Dude... That's Not A Guy

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What is this 'school' you speak of?

Soraya’s POV:

I sighed as I opened my locker, the start of a stupid and damned Wednesday. Advanced Spanish was first up, and I was not ready for the physical education coming after that though. Today is not going to be a good day. I legitimately got out of bed about fifteen minutes ago, brushed my teeth, got changed and didn’t even brush my hair before I was getting Ezekiel to drive me to school while I was shouting like a mad man.

I hadn’t even had food or caffeine yet.

The books fell out of my locker, and I just watched them fall. I had my first shift at the club last night, but when I got home at midnight I couldn’t sleep. It might have been the headache I had from the overly loud music or from the fact that I had only had a coffee an hour before so I could make it through the last hour of my shift.

Either way, I wasn’t very enthused about today. I still hadn’t picked up my books and I continued to stare at them. I watched as a hand came into view and picked a few of them up. As my eyes trailed up the muscular arm I found myself staring into familiar green eyes. “Hey.” He said quietly, putting the books into the locker.

“Hi.” I responded, watching as he picked up the others.

“So… what’s up?” He asked next, and I continued to stare as he put the rest of my books in my locker.

“You didn’t have to do that Xavier.” I told him. “I was about to do it after I gathered enough energy to…” I trailed off.

“You better get some energy soon.” He told me.

“Why?” I questioned.

“We have training after school.” He said like it was obvious.

“Fucking shit balls.” I swore, realizing that I wasn’t ready for that just yet.

“Indeed.” He responded, and I think I started to cry internally. “Also, our first game is tomorrow. You have to get this signed by your teachers today.” He handed me a slip of paper.

“Okay…” I trailed off. “Do I even have a uniform?” I asked, knowing that I would need something other than those slut shorts and old P.E. shirt.

“Uh, we have spare ones that you can wear until we get one for you.” He explained, leaning against the lockers as I got the books I would need for later. My Spanish book and my P.E. one. After that we had homeroom, so I could get some other books then. I began walking towards my Spanish class, turning a corner and I found Ashton kissing some blonde girl.

Well, that was definitely something different. I don’t know why, but for some reason I felt slightly jealous…

But that would be because of the fact that I can’t do that with someone without feeling a highly painful burning sensation. Well, I don’t think I would feel it if I was drunk. Not that I would actually know, since I haven’t been drunk before. I'm sure I would be at least slightly interesting.

I took a deep breath and let it out, completely aware of how much I want to cry right now. “Hey, Soraya!” Xavier shouted from behind me, obviously stuck from keeping up to my pace somehow.

“Yeah, what?” I asked him.

“You don’t seem like you’re in the right mind set, especially not for school.” He told me.

“Your point is what?” I responded, not seeing what he’s trying to say here.

“You want to skip school with me?” he cleared everything up, and I kind of just stared at him. I may look like a bad ass and everything, but one thing I have never done is skip school. That is probably because I’ve always wanted the best grades possible so I could get the best job possible. I didn’t have a good answer for him, but he didn’t wait for me to give him one. He instead wrapped his arm around my waist that was covered for once by an oversized rugby Guernsey that was held up by a hair tie.

The next thing I knew we were in a car and he was driving us somewhere, I wasn’t entirely sure of where. I was waiting for the car to stop so I could know what we were doing, when we finally did we were outside of a small café. He bought me a coffee, and we talked for the entire day. I didn’t feel guilty about missing school, not a single part of me did.

I had even told Kelley and for some damned reason, she was fine with it. She said I worked too hard and deserved a break. We went back to train, and I was definitely more energized and ready. The only bad thing about skipping today… I’d have to get the note signed by all of the teacher’s tomorrow morning.

“Please Ms. Fudge, you’re the last one I need to sign it!” I pleaded, getting close to going on to my knees and begging.

“I will not sign something that is fake Miss Kingston.” She told me, before returning to the papers on the table.

“But Miss, this isn’t fake I-”

“This is for the male’s baseball team. Miss Kingston, in case you haven’t noticed, you are in fact a female.” She pointed out. I groaned out of frustration.

“Ms. I'm their pitcher for today. I have to go or the whole game plan will be thrown out. Come on, you have to know how important a pitcher is in a baseball game…” I trailed off, and she gave me a blank look.

“Miss Kingston, do not take me for an idiot.” She stated.

“Come on! I'm missing out on two lessons this week, and I already have the assignment finished and handed up to you! Why would you possibly make me come to history today?” I asked her. That was when Coach came in.

“What’s taking so long Kingston?” he asked.

“Why don’t you ask Ms. Fudge here?” I responded, looking at her.

“Fine, I will sign your damned piece of paper.” She said, snatching it from me in the rudest way possible and signed it.

“Thank you.” I said sweetly before I started skipping off behind Coach.

“God she would not let up. I’ve been pleading for the last five minutes.” I said as we got out to the car park and I climbed onto the bus. “Where the hell am I supposed to sit?” I asked next, realizing there wasn’t a spare double seater left.

“You’re going to have to sit next to someone.” Coach said as he took the driver’s seat.

“Yo, Soraya! You can sit next to me!” Xavier shouted. I sighed as I realized that we were kind of a thing now… that’s probably what a normal girl would do. Sit next to them.

“Okay…” I said, sitting in between him and the window as I swung my bag underneath the chair. The bus started moving, and Ashton began kneeling on his chair so he was higher than everyone else. Everyone’s attention turned straight to him.

“So boys… we are going up against the Hearst Eagles.” Ashton stated, holding up a piece of paper that I was guessing had the line-up on it. “It should be an easy game, depending on who they’ve got in their team.”

“I hear they have a new catcher. A state catcher.” Xavier stated. Everyone had sounds of disappointment.

“Guys, that doesn’t mean that we’re going to lose. We just have to watch our base running and be ready for any kind of pitch. It won’t be dropped if he’s State, so there is practically no chance that we’re going to run on a dropped third strike.” Ashton stated, and you could see him thinking hard about something.

“Okay, Soraya is our best chance. No one has seen her before, pitching, catching or batting. Same with Jasper and Finn. You guys should be playing your best today, we’re relying on the element of surprise.” Xavier stated, while Ashton looked towards me a little too often for my liking.

“So, the line-up. First up is Xavier, who will be playing left field. Then it will be Soraya, playing at pitcher. After that is Jasper who will be playing at shortstop. Calen is next, obviously at third. Then it’s me, at catcher. Next is Finn, at second. Joseph is after that at right field. Lastly is Justin who will be playing at first. On the bench we have Alex, Chris and Jack. Any questions?” Ashton read out the line-up and where we were playing.

“No Cap.” I stated, remembering that he was the Captain or some shit.

“Alright guys, changing now and then the wi-fi will be turned on. Massive game of COD is lined up. Soraya, I have no clue what you’re going to do.” Ashton stated before he sat down, thinking that I was a typical girl and not thinking that I would join this online game. He was in for a surprise. And apparently so was I, since he just took his shirt off. He then waited for a few seconds before he put his uniform shirt on, and the abs that I had been looking at disappeared from view.

“Soraya doesn’t have a uniform.” Xavier pointed out and I sat there smiling as I realized that everyone, apart from Ashton, had no shirt on. Even Xavier who was sitting right next to me wasn’t wearing one. I think I was liking this playing in the guy’s team idea a bit more than I should.

“Oh, here’s a spare.” Ashton said, throwing a pair of pants and then a button up shirt at me. “Time to change.” He added, earning a death glare from me. I noticed that all of the guys were only in sliders, getting their pants changed. “The internet isn’t turned on until everyone’s changed, you don’t want to keep these boys from their games.”

“Whatever.” I rolled my eyes, it's not like I haven’t gotten changed on a bus before. I put the uniform shirt on, and with perfect skill I took my other shirt off from underneath. That way, I didn’t show my bra. Now this is bound to surprise a few people, I had already put my sliders on underneath my skinny jeans. So when I took the jeans off, I still had a pair of skin tight, white short-like things on. I heard groans of disappointment from the boys as I put my pants on.

“Sorry guys, but this is a bus trip to a baseball game. Not a strip show.” I said, before I got my computer out and out my clothes into my bag. “The wi-fi can be turned on now.” I added as I logged on to my device. I connected to the internet signal before I got into my games. Call Of Duty being the specific one I clicked on. These boys are in for a surprise…

I hacked the game so I would be in their group, and I enjoyed the confused looks on all of their faces. “Why is there a random on our team?” I heard someone ask, and I kept my face straight as I rested my back on the window behind me so no one could see my computer screen. If I could keep this a secret for as long as I can… it will be great when I tell them. I’ll wait a few weeks I reckon, unless someone figures it out or something completely funny happens where I beat Ashton or something.

It was an hour and a half later, and all of the boys were calling out their scores. Ashton called out his and I started laughing. He had the highest score out of the boys, but my score was higher. “Ray, why you laughing? I’d be damned if you could do any better.”

“Be damned then.” I said, turning the screen around and I could see everyone’s shocked faces just from the fact that I was just playing the game.

“Dude, she aced it.” He stated. There was an echo of ‘ooh’ from everyone else. I just sat there, not even paying any attention to the stink eye I was getting from Ashton. Okay, maybe I was slightly paying attention since I was kind of extremely happy about it. I took my laptop back from Xavier and put it back into my bag as I saw the town of Hearst coming into view. I looked back down at my shirt that had our ‘Emeraldville High Cougars’ logo on it.

I didn’t know how to feel about the fact that our mascot is a cougar. I'm a Cougar. I am seriously a Cougar. I… not even going to continue with that. I'm not going to even bother overthinking this. I started to twist my hair into two braids, and was done by the time we were pulling up at the playing grounds. The Hearst team was already warming up on their diamond, and I was putting on my shin-guards, socks and cleats.

“So, Ray, you ready for your first game at our level?” Ashton asked, and I just looked out the window and watched how fast the team was throwing.

“I was born ready.” I responded, before I could say anything else everyone was filing off the bus and I was with them. As I walked down to the dug-out I felt the other team’s eyes on me.

“Hey! Girl! What’s your number?!” one of them shouted. I rolled my eyes at his pick-up line.

“Are those space pants you're wearing ‘cos-”

“Their baseball pants, ‘cos my ass is out of your league!” I cut the dude off, and all of the ‘Eagles’ shut up immediately. I suppose this would be one of the bad things about playing in an all-boys league, I would have to deal with cheesy pick-up lines and sexist bastards. I warmed up with Ashton, keeping my practice pitches slow so that the Hearst Eagles would think that I was shitty, I kept my batting down and definitely didn’t show my short batting. You need to keep your strengths as a surprise in this game. Especially when you’re a new player.

Especially when you’re a girl.

I was standing on the pitcher’s plate, since we were the away team and would have to play on the third side. That means that we were fielding first. I still kept my five warm-up pitches slow, throwing them all over the place. “Nah, she’s not that good. My grandma could pitch better than her. She’ll be easy to hit off of.” I looked towards the person who was warming up in their batting circle and talking shit about me. I shook my head and I heard Ashton laugh.

The batter took their position, and I remembered their number. 52. I would find out where they play, and I would make their life a living hell when I'm batting. Even though I'm going to make it a living hell now. Ashton gave me the signals, and I wasn’t sure if he was giving me the chance to give the dude a scare or whether that was where he wanted it. But he wanted an inside high. Towards 52’s head. I nodded to show that I had gotten the signal and had a small smile as I set myself up. I got the grip I need on the ball, brought my arm back and let the ball go. 52 ducked out of the way, and I could tell that their whole team was surprised at the speed I had let the ball go.

I then proceeded to strike 52 out and as he walked away I decided to stir him up. “How easy was I to hit off of? Easier than Grandma?” I asked, and I smiled as I saw his face turn red from anger. He turned and walked into the dug-out, and I focused back onto the new batter. Soon enough we had three out and were up to bat. Turns out number 52 is that State Catcher that was being talked about on our bus.

Well, this should be interesting.

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