Learning how to fly with one wing

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Sinical, mentally unstable, needs help, on drugs, alcoholic, is one of the many words to used when it came to the name name of Angel Reeves, but in all honesty she was just the good guy who was made out to be the bad guy, like Chun LI. Warning this story contains the following: drugs and alcohol abuse, explicit sex. Enjoy 😉

Humor / Thriller
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Chapter one: How it all began.

Amethyst Pov.

My heart ponding against my chest, heavy but steady breaths escape my lips as I try and get away from the underworld demon guards. Holding onto my now plumpish belly, I sucked in a deep breath and forced my now weak legs to keep going.

"Amethyst!" A deep, yet gruff voice yelled, stopping me in my tracks.

"Over here!" The voice yelled again. This time I took the opportunity to look at the voice to find Mandeville, my forbidden lover and now the father of my soon to be child standing near the exit.

"What do we do!?" I asked frantic and out of breath as soon as I reached his arms. "They right behind me." I said panicking, looking behind me to, still hear the heavy foot steps and chants that were getting closer by the second.

"Go back to heaven it isn't safe here." Mandeville said grabbing my face, making me look him in the eyes. He placed his forehead against mine and looked at me with worry and a look of why did you come here. I had to see him, I had to let him know about our baby girl. But my ignorance got the best of me and I, instead of running into Mandeville I ran into the demons themselves.

"No what about you?" I asked but couldn't stop the tears welling up in my eyes he didn't know the gender yet and I wanted to tell him in person. My heartached for this wasn't what I had planned.

"I'll hold them off." He said, now putting alittle more pressure on my forehead our eyes locked on each other I had to slightly tilt my head up to look at his tall statue and bulky body. "I love you." He whispered, and pressed his soft lips against mine. We shared a passionate kiss but the broke apart when the chants became even louder. I knew they were soon around the corner.

"Now go." He comanded softly. He opened the door I looked at him, his beautiful red eyes along with his dark tan skin that made me fall for him in the first place, his plump lips hiding the fangs that I loved so much when every kiss we shared they would accidentally impale my lips, and lastly his dark curly hair made me swoon I would never forget the day we met

It was Timothy's and I watch night on earth when I saw him and some other demons raise up from the ground, all had sinical grins plastured on their face's as they neared a group of drunken people coming out of the club.

"Timothy! The bow." I yelled from behind the clouds.

Aiming the arrow at one of the demons I lost my balance and fell from the clouds. Before I could crash onto the ground for manage my wings to help me fly back up. A tight like grip caught me, and held me bridal style. The twinkle in his red eyes and sly smirk plastured on his face, was enough for me to turn putty in his hands or should I say arms.

"I would say did you fall from heaven but that's what clearly happened." He said, keeping the same smirk he had on, making the other demons laugh.

"Unhand me you filthy demon!" I spat bitterly, pushing at his hard chest.

"Calm down angel we just came to have fun but I see, we're not wanted here." He said nodding his head upwards, referring to the army of angels behind me.

"Release her at once!" Luke demanded.

"Sure thing." He said smirking at me. "This won't be the last time we will meet angel." He whispered into my ear and with a wink.

And he was right it wasn't the last I saw of him. He made sure every time it was my shift he would come up onto earth to cause mayhem but at the same time I didn't know I was falling for his evil antics... and that was it that was when I finally gave in, and started sneaking around.still trying to hold back my tears from the memory I nodded my head.

I opened my angel wings and looked at him one last time. I whispered under my breath a soft "I love you too" and took off flying up to the light blue sky and white fluffy clouds.

"Amethyst!" A powerful voice shouted, as soon as I arrived in the kingdom.

"Yes." I said softly looking up at an angry Luke. He was second in command in God's army. "Is there anything I could do for you?" I said slowly bowing. Once I saw he wasn't speaking.

"Get up!" He shouted, which caused me to jump. "Azaya would like to speak with you."

My heart then began to pond as Azaya was Gods first in command and could make all the decisions. "Yes." I said, with my head hung low not making eye contact. His glare could burn holes in me, and I was not ready to see the sneer on his face. I'm sure by now they had already known of my pregnancy it's not like it's something that I can hide the belly is already there.

"Yes Azaya." I said stepping into a white, fluffy room. This room could make anyone feel at peace and release any anxiety but right now it has doing no justice for my heart ponded so fast, it feels as if I might go into shock.

"We know." Was all Azaya stated.

My eyes grew wide I wanted to fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness but I knew that wasnt possible in this moment. Pleading would only make it worst, Azaya hated pleads because it made him feel as if we guilt tripping him. So he told us to never beg and keep our dignity and pride for that will only make you look weak as a guardian angel.

"I-I-I..." I began but was cut off.

"You will speak no more of this!" He said slamming his fists against the wooden table. "God is very forgiving which is why we are sentencing you to live on earth as a human and to raise your baby although once she reaches the age of 18 she must come back to heaven and fulfill your duties which you failed to do." He said facing his back on me.

"Wait what?! I can't let you..." Once again I was stopped mid sentance.

"Enough, be grateful we are not giving you the death sentance." Azaya said walking out of his office. " You leave tomorrow." Was the last thing he said before slamming the door and leaving me in his office. I couldn't help the tears this time and clutched onto my bell, falling to my knees I sobbed. I can't believe this I have to tell Mandeville. I thought.


Hey guys it's Unicky here, with my first chapter whaaaaat that's so crazy😱

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it, please comment, like or share.

And remember stay unitastic.

Nicky out✌️🦄

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