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Soraya's POV:

Splitting headache... check. Blinding light... check. Unnecessary and overly loud noises... check. Hangover... must be one of those things then. It is a beautiful experience, and I haven't even got out of bed yet. I groaned as I rolled out of bed, falling to the floor... and I groaned again.

I stood up slowly, my head spinning. This was painful. I placed my hand on the wall, which stopped me from falling over. With my eyes open and being blinded I slowly made it out of my room and down the stairs. I found the kitchen and got a glass of water and painkillers. Extremely good painkillers. The packet said two... so I took four. I should be alright, I'll just keep to the how many I should have per day.

As I slowly made my way back to the lounge room I saw Ezekiel standing, staring at what looked like the floor. I mean, I won't say that it isn't a nice floor... because it is, it's actually a really nice floor, but I just don't know why he was staring at it so intently. Like it wasn't supposed to be there. Like the bloody floor wasn't supposed to be there. "Zeke-"

"Shhh... the baby is sleeping." He whispered sarcastically.

"What do you mean?" I asked, walking to his side and looking to where he had been staring. A brunette, distinctly male, was lying on the floor. Facing away from us with a couch pillow under his head and an old blanket thrown over him... hang on a second. "Is that Ashton?" I asked, my breath hitching as I tried to remember what happened last night to lead up to him being here.

"Yeah, he brought you home last night. You were sleeping and he carried you in, practically bridal style if I remember correctly..." he trailed off.

"What else happened?" I asked.

"I dunno, he said that you fell asleep at the party." He stated, and I racked my brain to try and remember what had happened last night. I definitely don't remember anything after playing 'Never Have I Ever'. My mind is completely blank after that, and that's what scared me. What had happened in that time? One person knows...

And he's asleep on my lounge room floor.

"Should I wake him up?" I asked next, looking back to Zeke.

"Well it's midday so you probably could if you wanted to or... you could just play some video games with me." He stated, and it sounded like a good option.

"Okay, but I'm gonna get changed first." I told him, running up the stairs. I grabbed one of my baggy band shirts and a pair of old, acid wash, skinny jeans.

I went to take my shirt off to get changed, when I realised something extremely important. This isn't my shirt and if I remember correctly this was...

This was Ashton's shirt from last night.

Why in the name of hell was I wearing Ashton's shirt? I took it off and realised why. My favourite crop top... it was ripped. Why was it ripped? What did I do last night? How had I even slept in this damned skater skirt? But why was my shirt ripped? What had happened? I would have to ask Ass when he woke up and we were alone.

As soon as I got changed I was walking back down the stairs with those questions still running through my mind at a faster pace than before. "What are we playing?" I asked, sitting down as he threw a Wii remote at me and a steering wheel accessory. That was when I realised that Ass still wasn't awake, and passed out.

"We are playing... Wheelspin." He told me as he sat down next to me.

"The one game I struggle with, really?" I asked, smirking.

"It's the one game where I have about a quarter of a chance to beat you." He answered, making me laugh.

"And that's what makes you a coward." I bit back.

"Be nice, I'm not a hard core gamer like you. Hard-core-gamer-trash-talk can stay as hard-core-gamer-trash-talk and not turn into Zeke-who-fails-at-games-trash-talk. I'm already insecure enough about playing games as it is." He told me, getting the game ready.

"What about Connect 4?" I asked as we got to the main menu of the game.

"That... I'm insecure about that too." He answered. "Too much brain power needed." he got into the racetrack called 'Carpindi', and we selected our cars before we started playing. Having played this game, both of us, for a while we had most of the cars and tracks unlocked.

"You prepared to get thrashed?" I asked as the countdown started, and I could see him twitching.

"What did I say about trash talk?!" he shouted, and I was surprised that Ashton didn't even stir. But Zeke wasn't focusing on the game.

"That cost you a decent half-a-second head start." I stated after I had already jumped over the line and started the race. He turned back to face the screen and screamed before he clicked on the accelerator button. We raced on the space-like race track. When it got my favourite part for the second time I had to quote an animated movie. "I hope you like the loop-de-loop." I said in a Russian accent, hopefully sounding something like North from 'Rise of the Guardians'.

"I hope you like carrots." Zeke responded in a failed Australian accent. I laughed as I continued going around the loop-de-loop in the game. I eventually made it back to 'flat' ground and continued driving. After four laps we have finally finished, and I had obviously won.

"YES! I KNEW I WOULD BEAT YOU!" I screamed at the top of my lungs while jumping up and doing a small victory dance.

"Urg" A tired, or possibly pained, groan sounded through the room, "What flying fuck is going on?!" Ashton shouted as he sat up straight, hand pressed to his head.

"Language!" I scolded, slightly appreciating the view of abs that I had. Operative word being slightly.

"Oh, like you're the most innocent mouth in this household." He said sarcastically, his usual smirk coming out to play.

"We're in my household, so shut up and agree." I replied quickly. My hair falling into my face, the frizzed waves catching on my eyelashes and going into my eyes. "Oh my fucking god!" I shouted as I felt the tears coming forth like a tsunami. Men don't understand the pain that we go through for fab looking hair.

"Case in point." Ashton stated, gesturing to me as I, extremely attractively may I add, pulled my hair out of my eye and my mouth.

"That was extremely attractive." Zeke said sarcastically.

"Thank you dear brother." I responded in the same tone.

"Wait, is he adopted too?" Ashton asked, obviously confused.

"Yep." Zeke informed him, and I'm pretty sure he and I pulled the same weird ass face.

"We're related but we're nowhere near related." He and I said at exactly the same time. We turned to face each other. "Jinx!" we shouted in sync. "Jinx again!" this was ridiculous. "Fuck!" was next, and still it was synced. "Stop. No, you stop. No, you stop-"

"How about you both stop and someone, very nicely, gets me some aspirin and then we can all play games like cool kids." Ashton stated, just as I felt my fingertips going numb. I think the painkillers are kicking in. Considering I had four instead of two... it was a wonder that I wasn't high as all shit. Zeke left as the statistics came up on the game.

Best Lap Time

cRay-cRay: 21.96 secs

cRay-cRay: 26.23 secs

cRay-cRay: 26.36 secs

Best Solo

cRay-cRay: 02 mins 16.66 secs

cRay-cRay: 02 mins 59.68 secs

Zeke: 03 mins 05.45 secs

"What kind of game name is that?" Ass pointed to my name.

"The best kind." I responded. "It reflects on my name and my personality."

"I thought you hated the nickname 'Ray'..." he trailed off.

"I do, but here it is used in perfect context, and I don't feel like being Zeke and using my actual name." I explained, sitting down and throwing a steering wheel at him. "Now, show me your 'mad' gaming skills." I said, mostly sarcastically. He winced slightly at the blunt movement, but managed to catch the object in his hung-over state, none the less and I let him choose a car. We decided upon the same racetrack and sat waiting for the countdown.

"Prepared for an Ass whooping?" I asked him, feeling smart for using his name in it.

"Are you?" was all he returned it with, I looked over at him. He was staring intently at the screen, seeming very interested. He looked at me, a smirk coming onto his face instantly... and a blush came onto mine. The countdown had started, and I couldn't look away from him. I heard the computerised voice counting it down.

"3..." I bit my lip and continued staring at him. "2..." I pressed my finger on the accelerator button, I know how this race starts. "1." The race started and I tore my eyes away from him and towards the screen, my car jumping forward and over the line as I drove down the straight. I turned the wheel to the left to catch the boost on the road, and then to the right to catch the next one. I turned around the right bend and went into the tunnel, catching the next boost on the side of the tunnel and doing a full loop on the roof.

Then was the loop-de-loop, and I hit the next few boosts, taking a massive jump over the dip in the road. Then there was another tunnel and another boost, I went up the giant hill and hit the left-hairpin-turn, running along the warning part of the road to say that I would float off into space. I came back down and speed up as I went down the hill again, hitting the next boost and going through another tunnel.

When I got out of the tunnel there was a slight left turn, then a slight right one, and then there was a massive left turn on the side of a hill. Again I was hitting all the boosts and I got onto the final straight, and started the whole lap again. I finished the race and I felt my chest constrict, as we finished and I was half a lap ahead of Ashton.

I put my remote down and stood up to get a glass of water, also I was wondering what had been taking Zeke so long to get Ass some painkillers. I also just needed to get out of that room for a few seconds. I took a deep breath and found that Zeke wasn't in the kitchen. The bastard had just disappeared. I sighed as I got the painkillers out and another glass to fill with water so Ashton could at least have them.

I walked back into the lounge with the painkillers in my pocket and the two glasses in my hand, I sat back down on the couch and gave him the box of painkillers as well as one of the glasses. With it just being us two in the room I ignored what had happened before and decided to ask him about last night.

"Ashton..." I trailed off, unsure of how to bring it up.

"What is it Ray?" he asked before he took some of the tablets.

"Uh, what happened last night? Why was I in your shirt, and why was mine ripped? Why were you here and not Xavier?" I asked him, and I probably looked extremely desperate but I didn't care. I was extremely worried, and was expecting the worst.

"Soraya, I don't know why Xavier wasn't with you. To be honest, I'm quite pissed off he wasn't with you, a lot had happened last night and you must have got separated somehow. I don't know how, but you did. The rest... how I found you, isn't easy to explain." He answered.

"Try. Please try. I have to know what happened." I pleaded, but I knew where this was going. I just wanted to hope that I was wrong.

"Ray, last night I found a girl being... abused by someone. They were crying as the bastard held the girl's hands above their head." He gently grabbed my hand and looked at my wrist, that was when I noticed the bruises. Oh no... it had happened again. "I stopped it before it got too serious, but he had already ripped the girl's shirt. I knocked him out, and when I turned back to face the girl who was in trouble... that was when I realised it was you."

My hands started shaking as he continued holding them.

"I kind of calmed you down, well you fell asleep anyway. But then I carried you out to the car and took you home. You kind of know the rest. Apart from the fact that I passed out on your floor, that's why I woke up here I suppose." He laughed half-heartedly, before he looked at my face again. "Wow, you're paler than normal... if that's even possible."

I know he was trying to lighten the mood and distract me from my thoughts, but he didn't know what memories that story brings back to me. I took my hand away from him as I felt the burning sensation become unbearable. My vision became blurry as tears filled my eyes, I tried blinking them away but resulted to wiping them away with my fingers as they fell.

"Hey, it's going to be okay. It didn't happen, it'll be-"

"Ash, thanks for your help and everything... but I think I need some alone time. To process this. I know that you think that it hasn't happened before, to me, but you don't know me. You don't know my story. You don't know why I'm afraid of touching. You don't know why I invested myself in baseball and getting as good as possible with it. You don't know why I focused my spare time into gaming. You don't know why I dyed my hair." I stated, telling him my fear without realising until after I had already said it. "In the nicest way possible, could you go home? Your parents are probably worried."

He nodded and slowly walked out of the house. I sank into the lounge as I sighed and rubbed my neck. "Shit." I said bluntly as I started to cry, I held it back as I yelled out to Ezekiel that I would be taking the car to buy some stuff from the supermarket. He told me to get him some chips, specifically barbecue, and I said that I would. I grabbed my purse and the keys before I walked out to the car and drove. My hair colour was already fading, so I went to the supermarket and got Zeke his chips as well as some chocolate for me before I decided I'd go to the hairdressers instead of dying my hair myself.

I bought the needed things before I walked to the hairdresser, I asked for a trim and colour. A while later and I was walking out of the place with freshly cut and dyed hair. I think I was happy with it, and when I got home I took the stuff in and found Zeke standing in the lounge room. He was playing Mario Kart, as Princess Peach (he insists it's because she's awesome, I say it's because he likes pink).

"Did you get my chips?" He asked me, and I threw the packet at his head. "Hey, what was that for?" he sounded annoyed as he paused his game to death glare me. "What did you do to your hair?" does this boy have any other questions? I'm pretty sure he was running out.

"I got it dyed." I answered.

"I can see that, but why did you change it?" He asked another question.

"Because I felt like it." I lied, shrugging my shoulders as I walked to my room and lay down on my bed. As I sat up again I looked in the mirror, seeing me with a grape-purple hued hair. I dyed my hair because I need a change. I don't know why, but dying my hair brings me comfort and so I change it when I feel like my world is crashing and burning. I was glad that I got my hair trimmed, and got the dye done professionally. It deserved something better than supermarket bought dye for a change.

Dying my hair was basically a safety net for my emotions. It was either this or... mutilating my body by cutting it with knives. It's the same with baseball and video games. If I continue to do these things I can distract myself from memories and thoughts.

I can distract myself from what's really happening in my world.

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