Dude... That's Not A Guy

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From Bad to Worse

Ashton's POV:

The electric energy of the music vibrated the puddles outside, adding to the humidity and the movement of bodies. People were dancing everywhere, girls shrieking as they ran outside and guys shouting as they chased after them. The air felt alive as it chilled the rain water drenching my bare arms and face. Hairstyles were ruined but no one cared, too intoxicated to notice. My own was dripping water into my eyes and slapping against my forehead with every move.

The girl in my arms was no different as she shimmied her body side to side, violet hair sticking to her cheeks and catching in her eyelashes. She must have been from another school or maybe even already in college. I wasn't sure, nor could I really tell with 5 drinks already buzzing through my bloodstream.

A round of shouts rose up as lightning cracked in the distance, drinks raising in salute to nature. It was all so surreal and it was the perfect way to celebrate a win against the Mavericks.

My ankle had been wrapped and secured in a bandage that would forever be hidden from the prying eyes of my mother, and all pain from it had been drowned in alcohol. Leaving only an immense need to move and keep dancing, which I was happy to oblige to.

"What's your name?!" The girl in my arms shouted over the music, peering up at me through her damp eyelashes and running mascara.

"Ashton." I replied with a smirk, raising my voice to be heard and leaning in closer when she gestured for my attention, her lips pressing against the shell of my ear.

"Do you want to go somewhere more fun, Ashton?" She asked, voice sultry and all too suggestive. The idea was brilliant, but I wasn't ready to leave the ecstatic energy of the dance floor.

"Maybe later" I replied close to her ear, missing the eye-roll she made as I pulled back, holding her out at arms length.

"I think I'm gonna go get another drink then!" She shouted, her unhappiness clear across her face. It didn't bother me really, she clearly didn't want to go do anything 'fun' with me anymore, and I wasn't up for it at the moment. So I let her go without so much as a 'Goodbye' as she disappeared into the swarm of moving bodies.

Everything was turning into a blur as I glanced around, a lazy grin on my face and arms in raising into the air. The crowd morphed around me without the girl in my arms and I welcomed the sway of bodies. I felt liquid splash on my shirt, but the urge to care was gone, along with all inhibitions and I found myself accepting a drink from a stranger without a second thought. Downing it carelessly and wincing at the unusual taste, but it was gone before I was able to hold onto the mild concern fleeting across my mind.

I just wanted to dance, even as the room dipped and swayed before my eyes.

My movements became less and less co-ordinated as the minutes went by, and I found myself bumping into drunken teens, more often than not. It was a strange feeling. Almost weightless. But as a wave of dizziness ached inside my head I began moving across the dance floor towards the screen doors.

Water became a fuzzy idea and I headed in the direction of what was maybe a kitchen. My legs unstable beneath me and I tripped over my feet several times. Only stopping when I hit a wall, white coating my eyes for a moment.


I needed water.

Water would help. It always did.

"Hey Ashton!" Someone greeted and I felt myself dipping to the side, no longer held up by the wall, "Woah, man, I think you've had a bit too much to drink." the person continued and I felt something solid once again holding me up.

I went to reply but the world was to incomprehensible for me to understand, I couldn't bring myself to speak. That was when I realised something was wrong.

"Ashton?" The person asked, what I could understand as fear now tainting their voice, "Fuck." The word was loud and harsh on my ears and I flinched, causing the grip on me to shift along with the walls. It felt like the world was spinning, collapsing in on itself and pounding against my head.

"Alistair! Come here man!" The person shouted once again and I groaned in pain at the sound, arms moving uselessly.

Alistair's POV:

"Hey Soraya!" I shouted, catching sight of the familiar wine coloured hair as she clawed her way through the crowd, roughly shoving people aside. She paused in her attempts, however, and turned to look in my direction.

"Yeah Alice?!" She shouted back and I pushed my way through the crowd towards her,

"Is your friend Willow here?" I asked, the drink in my hand splashing cold liquid onto the floor as someone bumped me. It was only coke, so I wasn't too angry about losing half of it.

"Why?" She asked sceptically, her gaze briefly drifting down as she avoided the spill.

"Just curious." I replied casually, although I couldn't stop the interest from leaking into my voice, I couldn't explain it, but I wanted to know. As odd as that sounds. She didn't seem like the kind of person to drop by a baseball after party, but I knew it would be cute, she'd probably blush at the sight of all these people. That's what shy people do. She seems shy.

"She was supposed to turn up, we were going to walk in together all fabulous-like but it didn't happen. She might just be..." she didn't finish but gave a confused expression as she looked to the pocket of her skinny jeans. She pulled out her phone and read what must have been a message before looking back at me. "She's late, but she's out the front now." She stated, then she seemed to be deep in thought. "You can go get her, I'm looking for someone else."


"Go get her Alistair, she's gonna get hopelessly lost before she even walks in the door." She stated before being pulled away as a group of people ran into her. "What the fuck do you think this is?! I was having..." Her voice trailed off as she continued to be dragged by the tidal wave of people. My feet then carried me to the front door, breaking out of the thick and warm aired house into rain and cool wind.

I looked at the many cars parked on the front lawn and the driveway, finding one with the lights still on. Willow was probably in that car, I'd seen the small hatchback at school many times. The passenger door opened as a teenage girl climbed out, her bright red hair that had been straightened instantly falling into tight waves as the rain hit it. I couldn't hear it but I knew she was shouting at the driver, probably her twin brother, before she slammed the door closed and started walking towards the front door.

"Hey Willow." I called as she made it under the front porch, stepping forward to intercept her.

"Oh, um, hi." She said a little breathlessly, her make-up was already running, hair soaked and her teeth were chattering.

"Soraya got a bit lost in the crowd, so um, come on, I'll get you inside." I stated, placing my hand on the small of her back without hesitation, and pushing her gently towards the door. She seemed to freeze for a moment, and I wasn't exactly sure whether it was from my touch or the amount of people in the room. But her attention was immediately drawn straight to those who were trying their best to eat each other's tonsils.

"Holy cheeseballs." She stated, eyes rounded and I decided to maybe get her out of the room.

"Drink?" I asked her, and she turned to look at me with wide eyes. "Take that as a 'yes'." I stated, my hand still on her back to lead her into the kitchen for a drink. "Alcoholic or non-alcoholic?"


"What kind of question is that? Alcoholic obviously." I stated, grabbing one of those girly drinks that are mostly soda but filled with vodka. She opened it and took a conservative sip as if she had never had one before. And then it hit me, maybe she hadn't. Fuck. She probably hadn't. Shit, did I just force her into that? Holy fuck what if she thinks I'm an asshole for doing that? "You don't have to have that if you don't want it." I amended quickly, and she shook her head with a small smile.

"It's fine, its great actually." She responded taking another sip. She didn't seem like an avid drinker, but then again I'd been drinking soda water all night, but only because I had to work the next morning, still, I wasn't really in a position to judge.

"Just make sure that if you leave that unattended that you get a new drink, don't want you getting drugged by any of the shady people here." I laughed half-heartedly before I realised the silence from Willow, her jaw was open in a cute, but shocked fashion.

"I thought that only happened in movies and books." She admitted, and my eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

"You've never been to a party... have you?" I questioned, her eyes flicked to the left before looking back at me.

"Yes I have, plenty of them actually." She retaliated.

"Birthday parties don't count... especially from when you were thirteen and under." I responded, her cheeks flushed a deep pink as embarrassment took over her emotions.

"Well..." she trailed off, and I took a step closer, endeared by the redness staining her cheeks.

"It's fine Willow, really. I don't care." I told her, watching as her drenched hair fell and stuck to her cheeks, strands fluttering in the light breeze from an open window.

"I haven't been to a party, not one with alcohol involved in it anyway." The innocent words tumbled from her mouth quickly and I realised the close proximity of our bodies, a small smile stretching my lips. She really was shy. She had probably already realised how close we were and that was why the blush hadn't left her cheeks and why her lips were parted as if she was too distracted to remember how to close her mouth.

Thunder rolled from the angry sky, but I'd randomly found myself lost in her intricately grey eyes.

I had never thought that my favourite eye colour would be grey, hearing it sounded too bland and boring. Seeing it was a whole different story, the different strands of colours, the pale grey to the almost black, the unmistakeable shade of silver to the slightly blue threads. God they were something I had never hoped to like, and yet here I was making sappy poetry about eyes in my head that didn't even make sense. Maybe I had drunk something other than fizzy water.

My hand instinctively reached up to brush her naturally red hair behind her ear, the multiple shades of crimson mimicking what I expected of fire. My fingers brushed her cheek and I froze at the contact of porcelain coloured, soft and freckled skin. She was gorgeous and I'd barely even noticed her. Both of us looked at each other like we were expecting something to happen, my eyes flickered down to her lips and I noticed how soft and pink they looked.

My hand slowly moved to sit on the side of her neck instinctively, my thumb in front of her ear and palm half cupping her jaw. It felt normal, but she was tense under my touch as I gently tilted her head so it would be easier to connect my lips with hers. I leaned in a little further and watched as her eyes drifted shut. But I couldn't help but pause for a moment, what if this was wrong? What if she took it the wrong way and regretted this later?

"Alistair, are you-" I cut her off by gently connecting my lips to hers. She froze and I heard the distinct sound of glass smashing before she jumped away as if in pain. "Holy muffins!" she shouted, and as the numbing sensation my senses felt began to leave I realised she had dropped the glass bottle of drink I had given her, and she was holding her foot which was covered only by some form of gladiator sandal.

She must have dropped the bottle on her foot.

"Fuck- shit, sorry, are you okay?"

"Shut up, there's no need to apologise. Just help me find some ice." She said.

"What do you mean there's no need to apologise. I shouldn't have kissed you..." I trailed off as her face fell as if she were disappointed.

"You didn't want to kiss me?" she asked quietly, and I stuttered over my words.

"No! No! that's not what I meant! I just meant I shouldn't have kissed you right now... was that your first kiss?" I questioned.

"Yes." She near-whispered. "Now can you help me find some ice?"

"Uh yeah, com'n let's go to the kitchen." I said, wrapping my arm around her waist to help her walk without a seconds thought.

"Alistair! Come here man!" I heard someone shout urgently as Willow and I neared the kitchen, I recognized it as Calen almost straight away and looked back over my shoulder to see him at the start of the hallway. Ashton was held up in his arms, clearly wasted and I couldn't help but laugh as Will and I made our way over to the two of them.

"What's up man?" I asked with a grin that slowly dampened when I took in Calen's worried appearance.

Something was wrong.

"It's Ashton, I don't know what happened." He stated, shifting his grip around Ashton's ribcage in order to prop him up better.

"He's just had a little too much to drink is all." I dismissed, but I couldn't help the icy feeling that was settling into my veins. Calen wasn't stupid, he knows what Ashton was like when drunk.

"No man, look at him." Calen insisted, "I think he's been drugged."

My arm dropped away from Willow as she gaped at the pair in front of us, I immediately stepped forward.

"Shit, this is bad."

Soraya's POV:

"What the fuck do you think this is?! I was having a bloody conversation!" I shouted at the people who were dragging me along with them to the lounge room where most of the questionable dancing was happening. The drunk stampede ignored my protests before two guys started trying to make me dance with them whilst a girl sauntered over in our direction, her eyes dazed but determined.

Hang on, what the fuck?

I tried moving away from the girl but she seemed pretty insistent on keeping close to me, the two guys who were trying to get me to dance with them, had now started arguing, with me still stuck in the middle.

"Hey! Back off dude!" The first one shouted, I didn't recognise his face and I definitely didn't want to see it again.

"I saw her first, fuck face!" The other one shouted over the bass of the extremely loud music, I recognised him, I'd seen him a few times at school. Not that I could remember exactly who he was, his name was probably something along the lines of Kyle... or Reuben. Possibly Sam.

"I don't think so cockhead! I-"

"Alright! How about you both leave me alone?!" I put the idea out there, all too aware of the girl now moving in a sexual manner against my thigh, - seriously, what the hell?

"No!" they shouted in unison, I rolled my eyes before backing out of the circle and pulling grind-girl into the middle.

The guys didn't seem to notice the change of female in front of them so I backed away slowly and left them to it. My eyes scanned the room to find a safe and quick way out, the path to freedom becoming clear to me as I sprinted to get to the dining room.

There were less people here, but still it was nearly full... The corners occupied by people who decided that an orgy seemed like the best idea for the current situation. There were three couples using the table in the completely wrong way while one of the walls had one lucky guy with two girls. Okay, well, let's get out of here too shall we?

I was about to leave when I saw Xavier sucking face with some random blonde, and you could say that I was still a little bit angry over him leading me on and then leaving me for dead at the last baseball party. Now I could have just left him there, with the random girl, but something in me made me grab his shirt and pull him away in one of the roughest movements I have ever been in control of.

"What the fuck?!" he shouted before his eyes focused on me, realization crept over his face, but didn't manage to ghost out the anger still present. "Soraya! What are you doing?!" he shouted at me, confusion clouding his voice, the blonde girl holding onto Xavier's wrist, attempted to pull him back.

"Trying to pull you away from your meaningless fuck-buddy so we can have a beautiful conversation." I stated simply and sarcastically, tugging on his shirt so I could take him away from the bimbo. But that was when the uncanny familiarity kicked in and my eyes widened, because fuck, that looked like Rebekah. Oh shit, it is. God that's one of Ashton's exes.

"But-" Rebekah protested, but I cut her off harshly

"Shut up, you're no longer in this conversation so you have the options of fucking off or fucking the fuck off." I snapped, pulling Xavier outside by the wrist. "Did you even know who she was?!" I hissed angrily, my grip on his wrist leaving little crescent nail marks and shit, when did I get so pissed off by this? I abruptly released my grip on his wrist with a start - he didn't seem to notice.

Xavier looked confused, his green eyes cloudy and glassed over with alcohol, but it looked like he was actually thinking about my question.

"I feel like her name was Karen..." He drawled, brown hair beginning to drip rainwater down into his eyes.

"She's captain of the hockey team, one of Ashton's many exes, surely it should be coming back to you right now." I deadpanned,

"Fuck, wait, that was Rebekah?" He blinked a few times, lethargically.

"Yes, it was, you idiot. Now tell me, did you lead some other poor girl on before leaving her for our lovely little Rebekah?" I questioned sharply, eyes narrowing dangerously.

"Possibly..." he trailed off, and I growled my annoyance. "Okay, fuck, I don't remember, it's just- It's not a big deal, okay." he seemed to be having a bit of trouble making sense of everything, but I didn't care. I was too angry to care.

"How often do you do this to girls?" I demanded.

"Fuck - I don't know-" he tried,

"Have you ever done it to a guy?" I cut him off, my eyes focusing on his face and trying to find something, anything to let me know if he was lying. But instead I was being blocked out, his face falling uncharacteristically blank.

"Why would I have done it to a guy?" His tone had taken up a dark almost menacing presence, and I couldn't help the chill that seemed to take over the air.

"Xavier, you led me on and now you're leading my brother on. Just tell me! Have you ever lead on a guy before?" I insisted, borderline shouting, but no one seemed to notice. If Xavier thought I'd lost trust in him after he left me last time; he was treading out into vastly untamed waters now.

"I'm not gay." Xavier stated bluntly, his expression harsh and for a moment I thought he was going to try and leave.

"Then why can't you stick to one girl? Why haven't you pushed Zeke away? Especially when he had his freaking hand on your thigh!" I was shouting now. Xavier was acting weird and I wasn't going to put up with it, the guys might be fine with him being a dickhead, but I certainly wasn't.

"I'm not gay." Was the statement he repeated, his face dropping completely from his drunken stupor to an eerily sober blank stare.

"Then tell me what the hell you're doing to my brother! Are you 'accidentally' leading him on? Is that what this is? Are you homophobic or something? Tell me what's going on Xavier, because I don't fucking know anymore."

"Look, it's none of your fucking business okay, so stay out of my fucking face!" he snapped and I had to take a step back due to the harshness in his voice. This was nothing like the Xavier I knew. His eyes were harsh and cold, his posture unnaturally stiff and I suddenly couldn't stop the fear that started to settle in.

"Xav, calm down." I attempted, holding my arms up cautiously when I realised this was getting out of control. He flinched at my movement, a flash of panic darting across his expression as it faltered.

"I'm not gay!" he shouted again, fists clenching at his sides and my eyes widened in fear.

What had I done?

"I'm not a fucking faggot! So shut the fuck up and stay the hell away from me!" Fear crept into his foggy eyes, and I felt my own expression softened as I realised how afraid he was of himself.


"No. Just shut up. I'm not." His head shook harshly, as if he was trying to get something out of his mind, and for all I knew he was.

"You know there's nothing wrong with being gay, right?" I asked softly, reaching out to place a hand on his shoulder, only to pull back when he flinched away from me.

"Yes there is." Was his broken reply. His usually bright eyes, now jaded and obscured by a glossy sheen, that could have been alcohol intoxication, but it was impossible to tell.

"No there's not, you just need friends who understand and I'm pretty sure you have those." I stated gently, he was crumbling, his walls dropping back to reveal a sense of vulnerability and I felt my breath hitch. Something was wrong with him, very wrong.

"Xavier-" I tried again, only to be cut off by someone calling my name. I turned to see Willow as she walked outside a slight limp mixing up her usually boppy walk.

"What? I was in the in the middle of a fucking important conversation, this better be good." I snapped, checking over my shoulder to look at Xav but he was already gone.

"Well, we need your help in the kitchen..." She responded, the conversation left open.

"I can't cook for shit, you should-"

"I don't mean cooking, come on." she gestured for me to follow her so I did, her limp still visible.

"Why are you limping?" I asked as we got inside, her cheeks flushed a dark shade of pink but before she could answer Alistair was by my side.

"Ashton, there's something horribly wrong with Ashton." He stated, and the irony was almost painful.

When I looked into the kitchen I saw Calen holding Ashton up. God he was drunk off his ass.

"He's just overly drunk, problem solved." I stated quickly, eager to find Xavier before he did something he would regret, but Alice rolled his eyes at response. The air tense and full of nervous energy that I couldn't figure out.

"He's not drunk, we think he's been drugged." Willow corrected me.

"Oh Jesus Christ, why? Who would want to drug Ashton?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood with a joke, but failing horribly as everyone gave me a glare. "Well he can't stay here, he has to go home... " I trailed off, realising Calen's grip on the drugged boy was faltering. I grabbed a chair from the dining room and pulled it into the kitchen so Calen wouldn't have to continuously hold up Ashton's weight. I couldn't focus on Xavier anymore.

"Well who can take him?" Alice asked, and I looked over to him.

"I don't have a car with me, Zeke dropped me off." I responded.

"Wilbur dropped me off." Willow answered.

"Probably had too much to drink..." Calen trailed off, practically forcing me to roll my eyes.

"Alice? How about you?" I questioned, he looked to Will before his eyes flicked back to mine.

"Well... I was going to take Will home, and I only have a two seater." He responded, and I sighed in response.

"Did Ashton come in his car?" I enquired, remembering the car he had driven me home from school in when we had detention together.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure." Alistair stated, and I nodded.

"Keys would be where?" Was my next question.

"Probably in his pocket." Calen told me.

"Great..." I trailed off, moving towards the extremely out of it boy. He mumbled some incoherent words as I moved to his right side, my hand going into his pocket to search for cool metal. I didn't find keys, but instead I found his phone which was extremely locked with an unbreakable passcode, and as I asked his friends they all said that they had no clue what it was. I then reached into the other front pocket, finding it empty but I grabbed something... shit what the fuck is that?

I immediately withdrew my hand as my mind caught up to my sense of touch.

"That wasn't fucking keys!" I shouted as I flung my hand in disgust, Alistair and Calen started laughing.

"What? What was it?" Willow asked with her innocent mind.

"What the fuck do you think, Willow? What the fuck do you think?" I questioned and she slowly started to realise what I had grabbed. She broke out into a ridiculous smile before laughing with the other two immature people. "Guys, can someone help me out here? If his keys aren't in his front pockets they'd be in one of the back ones." I told them, Alice helped me stand Ashton up and I reached into one of the pockets and felt metal against my fingers, I quickly pulled them out so I could quit touching Ass' ass.

Kinda ironic if you think about it.

"Okay, let's get you to the car shall we?" I questioned, moving his arm around my shoulders so I could help him out.

"You need help?" Alistair asked, as I shuffled Ashton's weight around and found a good balance.

"I think I got it." I stated, starting to walk but feeling Ashton slip from my grasp. "Fuck." I said loud enough for Alice to hear it, with that statement said out loud it was easy to get Ashton to the car... Alistair helping me of course while Willow watched in the background. It was awkward getting the car unlocked and getting Ashton in the passenger seat, it was also extremely awkward trying to get his seatbelt on.

"You got it from here?" Alice checked and I nodded.

"I am perfectly capable of driving a car." I answered.

"Even a manual?" he asked, and I think I managed to cover my horror at the thought of driving a manual, he had to be just joking.

"Perfectly capable." I stated indignantly, my voice a little too steady.

"Fine, if you say so, just don't crash." Alice stated, a frown on his face but amusement in his voice.

"I won't." I deadpanned, closing Ashton's door with a slight 'thud'.

"Okay, the see you on Monday probably." Alistair gave a short wave, walking back over towards Willow.

"Bye." I finished off , before climbing to get into the driver's seat and settling in, but as I looked to the gearbox I found that the car was indeed a manual. "Fuck me." I whispered, I suppose I should have learnt how to drive a manual when I had the chance. God damn, I'm regretting it now. I looked to my right and pretended that Ashton actually had a clue as to what was going on.

"Hope you trust me, I haven't driven a manual before so this is gonna be a bumpy ride." I warned him, all too aware that I wouldn't get a response back.


Alright, so lets start by turning on the engine... I do remember something about having to have your foot on the clutch when you start it so I'll give that a shot.

I pressed the clutch all the way and turned the key, hearing the rumble of the engine start. Okay, step one completed... what was step two? I was glad that Ashton had parked on the side of the road and not in the driveway, reversing could have it's issues. I decided that taking the hand brake off could be a good idea, and after I did so I put it into first gear, practically screaming as the car started rolling.

As my foot sat on the accelerator I slowly edged the speed up as we went down the road, before I heard a loud bang and the engine shut off. "Fuck." I hissed as I realised that I stalled the bastard. I quickly tried to fix it and somehow did before getting on the accelerator again, as I sped up I thought it might be time to hit the next gear so my other foot hit the clutch as I got the gearbox to second.

God I'm doing better than I thought I would... I should be a damn race car driver.

As the revs moved up again I went into third and decided that would be enough, I could cruise through Emeraldville at this pace. I then got to a roundabout and slowed down to make sure no one was coming, putting the gear down to second again. As I made it halfway around the damn roundabout I hit the accelerator again, before I heard the familiar sound of the engine shutting off.

"Fucken hell no you don't!" I shouted before I quickly got my shit sorted and kept driving. There are no words to describe how glad I am that Ashton wasn't awake to give me judgement over my ability to drive manuals. It took way too long for me to get us to my house, but it was closer than Ashton's... and I thought it would be strange if I turned up to his house for the first time to meet his parents while driving his car and with him drugged up like he is.

I then realised as I opened the passenger door and looked at Ashton that I would need help getting him inside. Fucking Zeke, he would help. I grabbed my phone out and rang him, earning a groggy and colourful greeting.

"Who the fuck is this and what the fuck do you want?" He asked, obviously not checking the caller ID before he picked up.

"Well it's your sister, and I need you to come outside and help me with something." I responded.


"I need your help with something, now come outside dammit." I hung up the phone after that, getting the point across that he needed to come outside. I waited patiently as I heard the front door open and slow footsteps make their way towards me.

"Who's car is this?" Zeke asked, his dark hair sticking up on all angles while he only wore pyjama pants. God he's an idiot.

"Ashton's..." I trailed off.

"Who's in the front seat?"

"Ashton..." I trailed off again.

"What happened?" Zeke asked while running a hand through his unruly hair.

"Well, he got drugged and everyone knows how bad that can end." I responded, the rain picking up again and making my hair stick to my face. "Can you just help me take him inside already?" I asked next, and Zeke just nodded as he walked over to the passenger side of the car.

"Is that a manual?" he questioned me next.

"Yes it is." I answered, pulling Ashton out and going to help drag him inside but Zeke just picked him up bridal style and walked in front of me.

"I'm sure you drove brilliantly." He stated sarcastically, his tone awfully accurate for being woken up five minutes ago.

"Shut up." I told him as he hit Ashton's head on the door frame.

"Fuck." He muttered before trying a different angle to fit Ashton through the door. "Where am I taking him?"

"Uh..." I hadn't really thought about it, I couldn't let him sleep on the couch in the state he's currently in. "He can sleep in my bed, I'll grab the blow-up mattress and put it on the floor in my room." I came up with a plan, if I was in the room with him then I could be there if he started choking on his own vomit or something life-threatening like that.

"Okay..." Zeke stated, sounding shocked at my statement but went along with it anyway. As Zeke took Ash to my room I got the blow-up mattress and a blanket from one of the cupboards around the place. As I dragged everything I would need to my bedroom I arrived in time to flick the quilt and sheets back so Ash could have some kind of warmth.

"I know this is a horrible situation and all... but how's Xav?" Zeke questioned me, and I had to prevent myself from rolling my eyes in front of him. Of all the fucking times.

"He's actually not doing too well..." I answered honestly, unable to stop my mind from flickering back to his expression, right before he'd disappeared.

"What do you mean?" he asked next, his voice almost worried.

"He's... struggling with some personal issues." I kept the topic broad, but Zeke ran right out of the room. When he came back into view he was pulling a loose jumper on over his head, a pair of jeans already pulled on and the laces on his shoes hastily tucked haphazardly under the tongue. "Zeke I don't think-"

"I'll be back, I'm just going to check on him. Have to make sure he's not injuring himself." Zeke stated, taking off down the steps without a second thought.

"Zeke, I don't think he wants to see you." my voice becoming louder as I heard his footsteps trail further down the stairs and I ran after him to make sure I could get my point across.

"What was that? I didn't hear you, don't want to hear you!" he stated as he opened the front door.

"He doesn't want to-!" I was cut off by the front door closing in front of me. "Zeke he doesn't want to talk to you." I said to myself since my brother wouldn't listen. He can't blame me when Xav pushes him away and hurts him. I walked back up the stairs to go to sleep despite the nerves starting to eat at me alive. This whole night was just getting worse and worse.

But when it came to changing into pyjamas I realised how awkward it was, with Ashton in the room, even though he was definitely unconscious.

I literally had to walk into the bathroom to change so I wouldn't feel so awkward. As I walked back into my room I heard Ashton mumble more incoherent words, so I walked over to him.

"Ashton," I whispered, like the fucking lil creeper I was, "You're fine, okay, you're safe. No one can get you." I stated, checking over him one last time before turning the light off and laying on the air mattress.

God this was going to be an uncomfortable night.

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