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Saga 1: We, From The Monster Department. The screen flickers as a colorful animation appears. A heavy voice speaks, "Is there a monster in your closet? Did you see Casper peeping around your bathtub? Do you suspect your neighbor is a demon and wants to steal your lawn mower? Is your girlfriend under a love potion or is your husband lured by a scubuss. Want to hang around the haunted cabin in the woods for a date? Are you in love with a ghost and want to leave your wife who is a witch? Are you suspicious that your boss is a beast from another world? Do Dragons bath in your swimming pool and Phoenix make nests on your roof? Did a ghost steal your toilet paper? Worry not, seek professional help. We here at the Monster Department are willing to help you out...after you pay us. We have experienced Dragon Slayers, Witch Killers, and a special Toilet Paper Recovery Department. "Live with Hope, Love your family, and pay us with a credit card."

Humor / Fantasy
Ali Haider
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A Story To Read

In a small inn, many people sat together and chatted happily.

They talked about their lives and went on with their drinks.

"Hey Jessie, how was your anniversary?"

"Crappy as always."

"What do you mean crappy? I gave you a diamond ring!"

Jars went empty as hearts turned full. The chatter around the are was overwhelming.

A man held a tray with several glasses and took it to a table. Shouts occured as the men grabbed them.

"Yay! Cheers to Ian!"

Many lovebirds sat, throwing affection at each other.

"Your looking good today."

"You too."

There were many students dressed in uniforms holding their laptop and typing away at it.

"I have to finish these 457 assignments before midnight! Then I can top everyone in class."

The place bustled with activity.

In the whole place, there was one seat empty. It was placed right in the middle of the inn.

This was the chair for the storyteller.

At this moment, an old man walked in the inn. His hair was white and he walked with a stick. His arrival immediately attracted a lot of attention as everyone turned to him and greeted with joy.

“Old Jo, how's it been? Did you get us a new story?“

This was the question everyone asked him.

But at this moment, Old Jo had a rather down expression as he sat on his reserved chair.

“No, lad. I have none today.”

His announcement aroused a series of disappointed gasps. They really loved the old man’s way of telling a story. Some people came to the inn specifically to hear his stories.

But now that there was no story today, they couldn't help the disappointment.

Just as some people were about to leave, a boy ran to Old Jo while carrying a heavy book.

“Sir Jo, I found this outside.”

He handed Jo the book and he keenly studied it.

It was an ancient styled book, the cover was made of leather, the pages were yellow and it was written with ink.

Two words were carved into the leather as they appeared with a mysterious aura

“A Story”

The surrounding audience was also surprised but more intrigued. They spoke up immediately.

“Come on Jo, read it!”

He slowly opened the book, the front page was empty. Leafing to the next one, he found some text. Reading out aloud,

“You may wonder,

What is a hero?

It’s really simple.

A Hero is someone whose story is told.

*Shuffles Page*

They say there’s a man,

A man who walked through his journey with nothing but his will

A man who brushed past his greatest foes

A man who saved the world

A man who's existence is not known to many

Let me tell you a tale, a tale of a man hailed as a Legend”

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