Heavenly Prize

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Chapter 14


I went over without excusing myself. There in the room stood Peter out of his stubbornly attitude and more like a god sent father, buttons undone from the collar down, one foot on the bed, one elbow on his knee, and hands joined together giving his countenance an imperial splendour. He had an identifiable air of a commander who steers the course of nature with his carefully chosen words. He looked serious enough as if ready to address a large audience. He hadn’t washed his face. His eyes came from the door through which I had just entered, and closed in on me. He unclasped his hands, and motioned me towards him by raising one arm to my shoulder height. I almost got pulled towards him.

“You know the greatest gift is patience under great infliction. Nobody can give or take it from you. You are blessed with it because you are not afraid to learn.” Peter spoke close to my mouth and hugged me tight, tighter and held me there for a good while in an ever increasing pressurised brace. The pressing to a soft object became still so hard that it emptied my lungs of air to which I needed to breathe in strongly. His shirt was wet with sweat. The profound smell from his moistened chest felt so strong that the wet vapour went straight into my nose and stung my eyes. However, there is pleasure. I tried it once again. His hands rubbed my back. He rubbed his face in my head where I heard a louder breath through his nose. I looked up. His eyes looked red. There, I smelt a silent emotional outburst. He was making up for what according to him is a lost time between us. He held my face up and looked around on it as if ardently inspecting the minute precision of the features on it.

The warmth I felt was unbearable to contain. For a moment it all felt unreal. I gripped my fingers on his sides that dug into his shirt. He suddenly let me go and we both looked to his side where the shirt had got a hole. Then the silently shared laughter ensued.

“Peter, when the ground is clear, we can play a game of ping pong.”

“When the ground is clear, you will catch up with some sleep because I have a plan for you early in the morning.”

“Is there another surprise early morning tomorrow? Another new membership to a club perhaps?”

“Actually yes. I am getting you a gym pass so you can build some strength here.” he shook me from the shoulders.

“That will be useful for my tennis.” We walked out hoping to say goodbye to Fills. it was quick as he was about to leave. All done and dusted. Look forward to tomorrow. Its already here, I said to myself and went into my room. I stared up and found myself staring at the bright ceiling early to the sun rise. I sprang out of bed.

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