Dude... That's Not A Guy

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Party Virgins and Assassin's Creed Pros.

Soraya's POV:

"Wait, what?" I asked, trying to clarify what was happening.

"I'm going to pick you up, it's not that complicated." Xavier responded, making me sound like a dumbass.

"Now, I think I got it, but just in case... repeat it all cos I wasn't listening." I stated.

"Half an hour. I'll pick you up. Be ready." He replied and I just sighed. I realized that in that time I was going to have to find some clothes, put them on, do something with my hair since school messed it up and then cover my face in make-up so I look at least half attractive.

"Any ideas on what I should wear?" I asked him, unsure if he would give me an answer or not.

"Maybe a crop top with one of those skirts that girls wear." He offered, and I was kind of surprised that he had given a half decent answer.

"Okay then..." I trailed off. "I'll see you in half an hour then."

"See you then." I hung up when he had finished speaking, and walked upstairs to my room. I looked at the clothes on the floor and decided against those, I should probably put something clean on. I rummaged through my wardrobe, finding a black mini skirt. Well, that's a good start... kind of. Now, to pick a crop top. Five minutes later and I was still undecided, so I grabbed the first one I could find and put it on. It was a black, long sleeved, skin tight crop top that had a silver Batman symbol on it.

Then I realised I couldn't have a black shirt and skirt. I actually really liked the crop top, so I chose the only other skirt I had. A pastel pink skater skirt. Pink. Why did it have to be pink? I sighed as I got changed, picking out my black converse to tie the crop top in. I then did my make up, heavy mascara and eyeliner with foundation and pale pink lip gloss. The only thing left to deal with was my hair... what could I do with it?

I looked out the window as I heard a car come down the road, and I gave a death glare to Xavier when he got out of the driver's side. That little turd nugget got here early. Making a split decision, I threw my hair into a ponytail, pulling out the bangs to frame my face. I practically ran down the stairs and told Kelley I was going out for the night. She responded with a grumble and something about 'don't disturb me while sleeping' after she said 'okay but don't die'.

I then walked to the front door and opened to see Xavier in black skinny jeans and a Rolling Stones shirt. "Fan of the Rolling Stones, are we?" I asked, as I made my way out of the house after grabbing my phone.

"Fan of Batman, are we?" was how he responded.

"How'd you guess?" I replied and I loved how much he smiled.

"So, ever been to a party before?" he asked as he opened the passenger door for me.

"Apart from kiddie birthday parties... no." I responded, loud enough so he could hear it.

"Ever been drunk?" he asked next as he climbed in the car.

"Can't say that I have..." I trailed off, watching the road blankly in front of me, realising I needed to get a car so I could start driving myself to places.

"How about frickle frackled?" he asked next, and I held back my laughter.

"Frickle frackled?" I asked while laughing, not being able to hold it in anymore.

"You know, fricked someone's frack..." he trailed off.

"I would be lying if I said that I had." I responded, not counting the incident from years ago. Not counting the reason why I hadn't done that with anyone else

"Okay, how about made out with someone?" he asked me next.

"No." I responded.

"Kissed?" he started sounding worried.


"Held hands?" he started to sound desperate.

"Nah." I answered, and at that he seemed completely shocked.

"You've never even held hands with anyone?!" he shouted, swerving a little on the road.

"No!" I shouted back, unsure if that's what I should be doing or not.

"You have got to be kidding me." He said under his breath, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to hear that or not. "Well, we'll change a few of those tonight then." He came up with a full response.

"Maybe..." I trailed off. I know that I should be honest and tell him, but I don't want to. I feel like that would be too much information. The rest of the drive was silent, an extremely awkward kind. It was about 8:30 when we actually got to his house. "Didn't you say the party started at eight?" I asked him.

"Yeah, but it would be weird if people actually showed up on time. They usually turn up about an hour after... except for a few people." I heard him say as we got out of the car, I closed the door and turned to look at his house. Damn, it was one oversized building.

"Well who will those exceptions be?" I asked, looking to him for answers.

"Ashton will be here, he helped set up, maybe Alistair..." he trailed off.

"So practically no one?" I responded as we walked into the house. I found Ashton sitting on the ground, playing a game on the Xbox.

"What you playing Ash?" Xavier asked, ignoring my question.

"He's playing Assassin's Creed... it's obvious." I stated, even though I had only seen about five seconds of the game on screen.

"Good guess, but since you've finally decided to get here with your lady friend, I'll save it for later." Ash responded, turning off the device with an amused smirk on his face, his eyes drifting briefly to my exposed legs before looking away again.

"What else needs to be set up?" Xavier asked, trying to be responsible.

"Nothing, we have food, and illegal alcohol. I'm pretty sure we're set, all we need now is the people. And the girls. Definitely the girls..." Ashton trailed off, like he was imagining something. No doubt it was dirty. No doubt it was a frickle frackle daydream.

"Bit sexist there." I responded, jumping onto the couch.

"Hey, the reason we come to these things is to get laid. Everyone becomes sexy when other people are drunk. Fucks with your vision, you know?" He stated, and I only shook my head.

"We have a party virgin here." Xavier, gestured to me, and I smiled like an idiotic murderer.

"Good luck to you then Ray." Ass responded.

"Why thank you, but I doubt I'll need your tainted luck you dirty minded bastard." I sassily replied, and I sat with a smirk on my face. Soon enough people started turning up, the party moved slowly at first, before the entire crowd seemed to turn up at once. Somehow I'd lost vision of Xavier, and I was just about to go looking for him when I bumped into Ashton. Not just found him, legitimately ran into him.

"Geez Ray, watch where you're going." He slurred jokingly, and I took a guess that he was already half drunk. At least half.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not drunk off my ass, so you watch where you're going you turd nugget." I replied.

"Turd nugget? That's a new one..." he trailed off, a thoughtful look on his face. "I think I like it." He concluded, and he nodded as if he was sure.

"Great, that's nice... I don't care." I told him, watching the red cup that was in his hand and making sure the foul smelling liquid inside it wouldn't somehow get spilt on me.

"That's a tad rude there, Ray." He responded, and I smiled in response.

"And again, I don't care." I replied, keeping an eye out for Xavier.

"So... why aren't you drinking, Ray?" he asked, winking as he spoke like it was supposed to be a pick-up line but it seemed more mocking,

"Because someone needs to be sober so you can get home without dying." I stated bluntly.

"Oh... but who says I'm leaving? I might find a nice girl tonight..." he trailed off.

"You have a girlfriend, remember?" I reminded him, and he had a shocked look on his face.

"I do?" he asked, sounding confused.

"Yes, her name's Rebekah I'm fairly sure." I told him, remembering Xavier telling me something along those lines.

"Blonde?" He checked with me.

"Yeah." I replied, raising one eyebrow at him as he had a blank expression on his face.

"That was a dare, didn't actually mean to get with her again, not that I really care, I mean if she's here - probably is now that I think 'bout it- she's probably screwing some other dude anyway. But who knows? I might even find her here actually and maybe she'll be the nice girl..." He sounded a little bored but his words were slurring that tad too much to make him sound superior.

"Maybe?" I questioned him.

"Ray, if there's one thing you should have learned it's that I have a reputation. I'm not good with committed relationships... if you get my gist." He nudged my arm and winked again. I just looked at him like he was crazy.

"I don't understand how you have that reputation. You aren't that appealing, your attitude kind of overrides your looks a little." I told him bluntly, wondering where the bloody hell Xavier had disappeared to. Like I had been wondering for the past hour.

"Well, that might be to you, but every other girl in the school thinks the opposite. My looks override my attitude." I rolled my eyes in response.

"You're still a dickhead." I told him.

"Yeah, but I have a big di-"

"Oh look, there's a 'nice girl'." I cut him off before I could start to blush. I don't even know why I would be blushing, I suppose it could be because he was about to describe his manly parts. Yep, that seems about right.

"Hey, you're a nice girl." He told me, and I awkwardly coughed. "But you aren't drinking... I probably won't get anywhere with you." He added, completely changing the topic.

"That's a good thing." I responded, not even hesitating.

"Yeah, but that means that Xavier won't get anywhere with you either. No one will. Because you're a fucking prude."He laughed and I don't know why that hurt as much as it did, but I was truly hurt when he said that, and he had only laughed it off. When he realised that I didn't have a sarcastic or rude comment to say back he stopped laughing. He gave me a weird look, before he realised that I had tears in my eyes. "Oh shit, Ray, I'm sorry-"

"Shut up Ashton." I snapped before I walked away. I didn't care if I was by myself anymore, I didn't want to see anyone. If only people knew what had happened to me... then they wouldn't be calling me a prude. A tear ran down my cheek at the memory, and at all the times that I had been offended just because people didn't know and treated me like shit.

I found Xavier, his expression showing that he was slightly drunk. I took the drink from his hand and swallowed it down myself, he had a shocked look on his face after that, and all I did was shrug my shoulders. "You want to drink?" he asked me, and I nodded, "What are you trying to forget?" drunk Xavier is quite insightful apparently, now comes the time when I either tell him or just give him a generalised answer.

"Uhm, all of my life problems." I responded, meaning I had gone with the 'generalised answer' option.

"Okay, well, vodka cruisers seem like a good idea for you. They're just like lolly water that gets you drunk." He told me, walking over to one of the many ice-filled tubs around the place. He picked one out and handed it to me. "Just, don't smash anyone in the head with the bottle okay?" He told me.

"Okay." I responded, as I took the bottle in my hands and opened it. I took a sip, questioning if it would actually taste nice or not, but when the sweet flavoured liquid touched my tongue I started to down half the bottle, Xavier pulled it back.

"Not all at once, jeez you're trying to kill your liver there." he instructed, and I decided that for my liver's sake I would take it easy... for now. I actually finished the bottle about ten minutes later, and was starting my second one. When I had finished that one I found Ashton kissing a blonde girl, probably that Rebekah chick, and I moved away.

I bumped into another couple making out on the couch and I felt the need to throw up as I saw so many others around, making out, taking it a little too far for being in public and I started going through rooms to try and find a bathroom. I accidentally walked into some people having some fun time on a bed, then another... I eventually found the bathroom and all of the images came back into my mind.

All of the people just touching each other like it was easy. Trusting each other too much for being drunk. What happened to me played in the back of my mind and I wished I had been drunk when that happened. The terrible feeling I had back then came back and I threw up in the toilet, I tried to push the haunting memories behind me, but the burning sensation I had felt then made itself known as I sat on the floor and made me throw up in the toilet again. I cried in the bathroom and threw up once more before I calmed down and managed to block out the thoughts.

Before they could come back I walked out and found that people were playing 'never have I ever'. It seemed like a good way to get drunk, I drank shots even when I hadn't done what had been said... and soon enough I was out of it. All of the bad thoughts I had before were out of my mind as I tried to grasp reality, and the last thing I properly remember was having Xavier's lips pressed against mine.

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