Heavenly Prize

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Chapter 9


“Oh Jack, what a tiring day it has been. You ok? Did you enjoy your time out with Dug? Oh, and thank you for avoiding any mischief with Dug. I am glad you returned him back in an excellent condition. He was saying he enjoyed his day out with you and you were a great sport. he just sat in car and went to sleep. Are you tired too?”

“Not at all Peter. I had made a promise to you, remember, to take care of him. So I did.” I sat on the chair opposite the bed where Peter sat taking his shoes off. Then he took his trousers off and adjusted his boxers between his thighs, shaking his legs sideways. Now sitting down again unbuttoning his shirt.

“I know you kept your promise. Now, have you chosen anywhere to go this evening?”

“Aunt said how tired you all were. Della is filling the dishwasher. I don’t mind spending the evening at home with you.” I got up from the chair and sat next to him on the bed, putting an emphasis on ‘you.’ He held the shirt by its neck and pulled it over his head. My eyes wondered to the beefy armpits, whilst his shoulders fell back relaxing the shoulder blades. I half lied down and turned my head towards his back, where my ear just touched above the belt on his shorts. I got the urge to hold him. So I reached my hands to his neck.

“Oh just right there, to the right, a little in the centre, that’s it, a little harder, oh that’s much better, aah m..aa..n.” His tone always become deeper and most loving when he is directing my hand on his itchy back and shoulders.

“Well, I was thinking, Peter...”

“Yeah, you have been doing a lot of thinking lately.” He twisted back from the waist and wriggled his fingers on my ribs to which I curled up in sensation.

“What have you thought about this time?” He bent over my face to put his both hands around my ears. He rubbed my ears really hard, but for some reason it didn’t hurt at all. Anyone else and I would have given that whosoever such a kick. But not Peter. He lent over my face and kissed my ear furthest away from him. His breath smelt of strong coffee.

“What thoughts are steaming up in that little brain, eh?” I turned my face and smelt his underarm. Any tiny bit smell of his gets my brain spinning. I get so high that I feel breathless as if a balloon has been blown up in my throat. I breath in fast and hold it in for a while and want to keep my eyes closed which gives me the sensation of sinking deeper into bed. I think Peter will stay in that position for a long time.

“I am sweating. I am just going for a quick shower and then we go out. Are you having one?” I sprang out of bed as I heard him get up. Shower again it is.

“Yes. I was thinking about that.”

“Come off it.” A gentle thud on the shoulder. “You will get me in trouble. Della is out there.” Peter almost whispered the final bit with eyebrows squeezed hard and pointing outside the bedroom by tilting his head. His one hand it seemed automatically went to his neck which he started scratching. His brow remained stiffened.

Peter is such a kid. Worried about getting into trouble with Della! He is the total in-charge of everyone. Every one even the outsiders treat him like a superior and ask for advice. Then they can’t thank him enough for what he does for people. He is the commander. His judgements are kind which are received with delight, and decisions swift; and execution of his orders swifter. The failure or the mere indication of slowness in response to him can result in hearing a voice sounding like thunder from which there is no escape if one was to run for miles. Above most, in his heart there lies the passion for justice graced by a boundless generosity, for which he is always receiving complements. There is no way he can get in trouble. Needless worry; a momentary false sense of insecurity as far as I can see. Generally, I am the one who is worried about such consequences.

Still, if that’s what he believes, I never want him to think that I am the cause or the perpetrator of any trouble to him. He is far too dear to me. my best friend ever. Someone I can rely upon in exchange for a retrospective deal. I felt of a slight embarrassment for him thinking that any such consequential incident was going to take place. Shame that he should think this way. I shall make my position clear. It’s always better to be understood well so as to leave no room for misunderstanding. Re-assurance request placed and granted; without hesitation.

“I won’t let you get into any trouble. I will always take care to avoid it in the first place, or I will help you resolve it to say the least.” I put both my hands on his wrist. I felt his pulse beating to a rhythm in response to a personal proposal of a lifelong kinship. I had a profound feeling of the presence of a third party to witness my proposal, to which I looked around the room, until he twisted his wrist within my loose grip and held my hand as if to shake it for a new deal.

“I trust you.” He looked so serious as if it was an unexpected offer. For a moment, I thought he will repeat the same to me. He just rubbed his hand behind my head pulling my neck towards him. I am not sure what causes him to do it, but it seems quite natural from his point of view, as he does it whenever he wants to show his appreciation, which is often. I haven’t seen him do this to Della, or anyone else. So it must be something that is different about me to him. Well, I have grown used to it over the last year. I, in fact like it, come to think of it.

I followed him to the bathroom anyway. The door was left wide open. I saw him standing to take a piss on the toilet with his legs wide open and slightly bent at the knees. From my standpoint it looked like the pose of a wrestling challenger inside of a ring. Then legs straightened as he finished. His physical movements are just so fascinating that I want to ask him to repeat the same movement, several times over, if I could recreate the situation for him – although some situations cannot be immediately re-enacted. And there are so many of these that I couldn’t draw up a list for him. I could possibly list some items for my own reminder, but I feel that then it would lose its delightful surprise touch. I wish Della had also gone away with aunt.

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