Heavenly Prize

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Chapter 11


“So, what are we doing today?” I couldn’t wait to get out of the bathroom. But, asked this question casually in Della’s presence holding the towel around my waist.

“Peter is going to dedicate the whole day to you. I am just here for breakfast which we are going to have together, after which I have to leave soon.” Della folded the papers and gathered her hair around the neck to put a hair band around it.

“I have a surprise plan. I know you would like it.” Peter’s smile stretched, and he winked at me. I couldn’t believe it. I had just been thinking about a plan, and he has taken a fancy to the same idea. He is now beginning to treat me like an adult. Winking at me, like he does with his grown up friends. All sorted.

Breakfast just wouldn’t finish fast enough. I tried to eat as fast as possible, but Della poured more food in my plate. She thinks I am unusually hungry to be eating so fast. However, Peter ate as slowly as possible. What’s wrong with him? Not focused enough on the task ahead some time, I know. At last, the breakfast finished with each second stretching to an hour. I hurriedly helped Della clear the table and fill the dishwasher, to ensure Peter gets ready sooner.

“I am going to take you out somewhere nice for the whole day. How’s that? Would you like to spend the whole day with me without Della? Do you think you can manage? Hmm.” He held me close by putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Off course! I would prefer nothing but just your company for the day. My wish has come true. We can go play tennis, or go the club for tenpin, or do whatever.” I put my arms around him and jumped up and down on my toes. I couldn’t wait for the special day to begin its course.

“He needed a coach about!” Della’s voice came in trail as she headed out of the bathroom to the bedroom to get ready. Actually, I would like to be referred to as his friend, but I don’t think Della is in a position to understand yet.

“Ok, pack your kit, and wear some nice clothes and shoes. Can you pack a kit for me as well?”

“Sure sir.” I ran back to my room, packing fast, running to their bedroom, packing fast. Della and Peter both were getting dressed, but I didn’t care to pay any attention. I was ready in under five minutes.

Out of the door, I threw both bags in the boot and waited for Peter. He wouldn’t hurry up, slowly giving some last minute instructions to Della at the door. Then I saw him walking to the car in the back view mirror. He forwarded himself so reluctantly at the slowest of pace, I swear I suppressed the urge to go out to give him a little badly needed push. I composed myself and in vain tried to look cool and relaxed. I had already taken the hood off for him to jump in, but no way. He opened the door touching the handle really gently and held his gaze at me smiling from the corner of his eyes. Are we going to hit the road today, I thought as I threw my head back in an impatient agony.

“Today you will learn to be patient along with plenty of discipline.” He goes, with a new kind of smirk and put his jacket on the back seat.

“Peter, that’s your new jacket. Are we going to a party?” I sounded reluctant as I wished there to be no such arrangement. I would hate to have Peter mingling with others whilst I would be left at the bar sipping some cold drink. I just hope Peter has something more exciting in mind to coordinate with my idea of a good day. I can put forward a suggestion of course, but let’s first get the surprise unwrapping.

“Not a party, the jacket is for the dinner in the evening if we have the chance. Right now it’s just too hot to wear it.” He unbuttoned his shirt. I couldn’t bear to look at his chest. It moves with every breath. The right time will come soon, so I stared at the road. Suspense excites me, however, for me, it is psychologically impossible to stay excited in perpetuity. you always want to quickly get to the bottom of a puzzle.

“Are we going into a room?” I asked nicely in case that was part the surprise.

“Room? Maybe. I am going to settle you for once and all as you have been quite unsettled lately.” He turned his face to me. Such a smile to give me a hellish heartbeat. My patience which had been resting on the brim for a long time was beginning to boil over. I leant over and stroked his shoulder with my head. He lifted his arm above the steering wheel and gripped my head under the arm. I wriggled myself free. He gave a small laugh. We hit the highway. If there is a room it must be in a house, and perhaps other people in it. Whose place is it, and when do we get there? What will take place and most of all if I don’t find it exciting at all? But there have been no clear signals. So, you see, as I am powerless to affect the outcome, resulting in an urgent desire to resolve uncertainty, I could perhaps minimise the impact by some advance knowledge of the facts.

“How far is it?”

“We should be there quite soon. It is just a little out of the town.”

“Ok, give me a brief overall description of the place, please.”

“Sorry, can’t tell. The brief description is a surprise in itself, I should think!”

“How do you know I am going to like it?”

“I just know it because you have been calling for it.” I was surprised that he was prepared to dedicate the whole day to my plans. He is very caring after all. As a signal of respect to his caring attitude, I suppress my feeling of uncertainty and stop asking questions. The important point is that I trust his moral maturity. In conclusion, I have placed my faith in him.

“Peter you will enjoy it too because it might be you getting surprised.” I pressed his shoulder in a comfortable and friendly gesture.

“Just seeing you getting settled will give me a lot of pleasure. Be assured my boy.” Peter let out a General’s expression and smiled to the traffic ahead.

“Now close your eyes as we are just about to go through the gates.”

My eyes opened wider.

“Please. Best put your head on your knees.” Peter slowed down the car and looked in my eyes.

“Ok, ok.” I had to follow the command for him to take his eyes off me and speed up the car. I felt the car turn and drive a short distance, then go through some gates, gear up, down, reverse; perhaps an uneven surfaced car park. The car halted and engine switched off. The place seemed quiet and away from the main road. The sun burnt my neck. I can smell something clinical.

“No, no don’t look up yet.” His hand gently brushed my neck and pressed my head down.

“All this wait is going to prove its worth so much so that you are going to love me ever more. But let me get out first.”

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