She is a free bird

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Amusement park

Kaira's P.O.V
Next morning

As usual, I wake up at 5 A.M for a run then right at 7 everyone assembles at the breakfast table.

All dressed in formal clothes, well except me.

I'm so excited about a visit to an amusement park. Yup, I'm still a little child who finds thrill on those adventurous rides.

I enter my grandparent's room where grandmom putting her jewellery on and grandpa is enjoying his morning 10 am tea while admiring the view from the balcony
"so whose up for adventures"
"Oh my child, I'm so sorry we can't go there. Some issues need our urgent attention." Grandma makes a sorry face.
"But you can go with your cousins, ask them to join you." Says grandpa to cheer me because I know this is not going to work.
Suddenly something called solo wandering pops up in my mind and I excitedly ask them "can I go alone".

They share a look and then says "okay, but you have to be very careful and make sure to call us after every hour." Grandpa stats firmly.
Grandma walks towards me and cups my cheek
"You know, melody, how much we get worried about you"

I nod in understanding
"Let's go and asks your cousins what are they up to"
I know what will happen, the beauty pageants will resist and the misters will have some significant topics to deal with. I make faces in my mind.

" seriously, amusement park, like seriously amusement park," says Mishka with irritation written all over her face.

"so you are not joining " I knew it, but I'm happy she is a hell of a lot of drama.

"Nope, not even me. I mean, I don't want to degrade my beautiful hair on
that horrific"
She says with a weird expression. and I started visualizing. Imagine we are on a ride and the drama queen sits there with her hair open, the blowing breeze hits her face and lets her hair wave and when finally the ride stops she looks like a witch and the screams of the other drama queen.
And I snort while thinking about the whole scenario. A look towards her face has it all. I started laughing. Okay, I can't handle it anymore.
Drama queens are sending death scowls at me.
Then Adhya interrupts
"We are not coming. Take guards with you"

"what?? I'm not going anywhere taking those black suit men with me.
It's ok if you guys don't want to go, but I'm ok to go alone." Then I fold my arms.

"How about a boy in a white shirt and beige chinos" a manly voice reaches my ears resulting in a wide smile on my face. I know who he is
'Shaurya '
Shaurya is Mishka's younger brother.
He is one year older than me. The best part is he understands me so well.

"Nah boy, too conventional " and then we both chuckled.

Location: Amusement park

We entered the amusement park and I start jumping in excitement.

I am wearing white denim shorts reaching above my knees with a dark green shirt tucked in it and carrying a chain side bag to carry necessary stuff

Shaurya all dressed up in blue denim jeans shorts with a fitted Grey top shirt.

"let's race, reaching point flying chairs swings" He looks at me with challenging eyes and I know this is not just a race but something more

"Alright, but at what cost " I raise an eyebrow in his direction.
"The winner will make loser to do anything for the next 24 hours" he answers with a smug on his face.

Now it will be more interesting.

Now it's showtime. I know I will win. Running, that's what I do every morning right. I have a complete plan against him
Hahaha, devil me!

"Be ready to lose foo foo" and then I start laughing.
"Hey, do this word even exists " he huffs.
"Foofoo", " I repeat the words and enjoying the annoying expressions which are screaming "you won't leave these childish tactics "

"Okay, done, ready " I give him a side look and here we go again.
"Foo. foo"
"Stop now and let's start"

And at a go, we started running.

He is a good opponent. We are running at the equivalent pace. On the pathway, we strike with people as the place is crowded.
After crossing everything, for running about 2 3 minutes we reach the place.
And I won! I excitedly start jumping.

" damn" he punched downwards in the air.

" Awww, so someone loose, be ready for punishment foo foo" I'm enjoying this.
" leave this for now, let's enjoy". He points towards the rides with a tight smile and narrow eyes.

We sat on the ride, it starts rotating, initially slowly and then at a fast pace. Amazing! It feels like I'm flying in the air.

"let's try that reverse roller coaster" his eyes filled with different levels of euphoria.

"let's go," I said with a wide smile on my face.

This is something else, initially, we are moving at a slow pace, we reached the higher point and then it moves in the downward direction and speed increases. Everyone on the ride starts screaming.
At a point, it slows down, but all of sudden the ride reversed. There is a rush of adrenaline in the air. People are screaming.
We enjoy so many rides like this.
Then we went inside where there are bumper cars.
" let's go, let's go, let's go". I hold his wrist and pushes him towards our next target.
We sit in different cars and start hitting each other
"Stop doing that," he says
And I started giggling.
We enjoyed so many other rides like a giant wheel, y scream insanity and many more.
Then we move to a simple train ride in the air.
On this ride, we simply sit and it gives a tour of the entire place, peacefully.

On the top, we are watching people on different rides, eating candies, enjoying themselves with their families.

This is just stunning.

The grrrr in our stomachs reminds us to eat something.

After a tiring day, we reach home.

" ahem ahem, going somewhere foo foo? " I ask him in a teasing tone.

" Kaira, not now" he replies with a tiring voice and a tiring face.

" Right now" I am doing this just to annoy him.

" what, are you not tired. I have no energy. I just want to rest" he says irritatingly.

" Alright, then tomorrow"

"Of course, a lot is going in this devil mind of yours," he says while mocking my head lightly

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