Dude... That's Not A Guy

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You Would Rather What?

Soraya’s POV:

“Hey, just because I'm pale doesn’t mean I never go outside.” I stated, trying to defend my poor, defenceless, pale white stomach.

“You sure?” Wilbur asked.

“How else am I supposed to be this damn skinny if I never go outside, Will?” I asked.

“Dude, I'm a fellow red head and even I'm not that pale.” Willow stated.

“Shut up Will.” I stated. Yeah, I call Willow and Wilbur ‘Will’. What of it? They always know which one I'm talking too so it’s all good. (A/N: to make it easier for you guys to know which one, I’ll do ‘Wilbur’ as ‘Wil’ and ‘Willow’ as ‘Will’. Double ‘l’ for Willow, single ‘l’ for Wilbur because that’s the amount of ‘l’s in their names.)

“Hey look, Alistair’s coming over here.” Willow whispered excitedly.

“Why are you so excited?” I asked in the same hushed tone.

“Because he’s damn hot. Look at that piece of perfection.” She said, her eyes wandering up and down his body.

“He’s not too bad.” I said a little off as I saw Ashton leaning against a locker and watching me as Alistair walked towards my group.

“Not too bad? Are you shitting yourself?” she whisper-shouted.

“Seen better.” I explained.

“Damn you must have been fucken hallucinating.” She stated as Alistair finally finished his walk over to us. Now all of the guys had somehow disappeared and it was only me and Willow with this douche-bag.

“Hey, Willow right?” He asked, looking at Will.

“Yeah…” she trailed off. Oh god this girl couldn’t talk to guys if her life depended on it. I went to leave her in this awkward conversation as payback for walking away when I tripped over, but I was stopped from completing my brilliant plan as Alistair said my name.

“Soraya, I actually came to talk to you.” When I turned back around Will’s face had dropped.

“What?” I snapped, obviously pissed off that I couldn’t just go and eat the chips and gravy that have been calling my name since I skipped breakfast this morning.

“I was wondering… since I'm shit at Spanish and you’re pretty good at it-”

“‘Pretty good at it’ is an understatement sweetie, but continue anyway.” I cut him off.

“Uh, well…” he trailed off while rubbing the back of his neck before he shot a quick glance back to Ashton and back to me. I looked at Ashton with a questioning look, but he only laughed. “I was just wondering if you could tutor me maybe?”

“Of course I can tutor you. Anything to help a fellow idiot.” I stated.

“So is that a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’?” he asked, confused with what I had answered with.

“Yeah, I’ll help you out.” I responded in an easy to understand way.

“Cool. I was also wondering if you would like to go with me to a party on Saturday.” He stated.

“Why?” I asked, now I was the one that was confused.

“You could be my date.” He cleared it up for me, and with that I tried not to laugh.

“Sorry sweetie, but you’re…” I trailed off trying to find the right words. “Not my type.” I came up with. I had a weird look on my face as I questioned what I had just said.

“What?” he asked, having a similar expression to my own.

“I don’t like you in that way…” I nearly said that in a questioning tone.

“You what?” how else did I need to put this in a way he would understand?

“Let’s put this simply for you, I would rather fuck a pig than fuck you.” He should understand that. Guessing from his expression I would say that he did. Should have known that saying something that way would be easier for his little brain to comprehend. I didn’t realize that Ashton had been walking past us when I said that, but as he started to laugh hysterically I realized he must have heard me.

“You would rather what?” Poor lad, Alistair mustn’t be turned down too often.

“I'm not going to be your girlfriend or anything like that. I’ll help you get skilled at Espanol but I sure as hell ain’t doing anymore with you.” I said, before turning to walk away.

“But… but…” the poor boy was struggling for words. “Ashton wasn’t getting in my way…” he trailed off.

“What? How does this have anything to do with Ass?” I asked him, his face became pale in response. “Alistair?”

“You say anything and the deals off.” Ashton said bluntly as he snapped out of his hysterics.

“Why would you get in the way of him asking me out?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“Urg, I always get the hot girls, and he wanted you. I decided I could give up one of my future girls for my friend.” Ass responded bluntly, and I'm pretty sure I just hated him a few thousand more times than originally thought.

“You wanna know something?” I asked rhetorically. “You wouldn’t have gotten me anyway.” I stated, turning to walk away.

“Why would that be Ray?” Ass asked.

“Because I'm not one of your call girls.” I said, before I leant in close to him. “You'd have to be damn lucky to have me.”

Ashton’s POV:

“Dude, seriously, no not possible” Alistair spoke up and I laughed,

“It is possible and I’m beating your sorry ass” I mocked just as I maneuverer my digital character into the perfect position to deliver the final kill shot.

“Urg” He groaned, sliding down the beanbag chair and onto the floor in defeat.

“Alistair man, you should know you’ve got no hope again him, gaming is like his second life” Xavier spoke up from his position on the couch with a bowl of chips, “why do you think we get all the girls” he joked with a wink and they both burst out laughing

“Yeah yeah, keep tellin yourselves that but we all know I win at both” I boasted with a giant grin, “but don’t worry, I’ll let you guys have some action”

“Pfft, whatever you say” Alistair chuckled

“Hey speaking of girls, what do you guys think of the new girl?” Xavier piped up,

“She’s pretty fine, if I do say so myself” Alistair smirked, “Wouldn’t mind me a slice of that cake”

“Get in line bro, I call dibs” Xavier grinned,

“She’s certainly something, I’ll give you that” I added in and both of them groaned,

“Noo, you always get the girls” Alistair pouted and it was oddly like a wounded puppy,

“Urg fine” I gave in “You can see if you can get her first” I stated,

“Yes!” they both cheered,


“But what?” they asked with a frown,

“I don’t want you guys being pricks about it got it?” I gave them both a stern look before a grin slipped onto my face, “And when you fail, she’s mine”

“Deal, but you gotta back off from her, got it?” Xavier bargained and I shrugged,

“Fine, but I’m not going out of my way to avoid her”

“Fair enough” Alistair grinned, “looks like it’s just a war between me and you bro” his grin turned into a smirk as he silently challenged Xavier,

“Sure is, but we both know she’ll fall for me” Xavier boasted and I burst out laughing,

“Yeah yeah guys whatever, let’s get back to the game” I said with a grin as I watched my two best friends groan and deflate.

“Dude, dude, look there she is” Alistair shoved his arm into my side and I winched slightly looking down the hall to see who he was talking about. I scanned the hall in front of us but it didn’t take me long to spot the brightly coloured hair standing out amongst the normal blondes and browns. It was obvious he was talking about her.

She was wearing what could be considered her usual out there kind of look: a loose fitting black crop top that reviled part of her surprisingly well-toned stomach, with what appeared to be the superman logo and a pair of ripped, skinny jeans. It suited her well I concluded with an appreciative smirk, Alistair seemed to think the same as he began heading over to where she was standing with her little friend group.

“Dude quick, give me some advice.” He asked when we were about ten meters away,

“I don’t know just ask her to tutor you in a class or something, you suck at Spanish right?” I offered with a shrug,

“Awesome, thanks man” and with that he winked at me and walked over,

After debating for a second I realised I wanted to see how this would go and made my way over to lean against the lockers nearby.

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