She is a free bird

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Royal house

Kaira's P.O.V
16 years old

5 A.M,

I get up and change into my black sportswear. 'It's time to run!'. I'm so excited as it clears my mind. The chirping of birds, the greenery and the view of the river is beautiful. The river is 3 kilometres away from my home. After reaching the spot, I run parallel to the river. It feels so lively, the sound of running water relaxes my senses.

After running for 1 hour, I become sweaty. After reaching home, I dry my sweat and then pick up my towel and went straight to the bathroom.
It's the weekend, so we are going to the royal palace. I don't know what to feel. Should I feel happy, I'm going to see my parents, should I feel excited I'm going to meet my cousins or should I feel sad because I'm going to be imprisoned inside those marble walls for two days.
"Kaira, be quick we are getting late." Hearing grandma I snap out of my thoughts.
" coming" I reply

I reach the dining room where my grandparents are waiting for me. They love to wear the same colour clothes.
Granny is wearing a cream Indian suit with green emerald antique jewellery.
So as my grandfather cream Indian attire with a cream vest on it along with an emerald broach.
They are so cute together.
"ahem ahem, twining hmm". I say in a teasing tone

Granny starts blushing and grandpa starts laughing.

I am wearing a black tee with rebellious written over it, with light blue straight denim pants, and tied my hair in a high ponytail.

If I talk about my self I love living like this. I'm not at all interested in jewellery or dresses. Instead, I prefer comfortable clothes.
Three of us settle on the dining table to have breakfast.
"What's your plans?" Interrupts grandpa with a questioning look.
I know what he is talking about. I have finished school. It's time to step up.

"Waiting for the entrance results" there is a hint of worry in my tone.
Grandpa simply nods with hmm.

My grandma detects that and says "don't worry my child, you worked so hard for this, selection is all yours."

"Hope so" I reply with a tight smile.
"I don't have any other plans, I don't know if I will not make up to the last, what will I do," I ask them worriedly.

Grandpa looks at me "this is life child, you may have to face the failures but it never means that you should give up on one thing you always want, if you can't make up this time, give it a try again with more hard work. This is the flow of life and you have to keep going." He encourages me with his words that no matter what he is on my side always supporting me so as my grandmom " don't worry Kaira, we are here, there is a reason you don't have plan B because you only want this, and they are fools if they do not recognize the gem" last line she says sarcastically and a small smile forms on my lips, they both chuckle.

My grandparents are my biggest assistance, I don't know how I withstand without them.

"It's time to leave," says grandpa.

We reach the royal house after 4 hours driveway.

From a distance, we can see the huge iron gates, with tight security. Guards surround the entire palace.

It seems like a prison. Well with the huge number of restrictions, rules and regulations we can consider it as a '5-star prison' with every comfort and luxury.

We reach the royal house after 4 hours driveway.

Huge iron gates, with tight security, feels like a prison.

As soon as guards recognize our car they rush to open the gates.
The driveway is lined with pebbles and different varieties of roses. In between, there are marble statues, a total of fourteen in number, 7 to my left and 7 to my right. In the garden, there are many other sculptures covered with green vines and some of them with blooms that give an aesthetic look.
On the driveway, there is a fountain that separates the paths and leads towards the main foyer of the palace. The fountain is surrounded by red and white flowers, gravel, pebbles and water is sparkling under the sunlight.
We reach towards the main entrance of the palace, which is huge and carved with ancient elements.
We entered the grand foyer of the palace. It is mesmerizing. All walls are white and golden. In the middle, a large staircase leads to the first floor. The staircase is two way complimenting with golden grills alongside. The floor is shining with an image of golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Everything is designed in an antique manner.
Everyone is waiting for us. My entire family. Maa paa, my uncle's aunts, and my cousins.

They greeted us.
I run towards maa paa.
They both hugged me.

"Look who is back, my sunshine. Mamma missed you so much" She hugs me tightly and kissed my cheek.
" same maa," I reply while hugging her back

"my lill one grown too much, huh, we missed a huge part of you growing." Says paa and gives me a tight hug

" Yeah, but that's fine paa" I ensure him.

Then I hug my uncles then aunts, everyone is so loving.
To my shock who is here, the person I'm least expecting grandpa's sister.
She is glaring at me and I'm returning her gaze with the same intensity. 'Staring competitor'

Then I meet my cousins and my elder brother, all dressed so well in their elegant threads, all formal clothing.
Feels like, find the odd one out? Oh, easy peasy Kaira.

" We are getting late for the meeting, we should leave " uncle's voice captures everyone's attention. All the men with grandmoms leave the place.
While I and my sister go to Adhya's room.

Adhya is our eldest cousin, her name means first, so she is. She is the daughter of dad's elder brother.

We are 8 in number. I mean me and my cousins.

4 girls 4 boys equal number

Other than her,
Mishka daughter of dad's sister
and Saanvi daughter of dad's elder sister.

I'm the youngest among all.
We settle on her bed.

"So! Someone is getting married hmm" Saanvi speaks up excitedly and Adhya blushes.

" why?" I'm shocked to hear this. I have no idea.

Everyone gave me questioning look.

"I mean don't you think it's too early." I understand what they are thinking but I don't get the point in getting married at a young age.

"I am 23, Kaira. I think it's fine." Adhya reply with calmness in her voice

"you don't have any other plans for your life," I ask her again

"No Kaira baby, this is what I want." She answers and squeezing my hand a little.

" Then that's fine I think if it's what you want ." It's a little shocking for me and I'm not a baby anymore I'm sixteen, I want to scream this loudly but I do not.

" As if you have any other option." Says Mishka with a sly smirk

And then Mishka huffed. I knew they all know something which is yet to be found out by me.

"what do you mean Mishka?" I shoot my question toward her with annoyance written all over my face.

" It means, you are allowed to dream about only one thing and that is marriage," Mishka states it as an obvious fact which everyone knows, but I don't want to okay.

"This will only happen in their dreams" my tone is defying whatever she states. I know what I am capable of. I don't let anything come in my way.

"poor child as if they are giving you alternatives. You have only four years to do whatever you want ." Saanvi joins Mishka and trying to pity me but she fails. It seems more like a taunt.

" what!" Oh ok so there is another shock, now these people even decide the span of my freedom.

"yes, especially you Kaira, there is a reason why they kept you like a secret," Mishka speaks up. I know she is a meanie and that smirk on her face clears that she wants to get rid of me so badly. But I never understand why?

"what's that ?" I ask

"enough (speaks up in anger) enough of your non-sense discussion." But Adhya ends the conversation

I know something is odd, they never tell me the actual reason why they hid my identity for so long, I want to know why? But no one answers. I'm afraid to ask my grandparents. I don't know why? I give a side look to Mishka and saanvi. Both are having smirks on the face and something in the eyes which triggers my nerves.
This is non-sense, the air feels heavy. I can't stay here a minute longer. So I decide to leave

I leave the room and run towards the lake. That's the only place where I feel peace. I sit there and simply stares at the sparkling water. But after few minutes my stomach reminds me that I exist. I can do this for hours but right now I'm feeling hungry. My stomach needs something. So I went back.
The meeting is still going on.
After filling my stomach, I move towards the sitting area. I pick up the newspaper from the table and guess what I found. A new amusement park opens nearby and I want to go there. The little child inside me is jumping with enthusiasm.
Then all three of my sisters arrive there Mishka and Saanvi apologizes to me for their behaviour.
"We are sorry for the way we behave," they say in unison.
" I don't wanna talk about it" I reply curtly and narrow my eyes towards them. Like why all of sudden they are apologizing .
"Let it go Kaira baby" speaks Adhya with genuineness in her voice.
Oh, so she is the justification. She must scold them.


I'm sitting with grandma in the garden and tells her about the amusement park
"I want to go there granny, let's go please," asks with an innocent face and puppy eyes.

" tomorrow," says grandma with flashing whites.
And I squealed in enjoyment

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