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First stair of my dream

Mishka: " aww lill one, get used to it . This is where the future lies".

After hearing those words, I was dumbfounded. I don't understand why everyone hiding stuff from me.

"What do you mean Mishka," I asked her with a stunned tone.

"When the time will come, you will get all your answers," said a manly voice. We turned and all of our brothers enters my room.
That manly voice belongs to my elder brother ' Aarav'.

"I don't get the point, what's the big deal about telling me the truth," I said in a frustrated voice.
After announcing those words I stormed out of the room and sits on my favourite spot that is near the lake. It gave me a soothing sensation, there is a comforting peace.

After half an hour I get up and turned back, then I saw my elder brother Aarav is sitting behind me. Waiting for me. I don't know what else to do, so I turned my face towards the lake and again sits on the same spot. Then he gets up and walks toward me settles himself behind me. After few moments of silence, he spoke up
"Kaira " I turned my attention towards him. He is looking into my eyes and seems like seeking some answers.

After a huff, he finally enunciates "you always had my back, you know that right" I don't understand why out of nowhere, he is speaking like this.
"Lill one" after a long pause he speaks again. "Remember one thing, you have your elder brother, whenever you needs okay" he looked at me with a questioning look and waiting for me to acknowledge. I nodded. I am still confused why he is talking like this. What's the need to assure me?
"Life is full of upside down and you never know what comes next. It's not always how you want it to be. " he again let out words with hideous deep meanings. He is looking at the lake and throwing little pebbles into it absentmindedly.
"But remember, never gives up" he now looks into eyes with a strong will as if conveying to me confidential information.
"You know you are strong, don't let anything break you. " I'm still confused, is he talking about my ambition or is there anything else or that secret. I don't know how to react, I'm in no mood to argue or to ask him why? I don't feel like this is the right time to seek my answers. Deep inside I know he will not tell me anything, not even a single word. So I simply shook.

After few moments of silence, he was about to leave and requested me to go inside.
But I want to sit there a bit more. A notification popped up on my mobile. I peeked. I feel like I am on the ninth cloud. I just can't believe it, I stand up and started jumping in excitement. I am so excited to reveal the news to my grandparents.

So I ran towards the palace and directly goes to my grandparent's room. I didn't find them there so I asked a worker about their whereabouts.
He informed me that they are sitting in the garden.
So I ran towards the garden in total excitement.
I saw them, they were sitting around a circular table with three chairs and enjoying their evening tea.

"Guess what" I shouted so happily.
They are looking at me in a questioning manner but still holds the smile as they are happy seeing me like this.

"What my child, what's the news? " my granny asked with a smile while placing a hand on my left cheek. My grandpa is looking at me with curiosity.

" in aviation school". I answer to their curious gazes.

Grandma opens her mouth and then closes, she feels so ecstatic right now. Tears formed in her eyes .she knew how much this means to me.
My grandpa is also elated with my selection and they embrace me.

I'm feeling so happy now.
" so when will your classes begin, " asks grandpa cheerfully
"Next month" I replied with the same excitement.
"O, we need to shop a lot, we have only one month to go, shopping!!! Grandma exclaimed happily and she squeezed my hand in her excitement.

" within two days, I will finish my work and we will go back home," said grandpa

"Let's announce this news to everyone during dinner," said grandma.

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