The Twins

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They were born twins but different personalities. One is named Emily while the other Nahomi. Nahomi has always been the serious one while Emily the playful one. Their mum and dad can easily identify them so as their friends in school although they look the same but they do not behave the same.

Humor / Drama
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When they were five years old…..

Mum what my dear? Her mum answered from the kitchen. Emily is making noise with her friends in my room I am tiring to pronounce these words.

Emily was in her is having a sleep over with her friends in their room they came for a sleep over while tiring to see if she could pronounce two and three letter words because she just finished learning her alphabets. But my dear why don’t you go and join them you don’t need to stress yourself.

But mum they are too loud they keep laughing at me. Why are they laughing at you? They laughed at me when I don’t know the name of a cartoon they were watching, they also laughed at me when I tried to pronounce a word.

Like this one can you help me? Ok but you must join them after ok I will. She entered the room they were all hiding under the blanket and whispering to themselves. Emily what are you doing.

Emily raised her head up from the blanket. I, Lara and Lucy are telling each other story.

Lara and Lucy are also twins but they are not identical and they do are one year older than Emily and Nahomi.

Can I join? Asked Nahomi Sorry Nahomi but your stories are always boring said Lara. Nahomi felt like crying. Hey don’t talk to her like that Emily got angry.

Ok you can join said Lara. I don’t want any more you are mean Nahomi said out of annoyance. Emily ran and pulled her to where they wore come on don’t be like that I am sure she did not mean it right? Yes I didn’t I was just joking. They sat and told each other stories untill their mum came it’s time to sleep kids no more noise she said and off the light they all fell asleep.

Except for Nahomi she got up from the bed and tried to read a short story to herself. Mum? Nahomi it is time to sleep but this is getting too hard for me to read. Can you say just this one i am tring to read this story before i sleep.

Ok why don’t i read it for you. NO it is my own i can do it. If you read this by yourself you would sleep late this night just tring to pronounce on word. Let me help you. Her mum tried to collect it from her hand when she shouted and screamed. Emily woke up and went to her mum’s room. Mum? where is all this noise comming from I am tring to sleep. Then, she saw her mum carrying Nahomi in her hand while she tried to calm her down.

What happened? Emily asked. Go sleep my dear. Emily came closer what happened Nahomi? Emily ask but she did not get any answer because Nahomi has fallen asleep. Come lets go and drop Nahomi is her bed Emily. Emily followed her mum to her room her mum droped her on the bed and Emily laid beside her.

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