Heavenly Prize

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Chapter 6


He shut the door and came back to bed. He lied down facing me and grabbed a pillow under his head. He folded his arms above his head cuddling the pillow. He seemed to have an unsure smile lingering barely visible in the darkened room except by the east facing window where the sun was still quite far away, however he didn’t take his eyes off me. I moved closer to him and put my hand back under his arm and moved it around his chest. Fingers running in his chest hair. Then the softer bulge of the chest, then nipple, then the other nipple. An out-and-out blossom upon a bunch of flowers each petal a thick velvet boosted with alluring colour and an impelling odour so captivating and tempting, to mention the least. His clean fleshy body seemed to be of an immense interest to me. If there was a drop of sweat, I would have liked to have tasted it. His body smelt like an apple. Or an orange. Or something similar. I caressed it like a rare stone. I extended my neck and put my lips on his nipple. A butterfly slowly and carefully lands on a flower laden with seemingly endless nectar.

I looked up to his face. He was still keeping his gaze at me and smiling with his lips loosely shut. Perhaps this was his idea of being an active partner, although I know what active partners do. He didn’t have to smile at me as if I was a, a kind of, a toddler. A tiny bit of a provocative smile would do me fine for now.

I moved up and kissed his lips where I lingered for a while and finally got hold of the lower lip in my teeth. That will teach him to smile at me like a grandmother. I gripped his body with my arms around him. He finally responded to my long kiss and loosened his lips. I licked his teeth, and my hand slid below his arm crawling around his back into the belt of his shorts. He pulled my hand out but didn’t terminate the kiss.

I kissed him with some more passion, and around his nose. My fingers ran smoothly on his back towards the belt of his shorts. He grabbed my hand midway and kept it there, slowly gripping my fingers harder until I was compelled to release my hand and move it back on his shoulder. I would postpone that bit for now as he didn’t seem ready for it. I might show him that kind of magazine so that he also has a similar idea to mine, which would work for both of us. His continued smiley stare made me conscious of my sinking confidence.

I moved myself over his head and let him use my stomach as a pillow. This way I was in a much better position to look at his whole body. A very interesting position to have, indeed.

“Jack, are you happy?”

“I am very happy now.”

“I mean, any problem whatsoever, if you have ever been confronted by a problem which is incapable of solution? We all do. I might be able to suggest a way out of it, or help, should you wish to discuss it with me?” He put his arm up across my stomach and began rubbing his hand around it. I wasn’t sure what he meant by discussing it with him. I could have told him to go find a similar magazine, an undertaking I guessed would be much easier for him to accomplish, but he started before me.

“You know you never need to hesitate for a single moment if you ever want to speak out about anything to me, right or wrong. Friendships are based on trust. Tell me you understand this.” He tightened his hand grip on the side of my stomach. He can cover a big chunk of my stomach with just one hand.

“Sure sir,” I had to say to get his grip loosened. “And I expect the same from you.” I said just to provide him with an even level platform with me. Fancy Peter hinting at our relationship developing into a friendship? Still, it is too early to start discussing my point as I wasn’t sure if he would understand the type of magazine I had in my mind, or if he had ever been to such an outlet, or had access to any friend who would. Anyway, it might get my friends in trouble for their daring immaturity. I felt presently he cared for me in a different way and probably more than my imagination could measure. It is deeply reassuring anyway. It made me feel safer and welcome in his company.

“So long as you are happy. That is just good enough for me. And don’t call me sir.” I felt his eyes closing.

I curled over towards his face, and took his upper lip in my mouth. Tasty like hell. He didn’t react at all. I breathed an aromatically musky air through his nose. I felt the grip of his hand loosened further. Now is the right time for him to make a start. My eyes closed and opened with the broad day light that shined through the window. I was lying neatly straight on the top side of the bed where I had gone to sleep. A pillow had somehow got under my head. Bed sheet neatly tucked in its corners. Peter not there. We have company for breakfast. I rushed over to the bathroom. Radio on. Della making noise in the kitchen.

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