She is a free bird

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Eyes full of dreams, she decide to attain what she wants. In her mind she fits one thing , no matter what, she won't back off. How difficult things can be , she will fight. Just like a free bird , she is ready to accept any challenge, whether to go against flow or fight with thunder.

Humor / Drama
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Kaira, born into a royal family but due to some circumstances, her birth kept secret. She lived with her grandparents far away from the royal house in a small village where no one knows their real identity.
After few years when things back to normal she used to visit the royal house and her other family members but she does not like that place much. Even presence of every luxury and every sort of comfort in the royal house, she refused to live there as the place lacks affinity. Inside those large walls, there are hidden secrets.
But what comes next she never expects.
She has to go back and her sweet simple going life will change forever.

Right from her childhood, she lives life freely on her conditions.
Her grandparents raised her so well and taught her how to be independent.

As the royal king, her grandfather knows the best form of defence art so her grandmother. Right from her childhood, they taught her the best self-defence moves. Even at this age, they did their best to provide her with every comfort.

But what will happen when her own family tries to bound her.
One thing she hates most about the royal house that you have to live under someone else's conditions.
One thing she loves the most is her freedom.

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