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Next morning,

I go to my dear cousin's room which is on second floor. I knock the door

Shaurya: " who" he shouted from inside.

Kaira: "your loving , sweet, beautiful , amazing sister" I replied from the other side with mischievous grin .

Shaurya:" morning lill one "

Kaira: morning bro" I replied excitedly

He's room is color coordinated with white and royal blue. A king size bed in the middle of the room, to its right there is a door to his closet and his dressing table . To its left there is a huge glass window and a royal blue handcrafted chaise lounger with white cushions and white curtains. On the front side there is balcony door . Balcony is huge and beautiful. A long golden chandelier is hanging on ceiling and two wall lamps on the either sides of bed.

Now he is standing in front of his dressing mirror, brushing his hair back. I reach to his sides with a wolfish grin on my face and he is giving me a questioning look. All of sudden I ruffled his hair .
Now he is looking at me with a hint of irritation on his face but later it turns into a huge smile and he pull the scrunchie out of my hair and dishevel my hair making me complete mess.

Kaira: " oh boy! You are dead." I remark this and grab a pillow
And start hitting him with it.
He starts jumping on tge bed from one side to another, I try to pull the bedsheet , he throw another pillow in my direction which hits directly on my face . He starts laughing after this.

Kaira:" now , now"

He starts running and I am after him.
He run downstairs which leads to the main foyer. Running , shouting , teasing just like kids.

He suddenly bumps into a manly figure with 6 ft height all dressed in formal Grey suit and suddenly atmosphere changes . Air feels heavy and there is anonymous silence .

He is my uncle, dad's elder brother. He has that dominating aura which scares others.

Uncle: " what are you doing" he asked with a strong influence in his voice.

Shaurya: " unc..le, w..we " he stutters while speaking.
Haa!! Everyone fears him

Before even my cousin completed his sentence,Uncle interrupts

Uncle: " what you think , you are toddlers, running here like this." He asked again with the same influence.

It may scare Everyone around but not me .
Afterall I'm bringing up of his dad , I mean my grand dadda. I'm not at all affected by him or his tone .

I am now directly looking in his eyes and he is giving me death glares .

Then he speaks up

Uncle: "look at yourself , is this how royals behave , or is this the way you dressed up. All the manners and etiquette in vain."
He is now wearing strict expressions on his face .

Uncle:" May be you should enroll yourself in grooming classes , if not then I can organize a mentor to you guys so that you know how to behave ....."
He is about to say something but then one of his men Interrupted him,whispers something in his ear and without any other word they left

A sigh of relief

Shaurya: "phew" he acted dramatically
And i just smile tightly

In the evening,

I am chilling in my room in this house .
I chose this room because it is simple but elegant . Cream walls , bed in the middle . To my right balcony door with ruffled white and golden curtains. Ceiling have antique design with golden. To my left there is my closet and vanity . My balcony is beautiful with mini garden.

I am currently reading a book , sitting on my hanging swing chair near balcony .
Then Adhya , Saanvi and Mishka enters in my room. I am little bit surprised to see them.

They are all dressed up in beautiful dresses , perfectly manicured nails , hair tied up in a bun perfectly . They are actual definition of perfection .

Kaira: "so, what's going on" I asked them with a questioning look , because at this moment I am least expecting them.

Adhya: "Listen Kaira" , she speaks up but with a serious tone .

Kaira: " Umm, okay listening " I replied with the same serious tone .

Adhya: " I don't want to offend you okay" She said in a bit worried tone .

Kaira: "oh , so you are wondering, why i am still here even after the weekend ends" I cut her off and replied in funny manner .

Adhya and the other two gave me 'are you serious look'

Mishka: "okay let me explain , and end this fast." She spokes up suddenly before any one can utter another word.

Mishka: " you know Aadhya is getting married . So we will be her bridesmaid and most importantly we want you to dress up in traditional attire , just like one of us "

Saanvi: "and ya , not only traditional attire , but with a make up and acessories as well. "
She speaks up so excitedly.

Kaira: "whoaa, wait a minute . Why you wants me to be your bridesmaid. I mean we are not that close right , It's always you three and me. "

I asked with a hint of surprise.

Aadhya: "It's never like that kaira" It's because , you wants to spend your time alone."

Saanvi: " yaa, it's always you, who never indulge with us" .

Kaira: "so dude, who indulges in make up routines and kitty parties " I speaks up in a sarcastic tone.

Mishka: "okay, stop now" She raises her voice so everyone can listens her.
" what I have said before is final. No more arguments. " She finalized

I was about to speak but they cut off.
"Nooooo" they speaks in unison.

Aadhya: " Well, lill one your school ends right? Then why don't you live here with us" She asks me out of nowhere.

They all are looking at me with puppy eyes.

Kaira: " because , I don't want to , i am not used to this life. I am totally OK with that life .

Mishka: " aww lill one , get used to it . This is where future lies" .

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