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Apocalyptic mayhem

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When you think about the end of the world you imagine robots going on rampages or zombies trying to eat your brains. But what Ash saw that night proved the end of the world was a whole lot crazier than she first imagined. With the help of her trusty dog will she be able to survive, or will the crazy apocalypse be the end of her.

Humor / Fantasy
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Are brains that tasty?

HEEEYYYY I hope you are having a great day when reading this and you follow and comment if you want another chapter. Its my first time so forgive me for any grammatical errors and such and do comment them if I may have ended up missing them. Thank you for reading my book and again I hope you have a wonderful day. <3 <3 <3 :)

My heart is racing as I peer from under my bed. The steps echoing in the shell of what once was my home. I wondered where did everything go so wrong. I curled up crying and praying for this nightmare to end but what I had not known is that it had just begun.

“RING, RING”, my alarm blasted through my dreams, shaking me awake. What was that, it felt so real . My eyes wondered over to the time, when It dawned on me that this was the real nightmare. “oh no” I mumbled to myself as the words of my Boss ran through my mind “if you come late again its OVER FOR YOU”. I jumped up ran to the bathroom trying not to slip and trip on clothes scattered from last night.

Get your mind out of the gutter nothing happened, it was just me, the zombies (tv kind) and a bucket load of sugar. With that thought I grabbed a piece of toast and shot out straight to my car door. anna was ringing for the third time today sending voice messages asking where I was and how she was covering for me. I don`t know how I was lucky enough to have made such a great friend like anna, slightly wacky but full of love. She is always there to cover for me when I end up over sleeping after a full night. Yesterday was one of the biggest nights of my life, zombie avengers the finale came out and I had to binge it all. Who was gonna save the citizens now that all the superhero’s are after there brains. Allot of people think its an abomination but I think its a beautiful piece of art filled with brains, guts galore perfect for a Sunday night in. Until you wake up the next day with a massive headache and a tummy ache from all the candy. I disagree to believe eating all that candy was a mistake, I say it was the best choice for past me not the best for present one though.

I arrived at the store and peaked my head around the corner to see if the coast was clear, my boss loves to patrol around like he is the protector of the land. In reality if anyone ever tried to rob the store he would cry (like a little girl) and give his phone and wallet in a second. A little boy had come strolling in “armed” (my bosses words) with a gun but in reality it was a tiny water pistols, the one you get at the dollar stores. He cried, threw his wallet at the kid and ran off to hide screaming "everyone duck". He told us that an armed thief took his wallet but the CCTV showed us the truth. He made us swear that this video will never leave the store, but..... BY ACCIDENT my finger hit post and it became viral. Our store had the most customers but it is also the reason why he hates me. What, it truly was an accident …. I had recorded the video for my own entertainment... maybe future blackmail (I never said I was a good person) and accidental ended up butt posting it (its a thing look it up, happens to so many people). Everyone at the store was buzzing about it and kids everywhere came with pistols ready for a live show. I missed those days.

While reminiscing, my phone pinged and I got a message, it was anna “he is on the prowl but I left the back door open for you, huuurrrryyy”. I look behind me and see a brick lodged in the way of the door and remind myself to thank anna and tell her how much I love her. When a another ping came with a message from anna that said ” I know you love me :) but get your butt in here”. With that I snuck into the back of the store with my hoodie over my face and tiptoed to the staff room.

But before I could reach there, a large hand was placed around my wrist and my arms where bent behind my back as I was shoved into the ground. of course I didn't go without a fight, I was after all a black belt, so I used my leg and kicked the person where it hurt and legged it. I jumped into the bathroom and locked myself in. What my luck, of course I am the one to get jumped at 8am in the morning.

I put my uniform on and stepped out just to be welcomed by josh. I know what your thinking ooohhhh josh who is he, where is the story in there and I am sorry to disappoint but there is none. Josh doesn’t even know I exist, let alone talks to me. Every time I see him he says “oh what’s your name” and “are you new”. I have been working here for 4 years, 4 YEARS and I get the same BS (mind the language, kids it just means … business ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). He knocked me back into reality when he said " I am so sorry I thought you where trying to rob us, are you okay, I am such an idiot" I must have been hearing things but I thought I heard him mumble " instead of asking her out I jump her great...". But that is probably just the side affect of the head trauma ( I have been watching greys anatomy and damn where can I get my self a handsome doctor, you know what I mean ;-D ) he had caused. My mouth was to slow to stop these words from escaping " I am so sorry for killing your future children". He looked at me with big eyes and broke into a laugh " don't worry future children have not been harmed and I deserved it anyway, are you new?" ( did I not tell you, every time without a doubt) I saw something flicker in his eye as if he was kicking himself internally. But before I could reply he asked " what where you doing sneaking around like that where you late" with a smirk on his face as he stared at me waiting for an answer. All I could think of at that moment was OMD he is noticing me, don't blush and don't make a fool of yourself okay and do not MESS this opportunity for us. So with grace and elegance I stumbled on my words and ended up saying " I was late after watching superman devour a doctor that wouldn't give him chocolate pudding" and he giggled in the cutest way and my stomach was full of butterflies. " you like zombie avengers, people say its an abomination to the avengers but -"

"its a piece of art" while bursting out into a fit of laughter. Until I hadn't realised I had said " you have a cute laugh" out loud, i am starting to believe my brain is trying to make me a spinster that only has her 100`s of cats to talk. But to my surprise a blush spread across his face and our eyes met. I was lost in his deep blue eyes swimming around until my boss dragged me back to earth screaming " WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING, GET BACK TO WORK NOWWWW!!!". With bits of acid flying at us, With that I rushed onto the shopping floor to be greeted by a swarm of people, oh s**t it boxing day.

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