sure I now have about twenty paw sized bruises from the attack.

“Took your time” I fiegned hurt and she just laughed more before her eyes landed on something behind me and confusion took over her expression. I whipped my head around to see what she had seen and winced, I had completely forgotten about my baseball bag which now lay sprawled on the carpet.

“Why do you have your baseball bag?” She questioned confused “I thought you weren’t going to play this season”

“Please don’t tell anyone” I rushed out, “Mum will kill me” I pleaded,

“But … your ankle…” she trailed off with a frown,

“Yes yes I know, but coach needed me to play and well, my ankles fine” I insisted,

“It was meant to take over a year to fully heal Ashton, you’re not fine” Janice deadpanned,

“I am I promise, and besides it’s not like I’m going to hurt it again” I dismissed her worry, “can we just keep this a secret between us? Please….”

“Only if you promise to go easy and not get hurt again” she stated, her hands moving to her hips as she glared at me,

“I will, I promise” I grinned, squeezing her in a hug, “You’re the best”

“Yeah yeah whatever, get off of me you stink” She pushed me away with a now fake glare and continued down the hall with Sandy as I jogged the rest of my way to my room and back into the kitchen.

“My god Ashton, you’re a mess what happened?” Mum exclaimed worriedly, “You’re trailing dirt all over my nice clean floor!”

“Well gee thanks for the concern, not like I was practically attacked by the family dog or anything” I muttered sarcastically,

“Your shoes are covered in mud, what on earth are you doing still wearing them inside?!” she waved the spoon in her hand at me wildly,

“I’m taking them off, Jesus woman, calm down before you poke someone's eye out” I put my hands up in defence as I began moving back into the hall to take off my shoes – I had forgotten to when I first walked in.

“Don’t be using that tone with me mister”

“Sorry.” I called from the other room, toeing my shoes off messily.

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