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Destined To Meet

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What happens when you feel you are meant to be alone, after being a loner for half of your life and accepting it? Sometimes fate hates us accepting what we feel is our Destiny, so it spices up our life and throws us in a pit full of drama, laughter and people. Amaryllis may have always thought of herself being awkwardly alone but all theories of her life are pushed out the window when she enters College. This is a Love Story revolving around two lives and people surrounding them fighting their way as Destiny pushes them together much to their dismay. A love full of humor, excitement, fun, sorrow and different people overcoming friction in the most uncommon way possible. Let the journey begin!

Humor / Romance
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As I grew up the only thing I was told was that Destiny has a lot in store for us and throughout my School life my almost loner self put hundred percent faith in Destiny.
Usually when we are in the School, the only thing we think about, other than our grades is Puberty. We all wish that Puberty hits us like a Truck and ends up giving us a massive Glow Up just like Kylie Jenner. Even though her glow up was not entirely based on puberty but what can we expect after getting hit by a Truck. We will have to go under a knife and even though thats a mere choice, my Chicken Arse never let me make that choice.
So not only was I part loner but I was part chubby, part awkward and part clumsy but the faith my Parents put in me never let me feel insecure about myself believing destiny is by my side and one day I will get there.
But, Destiny was keen on turning my life upside down like a roller coaster. As if being the clumsy mess of awkwardness was not enough, my one and only best friend who got bullied by my potential guy friend who suddenly changed before I could tell him how much his friendship meant to me, cut off ties with me without saying anything just after I saved her from getting bullied.
And the potential guy was long cut off by me after he turned into a talking and walking Bad Boy.
Believing this was my fate, I accepted the fact that I had to be a loner forever and marry my clumsy demon and have an extra-marital affair with my sleep paralysis demon.
But then, I went to College and Destiny suddenly didn't accept my acceptance of being a loner and it threw me in the most unexpected twist of events ever, giving my whole life a miraculous glow up. A Journey full of dramatic excerpts that tells us that Glow Up is not always peaceful.
Hi, I am Amaryllis and this is my Comically Bittersweet life story.
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