Heavenly Prize

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Chapter 4


I was exquisitely delighted at having achieved a rare success. Della rang to say she couldn’t make it back for dinner as things looked really serious with Nan and she had to be there for longer than expected. She expected to be back after the dinner and asked me and Peter to go out without her. I wasn’t that bothered about going out, or eating. I had realised my plans today and I was just happy as it is. I felt that I had visited inside him.

Peter got out of his room fully dressed and pointing to the phone “any word” spoke in a deep throat smokers’ voice. I told him he was sleeping fast so I didn’t disturb him to take Della’s call and repeated the full message. I told him I was feeling sleepy and wasn’t much bothered about going out. “We can do it tomorrow.”

“Ok, tomorrow then. This thing with Nan has ruined our day. I mean, our evening. You can order some food for your dinner. Do you mind if I go out by myself since I have already got dressed?”

“No problem Peter. I will order a pizza and watch some telly. I will be off to bed soon. Take care!”

He felt for the door handle, stopped midway, and turned back to look at me. I was just about to change the channel when he left the door and walked back to me looking terribly serious.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come out with me?” He spread his fingers over my head and briefly held it against his thigh where I felt a pulse twitch. “You know, I wish you were young enough, so that I would put you on my shoulders and take you out with me.” He combed my hair with his fingers.

“I told Della I will be here when she gets back.”

“Oh well, you have worked hard to get these results. You must have rest, and importantly give your brain some rest,” with which he let go of my hair and pushed my head back.

He straightened his back and headed back to the door. I felt both pleased and anxious. I couldn’t even sleep. I stared at the tele long after the game was over. His blushed face and serious looks stayed on my mind. Much later Della arrived back; and the kisses and the hugs began once again. I manage to pull away before she began slobbering all over my face. Many apologies given, for not being able to go out with us on my important day. “Oh my sweet darling. My baby; my little intelligent baby.” Only if she knew what had just happened in the shower. I decided to stay up to wait for Peter’s return. I didn’t want to go to bed without seeing him for the remainder of the day, or night as it was.

Della was busy in her room and I was still staring at the telly when I heard keys turning into the lock outside. Peter arrived back, looking drunk. He almost fell in through the front door.

“Hello there my young man! Great evening out.” Slurring his words. “Is Della back?” Peter dropped himself on the sofa like a stone to which I almost sprang out of the sofa. I managed to just shift a little.

“Now tell me my lad, you are not in bed? Do you know the time?” His Arm curled around my shoulder pulling me towards him. I relaxed a bit.

“I stayed up to say good night to you.” I breathed heavily and spoke slowly as if still controlling my sobs from the afternoon.

“How sweet is that? Now give me a good night kiss and off you go to bed. Tomorrow we have guests for breakfast. So, you will be rushed off your feet early morning.” He let go of my shoulder and slipped himself further on the sofa in a more relaxed position.

I was just about to put my hand on his leg when Della arrived in the living room buttoning her night dress and holding a hair brush in one hand. She sat next to Peter brushing her hair.

“I have just got back. Things over there seem to have settled for the night. There will be a lot of travelling to the hospital for a few days. Your aunt Cynthia is on her way. She is over here for breakfast tomorrow with her husband and your cousin Dug.” She directed the final part of the speech to me. “Be sure to be on your best behaviour for breakfast. I will wake you early. Do you need to iron anything?” Peter looked at her and me in turn. “How did today go by the way? I am so angry with myself for not being able to go.” She addressed the last sentence to Peter

“I will be fine tomorrow Della. I know what to wear.”

“Oh yeah. He knows it all. Mature now you see.” He said to Della, and rewarded me with a knowing smile.

“Are you off to your room?”

“Yes he is. Do you know we are the proudest parents in the region?” Off you go to sleep dear. I will tell Della all about today. Peter’s super grin returned and his face started to go red. I sighed with both relief and excitement. I wish I could read Peter’s mind. I wish I was old enough to stay up till late and chat with them like they were doing now.

“Night Peter, night Della” – I kissed them both and went to my room. Both returned their hugs and kisses. Della especially gave me an admiring look.

Back in my room, I changed into my night attire and stretched on the bed, and only remember closing my hands under my head. My eyes felt terribly dry and closing them remained the sole option.

Just then, I felt about my body and could feel that something strangled my feet. I could just about tell both Della and Peter looking over me and a sadistic glance over one another. Peter certainly returned me a frowning stare. I began to wriggle my feet quite violently to set them free from the restraints of which I was startled awake. I heard careful footsteps outside my room. The bottom corner of the bed sheet had somehow wrapped itself to my feet. Not sure if I was dreaming as my eyes opened wide to the sparkle at the window. The honey colour glow of a distant street lamp glinted at the window frame. It looked like still night outside. I felt hot and sweaty. I heard Peter’s footsteps going to the bathroom. Bathroom door opening, then closing. Sound of piss in the toilet. Wash basin noise. Some movements. Footsteps returning back and slowed down outside my door.

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