Dude... That's Not A Guy

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Soraya’s POV:

“Did you hear about that college party last night?” I overheard one of the girls in the hallway whisper to her friend. They were both standing across from my locker as I was getting out my Modern History text book and despite what they thought, the absolutely sucked at whispering.

“Oh my god yes, like no one got invited.” The friend replied, barely managing to keep her high pitched voice below a decibel.

“I heard that Ashton got invited.” At that I regrettably tuned in more on their conversation, I don’t know why, but I just wanted to know. I hadn’t seen Ashton or any of the guys over the weekend, too busy working at the bar. Xavier had texted me a bit over the weekend but I wasn’t as comfortable with him as I once was. That party he’d left me alone at was still fresh in my mind and I honestly don’t think it would feel the same with him ever again.

“Well duh, how could he not get invited, I mean have you seen him? He’s gorgeous.”

“That’s not even the most scandalous part,” The original girl replied, hushing her voice and I can’t believe how much I was eaves dropping right now. “I heard he took Jessica Vancouver with him.”

What in the name of holy Hell is a Jessica Vancouver?

“No way!”

“Yes way! I bet they totally hooked up”

“She’s so lucky, I hate her.”

“Shh, here she comes now” And at that I couldn’t stop myself from turning around to see who this mysterious person was. Clearly she was big talk around the school, but considering I had been her for a few weeks you’d think I would have seen her before.

But there she was, and I didn’t have a single doubt on who this Jessica was because she stood out like a goddamn super model and everyone stepped back out of her way immediately. She had long brunette hair, a heart shaped face and legs that could kill a guy, and believe me I could see a whole lot of those legs considering her skirt was about the width of my arm. The hallway went almost silent for a moment as she passed, only to stop beside the two girls from before.

“Jess! Oh my god you’re back!” The high pitched one squeaked, her excitement as fake as her nails. But apparently Jessica didn’t seem to mind as she leaned in and air-kiss both sides of the girl’s cheek.

“I know, I already miss Australia, the weather was so much better.” Jessica responded, flicking her hair over her shoulder with a pout. Judging from her accent she was actually French. How lovely.

“You’re so lucky.” One of the other girls fawned but I couldn’t stand to hear any more of the fake voices and decided I’d eaves dropped enough to have lost about 25% of my brain cells. So after shutting my locker I made my way towards my class.

This Jessica seemed like a bitch really, and it was weird to think of her with Ashton. Although thinking back to when I’d first met him it didn’t seem so unrealistic, he the most popular guy in school.

“Soraya!” Someone called and I glanced up from the ground to see Alistair grinning at me as he walked up.

“Hey Alice.” I greeted with a smile,

“No, not you too!” Alistair groaned in disgust, clearly unhappy with the pet name but I just laughed at him as he fell into step beside me.

“So what did you want?” I asked, glancing past the wall of cherry hair that threatened to block everything from sight, I really should consider getting it cut short at some point.

“What? I can’t just walk my darling friend to her next class?” He pouted and I rolled my eyes, “Urgh fine, you caught me, I came to make sure you were getting pumped for the game on Friday.”

“Dude, it’s currently Monday.” I pointed out, but he shook his head with a grin,

“So... what’s your point?” He asked, turning to walk backward in front of me. The other people in the hallway didn’t seem to thrilled about having to watch out for him but no one brought it up. Perks of popularity I guess.

“So, my point is that it’s ages away.”

“Yeah, but you have training after lunch today, so you should be excited.”

“I will be, but right now I have Modern History.” I dead panned, and he winced.

“Oh wow, good luck with that one man, but hey, at least you’ll have Ashton in there with you today”

“Yeah, but it’s still Modern History and there’s only so much you can learn about the American Civil War before you want to claw your eyes out.”

“Haha, oh I feel you.” Alistair laughed, his grin contagious, right before he collided with someone who hadn’t managed to get out of his way fast enough. All I saw were grey eyes and locks of red hair before the girl was falling and Alistair was spinning around to catch her arm as she flailed. It was almost like it was all in slow motion and I felt myself moving forward uselessly to help, but it seemed Alistair had it covered.

He’d managed to stop her from hitting the ground less than a few inches above it, and damn I don’t think I have seen anyone move so smoothly before. There was a brief second where he just held onto her arm and I’m pretty sure that was because they were both in a little bit of shock, before he pulled her up to stand. His hands on her waist almost like he thought she would fall again and he looked just about as stunned as the girl did.

“Willow.” I gasped in shock, her red flushed face immediately becoming recognizable as she stood before Alistair with wide eyes.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t see you there and -” She rushed to appologise, her hands moving around like she didn’t know what to do with herself and her face only going darker and darker. Alistair, for once, didn’t seem to be acting like a dickhead and released his hold on her when he realised she was starting to panic.

“No, don’t worry, it’s not a problem.” He responded, looking almost lost on what to say as he stared at her. It was kind of adorable.

“Thank you.” She practically whispered and I almost couldn’t suppress my smile, she had it bad. Normally I would just walk away in a situation like this, but I don’t think I could this time. Especially since it was so awkward. “I should probably get to class.” Will said quickly before basically running away.

I watched as Alistair had his eyes trained on her as she left. “Was that Willow?” He asked in an off tone.

“It was, yes.”

“Does she seem different to you?”

“Nope, same awkward Wi-”

“Does she seem hotter? I mean, more beautiful?” He asked and my eyes immediately widened.

“Well I don’t think she had time to straighten her hair like normal this morning and sh-”

“I like her hair. It’s very nice and curled... is that natural?” He asked me next, still seeming to be in a daze as he stared at the space left unoccupied by my friend.


“And her eyes, they were really nice too.” He added, I grabbed his arm and started dragging him behind. He was not going to be the reason for my late arrival to class, even if it is because he was swooning over my friend.

“Yes, Willow is very pretty. Do something about it after class now, alrighty?” Were my parting words as I slipped into the history classroom, my eyes immediately spotting a seat next to Ashton. Just before my ass could claim the seat a different female was there, I think she even scoffed. My vision focused to see Jessica in my seat.

“Excuse me?” I asked in the rudest tone I could muster.

“This is my seat, okay? Now go and find your little druggo friends and sit with them.” My eyebrow instinctively raised before my eyes travelled to Ashton for back up. He kept silent and stared ahead at the blank whiteboard.

“I don’t know how many brain cells are in that pretty little head of yours, but I’m sure that if I found out I would be overwhelmed. Even if it was 50, I would be surprised.” I stated, still waiting for Ashton’s nonexistent input.

“Whatever.” Was apparently all she could come up with.

“Three syllables, I’m nearly proud.” Ashton’s laughter could almost be heard from my statement, I smirked before walking to find a different seat, alas the only spare one was next to this Vancouver bitch.

“She’s so disgusting, I can practically smell pot on her.” Jessica ‘whispered’ to Ashton.

“I don’t do drugs, so that smell of pot is probably coming from your own breath.” I stated so she would know that I heard, she shut up after that. It wasn’t necessarily an untruthful statement, I could smell the scent of drugs and it was definitely coming from her direction.

Well this just got interesting.

I walked into the cafeteria to sit down with the baseball team and to my horror I saw Jessica Van-bitch sitting at our table. That’s not even the worst part.

She was sitting on Ashton’s lap.

I took the second to last spare seat and joined in the conversation.

“-so then I basically took her upstairs and we had a, uh... great time.” Joseph finished off his little story about getting laid.

“Hey Ray.” Ashton greeted me, my eyes just rolling out of instinct.

“Hi ass hole.” Was my response.

“Don’t talk to him like that, or we’re going to have problems.” Jessica stated.

“Sweetheart, we had problems before I knew you existed.”

“Oh! Shots fired!” Alistair nearly shouted, damn bastard was sitting at the baseball table for no apparent reason.

“Babe, it’s okay. It’s a thing that we do.” Ashton explained.

“Babe? Aren’t you with Rebekah?” I queried, his eyes widened before he got out his phone. A few seconds later he looked back up at us.

“Not anymore.” He answered, I sighed deeply before starting to eat my chips.

“Why is she sitting here anyway?” Jessica asked Ass, I resisted the urge to face palm.

“She’s on the team, she’s a pitcher and a catcher. Bloody good one at that.” Xavier said as he occupied the seat next to me. He moved closer to me as if he wanted to hold my waist, but my chest was constricting at the close proximity. That party had taken my trust level of people and human contact back down to the very beginning. Like I was 13 again.

“Not better than Ash, I’m sure.” Jessica-Rabbit fluttered her eyes as she spoke.

“She’s actually really good.” Ashton stated the obvious, a smirk plastering itself onto my face.

“Still think I’m better than you.” I spoke.

“No way.”

“You wanna bet?”

“It’s on.”

“Whoever can catch the hardest and fastest ball wins. Same pitcher, Xav you’re on it.” I finished. “Training tonight, no way are you going to win.”

“Try me.”

“Can’t I just beat you instead?” Was my retaliation.

“Guys, I think you can stop. Everyone gets the point, there’s mad rivalry between the two of you.” Xavier cut the argument short.

“I’m better.” I stated again.

“Not possible.”

“Oh yeah it i-” I was cut off as Xavier clapped a hand over my mouth. I threw myself backwards and away from his touch, the chair flying out from under me as I landed on the ground.

“What the fuck?”

“What just happened?”

“Why did she do that?”

“Why the fuck did you touch me? You know I don’t like being touched.” I said to Xavier, tears in my eyes as I stood up. It was simple and easy to remember that human contact makes my skin crawl and burn.

“Soraya, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” Xavier responded, I knew he was being honest so I pulled my chair up in the silent cafeteria and sat back down.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” I heard Jessica ask in a not so good whisper.

“I’m not sure, I think it’s a fear.” Ashton responded.

“Maybe she’s just fucked up.”

“I think it’s more than that. Can you just drop it? You don’t know her like I know her.” Ashton stuck up for me, I looked down and smiled so no one would see it. The last tears on my cheeks were wiped sway by my own hands as I shuffled my chair away from Xavier, I didn’t trust him anymore and I don’t think I ever would.

It was after school and so I had been getting changed for baseball training, I’d brought 3/4 leggings and a sports crop top for training, my glove was in my bag ready to go.

As my long trek to the field began I saw movement out the corner of my eye, as I became curious as to what it would be I turned to look.

There was Ashton with a girl, her backed up to the brick wall and them kissing as passionately as one could on school grounds and a little bit more. His hand was up her shirt as she began to kiss his neck.

This girl had bright blonde hair, so it wasn’t even Jessica-Rabbit. After a few seconds of unwillingly watching I decided to get him to training.

“Ass hole! Let’s go!” We’re the words shouted from my mouth, making Ashton stop what he was doing and look over at me.

“Shit.” He swore before looking back at the girl. “It’s been a great time Cynthia, hope we can do it again soon.” He said before grabbing his bag and running towards me.

“Wait! My name is Jasmine!” She shouted after him. He didn’t look back but kept speed walking off.

“Shit, that was a close one.” He stated the obvious.

“Close one? You call that a close one?” I asked him, he laughed it off as we walked to the field.

“And what took you two so long?” Coach asked, I raised an eyebrow in Ashton’s direction, waiting for him to explain. I shouldn’t of waited.

“Sorry, Soraya was taking so long to get ready and I thought I should wait for her considering she’s my pitcher and everything.” Ashton stated his story. I was tempted to hit him up the back of the head.

“You bastard.” I said under my breath.

“Okay guys, this Friday you’re versing a strong team, they have four state players. Pitcher, catcher, first and shortstop.” Coach stated to us.

“Well fuck.” I stated the obvious thought. Those are all the positions where you need strong players, and they have them all.

“Next time a different choice of words, Soraya, but ‘well fuck’ suits this situation entirely.” Coach scolded and quoted me.

“What team is it?” Ashton asked a good question. All of us looked to Coach for the answer, he seemed a little shaky as he coughed to clear his throat.

“Archbishop McCarthy Mavericks.” Everyone’s expressions turned dull and every pair of eyes was focused on Ashton.

And as I turned to look at him I watched his expression drop from causal to tensed, the muscle in his jaw jumping.

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