Learning how to fly with one wing

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Chapter 2: together forever.

Amethyst Pov.

"What!" Mandeville yelled. "They can't do that! can they do that?"

Before I could answer he went on, pacing back and forth, blaming himself. I didn't know a demon could feel or have remorse in them but this one was different, he was my demon and I feel like I changed him some how, and in some way he changed me too.

A small smile crept onto my baby pink lips, making Mandeville stop in his tracks. "Why are you smiling?" He asked now more pissed.

I couldn't help but chuckle at his face. "In all my years of being taught about you guys... I didn't think you would have a heart." I said smiling to myself and looking down at my belly.

A deep sigh was heard. "You fucking did this to me." He said, gently lifting my head up to look at him in the eyes. "I don't know what you did to me Amethyst but I love you and nothing and I mean nothing is going to stop me from ever loving you." He said placing a soft, lingering kiss on my forehead.

"I know..."I whispered under my breath, "I love you too." I smiled, now looking up at him and into his deep red eyes.

"I'm supposed to be leaving for earth today... I don't have much time I must go before they take my wings and I'll be stuck here on hell." I said worriedly.

As much as I would love to be stuck here instead of living on earth I knew the other demons wouldn't be so fond of me, and Lucifer would gladly make them chop off my head and serve it on a silver platter to the hell hounds.

"I'll go with you." Mandeville said, with a spark on his face. "It will be like we're a normal family... We can do that right?" He asked hopefully.

I bit my lip, loving the idea of living with Mandeville and seeing his beautiful face every morning and not worrying about sneaking around. Trying to hide the smile ready to stretch my cheeks I took his massive hands into my small ones. " Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure I can't imagine my life without you... And I've destroyed many happy homes to kinda know what a happy home should look like." He smirked.

I slapped his arm and pecked his lips. " You demon!" I chuckled lightly. "I guess we doing this?" I asked smiling.

He chuckled with a smirk plastured to his lips. He had a glimmer in his eyes and I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I waited patiently and nervously I might add for his reply. "I guess we are, let's get outta here before the demons see you." He said, grabbing hold of my hand and half dragging me to the exit.


Amethyst POV.

"Here we are." I said dropping the box that contained kitchen equipment on the well polished wooden floor, of my middle class house in a small, yet quint neighborhood. God was certainly kind when he chose this house I guess it is true when they say count your blessings.

Warm yet calming hands then rubbed up against my shoulders. I leaned back onto the body behind me putting me in a blissful state. "Not bad." A gruff voice whispered in my ears.

I turned around to look at the man or should I say demon that was behind me. "I should say the same about your looks." I said, letting out a small chuckle escape my lips.

Mandeville signiture smirk then vanished from his face. "Do I not look like a human?" He asked running a hand through his now silky jet black locks. Mandeville completely changed his look and looked like a biker that clashed with a overbearing strict principal he had a plad brown waist coat on over a black shirt and a black leather jacket he then paired it off with loose fitting denim jeans and shiny black dress shoes.

"Oh my God Mandeville please let me dress you, you look like a mess." I said, covering my mouth to not let out a laugh that is ready to burst out of me.

"What? You don't think I look good? You know I'm doing this for you right, do you have any idea how uncomfortable these contacts are!?" He whined.

"Well unfortunately baby you gotta wear them, those beautiful red eyes will draw attention to you and I will definitely have to pay the ultimate price." I said lazily placing my hands on his shoulders and pecking his cheek.

"I know... It's just gonna get some getting used to that's all." He said. Sitting on the leather brown couch.

I sighed and followed right after him. "So when are your wings being removed from you so we can get accustomed to our setting?" He asked draping his heavy arm around me and gently rubbing my now ready to burst belly.

"I wish I knew." I said. I wasn't too keen on losing my wings, but I guess that's what I get for falling in love with a demon. "Alright enough lazing around let's get started." I said jumping up from the couch and reaching my hand out so he could take it.

"What haven't we done enough?" He whined. I looked around the half undone, untidy house. "Are you kidding me?" I asked.

"What?" He then shrugged also looking around.

"Out of all the demons I fell for the laziest one." I said face palming. "Let's go." I now said, forcefully pulling him up off the couch and pushing his back so he can help me pack away the rest of the things.

"You strong ain't ya?" Mandeville chuckled.

Later that night.

I couldn't sleep for the life of me. My body was exhausted from unpacking and putting things in its place. I watched as Mandeville slept soundly. Lucky son of a bitch. I scoffed. I turned to my side and suddenly a slight sting was felt in-between my shoulder blades. The sting got worse, I sat up instantly trying to touch the pain.

"Amethyst are you okay?" I heard Mandeville, concerned yet sleepy voice.

"Oh my God Amethyst you're bleeding!" Mandeville now said alittle louder and jumping off the bed, he rushed to the bathroom and came running back with a towel. The pain then became unbearable and agonizing.

Mandeville placed the cold, damp towel on my back, it did nothing to subside the pain. "What is happening?" He asked panicking.

"I-...I'm... Losing... My.... Wings." I managed to get out.

Soon my beautiful white angelic wings fell off and onto the white carpet of our bed room. They then turned black and burned into ashes, disappearing leaving not a shred of evidence on the carpet.

The pain slowly subsiding I felt light headed. "Hey baby you okay?" Mandeville said now kneeling infront if me and checking my face for confirmation.

My body too weak and my head foggy, I managed to say. "We can live our life." It's like my body had a mind if its own and I slowly laid back down onto bed my eyelids heavy and getting harder and harder to keep open I then finally gave into the solace of sleep.


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