Dude... That's Not A Guy

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Dude... That's Not A Guy

Ashton's POV:

"Dude, why are you late?" Alistair asked as I moved to take my seat up the back of the classroom.

"Had to drop off the twins this morning, mum had to work" I replied with a shrug and placed my bag on the floor by my feet, "besides, I'm not that late"

"Mr Klarence, I would appreciate if you did not come into my class late and then disrupt it" Mr Winston spoke up from the front of the classroom, a frown present on his wrinkled face,

"Sorry Sir, it's just the class has missed out on 15 minutes of my glorious voice and I figured, hey why not make up for it now? So really I'm doing society a favour if you think about it" I pointed out, arrogantly pushing back in my chair and leaning backwards with my feet up on the desk.

"Well you will be happy to know that the other students in detention will love it when you grace them with your presence after school today"

"Hey! That's not fair I had detention yesterday" I protested in outrage, who does he think he is handing me a detention for simply stating my opinion?

"Yes, and you failed to attend detention yesterday and therefore have two days of detention starting this afternoon, is that understood Mr Klarence?" Mr Winston replied, with a pointed glare in my direction,

"But I can't make it tonight" I protested, mum had a double shift today and I would have to pick up the twins again.

"Parties aren't a legitimate reason for not attending detention" Mr Winston deadpanned, uncapping the lid on the white board marker in his hand with a scowl.


"There will be no 'buts', my decision is final. Unless you would like to make it three day's of detention?"

"No Mr Winston" I grumbled unhappily and slumped back in my chair whilst Alistair snickered next to me,

"Mr Kingston, do you wish to join him?" Mr Winston directed towards Alistair, who promptly shut up and sat straighter in his seat, under the Math's teachers stern gaze.

"No Sir" He replied and Mr Winston shot us one last glare before returning to the front of the class,

"Hey did you guys hear about the new dude?" Xavier called as he walked up to my locker, where I was currently attempting to stuff my geography book haphazardly into it. Alistair was leaning against the one next to me boredly.

"What?" I asked distractedly,

"There's a new guy starting today" he repeated,

"Man, you know that we don't know about that stuff" Alistair replied instead and I silently thanked him as I fought to make extra room in my locker, "You're the one in the loop, with your old lady being the school secretary and all"

"Well it's not like its a secret, half the school knows" Xavier shrugged, "But anyway recon he'll be cool?" he asked, leaning against the door of my locker just as my geography book made a flying leap right onto his foot, "fuck that hurt" he hissed and bent down to pick it up, only to have my psychology text book to come tumbling out as well.

"Xavier watch ou-... oh never mind" Well that was unlucky... and sure to leave a bump.

"Fuck you man" Xavier exclaimed and Alistair let out a strangled noise as he tried to not laugh at our friend's ill-fortune.

Inevitably both Alistair and I ended up on the floor laughing too hard for our own good and causing a massive scene in the hallway. People looked on strangely but none were too bothered, after all why would they be? We were popular, meaning no one would have the balls to get angry at us.

"You two can shut up whenever you want, you know" Xavier huffed and shoved the books back into my locker before abruptly slamming it shut, undoubtedly leaving like some sort of trap that I would need to remember next time I planned on using my locker.

"Oh...come on... you have got to admit, that was funny" Alistair laughed out as he pulled himself up off the floor and reaching a hand to help me.

"Sorry Bro, but it was" I stated, grabbing his hand and heaving myself up off the ground.

"Whatever, the bell went" Xavier huffed,

"Aww come on you know we love ya man" I exclaimed slinging my arm over his shoulder with a laugh as we walked to our next lesson.

When we arrived at the classroom and went to our usual seats towards the back, the teacher had yet to arrive so we took the liberty to lounge around and talk about random stuff. So basically, girls and who has the best racks, when the next party was being held and just general stuff that teenage boys talk about. Well that was until Allistair got distracted,

"Dude... that's not a guy...." He stated completely out of the blue, and I blinked in confusion,

"What?" I asked, what the hell was he one about? But before he could reply I was already turning to see what had caught his attention and it seemed everyone in the classroom did as well.

"Well then..." Xavier stated

"Ohh...oooohhhh... I see what you mean now" I blinked slightly in shock because damn that is a fine white board, oh wait that might be the person in front of it, and I don't mean Mr Hagglebacon – I know right who would have thought she would ever get a man?

"Now Class" Said teacher spoke up, "We have a new student" he gestured towards the girl beside him, because it's not like anyone could have guessed she was new or anything. After all the hair wasn't a dead giveaway at this point, because really only the druggies have hair like and she doesn't have the pasty skin for that... Well, then again she is awfully pale, oh god I am over thinking this.

"...nd yeah" Okay what did she just say? I looked around to see if anyone else hadn't been listening but it seemed as though everyone was and I was just the unlucky one who wasn't, well that's informative. She was really hot though, so I probably should have been paying attention to her introduction more.

Someone whistled quietly from somewhere in the middle of the room, but other than that everything was quiet and she awkwardly stood up the front, probably waiting for some sort of instruction. Probably on where to sit I was willing to bet.

Soraya's POV:

I walked down the creepy ass, empty hall by myself. Everyone was already in their classes, and I was already lost. Fuck. Okay, well, if that room is 56, and I was supposed to be at room 5, I can either go left or right and continue getting lost...

Oh wait, I have a map in the diary thing they gave me. I swung my bag around and fished around for the small square thing I was sure would be the diary thing. I finally found it and opened it to the right page with the map of the school on it. Well, apparently I was on the complete wrong side of the school... awkward. I kept the diary out as I walked in the direction I was sure my room would be.

Eventually, after a few more minutes of wondering around and dreading the moment I would have to walk into a brand new classroom, I stood at room 5's door. I put my hand on the door handle, took a deep breath and opened it before walking inside.

"Dude... that's not a guy..." I heard faintly from the other side of the room. I looked around blankly, trying to find an empty seat before I was forced to introduce myself. But unfortunately I caught sight of the teacher beckoning for me to come to the front of the room and it was with wide eyes I obeyed the silent order.

When I got to the front, the teacher started talking.

"Now Class, we have a new student." The teacher spoke. I looked at his name tag and found that he was called 'Mr. Hagglebacon'. I thought I had seen some weird last names in my time... Oh how I was wrong. "Introduce yourself." He said to me.

"Um, my name is Soraya. I just moved here little while ago... and yeah." Well, that is a long life story right there. But they really don't need to know anything else about me... Especially not that I have a fear of touching people and people touching me. A fresh start means a fresh start, and that means that no one will know my secrets.

Someone wolf-whistled and I immediately became self-conscious - I knew I shouldn't have worn these skinny jeans and this damn tight as hell shirt. Fuck.

Not knowing what to do, I kind of just stood there a little awkwardly. Where was I supposed to sit? There were people everywhere and I couldn't see an empty seat anywhere.

"Soraya, there is a spare seat up the back, if Ashton would be so kind as to remove his feet from it." Mr. Bacon told me and his annoyed expression hinted that he didn't really like this 'Ashton' guy.

"Thanks." I said appreciatively, happy to get away from all the curious eyes and I quickly walked up to the spare seat as the blue eyed brunette removed his feet from the table. He was attractive, that much wasn't a lie but I could already tell he was a player "Hey, I'm Soraya." I greeted him.

"Well, it's nice to be able to put a name to such a pretty face." He told me with a wink. Okay, well that was kind of ass-holeish.

"Uh, thanks." I stated uncomfortably, starting to pull out a pen from my backpack.

"Not a problem." he went along with it. "My names Ashton, in case you missed it." He stated, lips stretching into a smirk,

"That's nice." I replied, sarcasm dripping off my voice.

"So Ray, what's with the hair?" he asked.

"One, I will now be calling you Ass if you continue to call me 'Ray, two, don't call me 'Ray', and three, what's with your hair?" I returned, an eyebrow raising.

"Well, what do I call you if I can't call you 'Ray'? And my hair isn't dyed blue and purple, unlike yours." He responded, leaning forward in his seat to grab a strand of my hair, but I shook him off immediately.

"You call me Soraya. Anyway, my hair is better this way than it is natural"

"I'm sure your hair isn't that bad." He stated, amusement clear in his expression and I shook my head with a laugh.

"You have no clue, Ass. Red hair clashes with everything, it's terrible to find clothes for. With this hair, I can at least change the colours so it goes with anything." I stated.

"Whatever you say, Ray." He said, lips curling to define his smirk more and I turned to face him full on.

"What did I say about that nickname?!" I snapped, eyes narrowed in annoyance.

"Is everything alright back there?" I heard Mr Bacon ask, cutting off Ashton's response as he snickered,

"It's fine Mr. Bacon." I replied and Ashton let out a sound that was a mix between a laugh and choking.

"Mr. Hagglebacon." The teacher corrected, in an annoyed tone.

"Whoops." I replied, pulling an innocent smile onto my face and leaning back in my chair. I was not going to get embarrassed within the first five minutes of being in a new school, even if I did get his name wrong.

"Whoops" I heard Ashton mimic under his breath, laughter clinging to his words as Mr. Hagglebacon turned to address the whole class.

"Everyone, please open your books to Chapter 16. I want the chapter read and reviewed by the end of the lesson." Mr. Bacon told us. And I turned to see Ashton leaning forward to whisper something in the ear of the girl sitting in front of him, who in turn giggled and handed him her textbook without a second thought. I scoffed at the interaction and Ashton shot me another wink as he opened the book to chapter 16. The girl he'd gotten it from seemed to realize she was now bookless and turned to her friend beside her with a sheepish expression.

"Soraya, that includes you." Hagglebacon's voice drifted from the front of the room and I turned to see him glaring at me. I could already tell I wasn't going to be one of his favourite students.

"Hard to read something when you don't have the book, sir." I responded bluntly and his expression became more annoyed. Well, I was definitely not very well for my first lesson.

"Well, you can share with Ashton for today. By next lesson I expect you to have your own copy of the book, clear?" he instructed me.

"Crystal." I responded, moving closer to Ashton's table and he shifted the book to the edge of his table so I could read with him. His reading pace was slower than I would have liked... a lot slower.


Great, first lunch break. Well, I don't remember their names, or theirs, I have no idea who the hell they are... oh, there's Ass. So, let's look at the other side of this cafeteria, shall we? Well, there's the girls from history... one of their names is like, Janine or something like that. Better than nothing. I walked over to their table and got disgusted looks from them.

I turned on my heel away from them. Obviously they don't want to be friends... I felt an arm over my shoulder and the burning sensation started, so, with my first reaction I nearly punched the poor guy in the face. "Hey hey hey! Sorry if I scared you." He immediately stopped touching me and held his hands up like he was trying to calm an animal. "It's okay." he added calmly.

"Sorry, I just don't like it when people touch me." I told him, feeling everyone's eyes on me.

"Fair enough." I then looked at him blankly. "You probably don't remember me, we had English together." I continued staring blankly at him. "I'm Raven." He introduced himself. He had jet black hair, with bright green eyes.

"Soraya." I said slowly.

"Me and my friends sit outside, you wanna join us?" he asked me, and I still felt everyone's eyes on me... especially a specific blue eyed brunette. Ass.

"Sure." I replied, following him outside. As soon as we reached the door, the cafeteria was buzzing with life again. We got outside into the warm air and the sun. I took a deep breath of the fresh air and continued following Raven to where he would hang out. I don't even know who his friends are. Great, more memorising to do.

"Hey guys!" Raven shouted at his friends. One of the boys had as red of hair as I naturally have with storm grey eyes, the other guy had brown hair with clear blue eyes, and the only girl here had red hair, similar to the other boy's... actually they have the same eyes too. "So, this is Soraya-"

"Omigod another girl!" the girl shouted, hugging me. "My name is Willow, that's my twin, Wilbur." She pointed to the red-head guy, so being twins explains why they have the same features.

"I'm Jackson." The brunette told me.

"Hey guys." I said.

"So, I don't want to call you Soraya, so what nicknames do you have?" Willow asked.

I laughed almost cynically before stating the obvious. "I don't do nicknames."

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