Learning how to fly with one wing

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Chapter 3: Her.

Angel POV.

I was once happy, floating around in my mother's Amethysts belly. Untill for some fucked up and unknown reason I was repeatedly crushed by her cirvix. I came out fighting but unfortunately I lost if I had known that, that wouldn't have been my last I would of fought even harder to stay in my safe blissful comfort premortal pool zone, everything happens for a reason right?

I was then born in a bright white, light room. With both my parents there watching me covered in my mother's blood, as my father took that chance to cut the embilical cord detaching me from my solace. A couple days later I was moved to a middle class suburb not that there was any issue with it but my parents definitely didn't look like they were from here and neither did I. Being born with one bright abnormally bright oceanic blue eye almost crystal like I was also born with one bright red eye. My parents made me wear contacts to hide my so called "disability".

I don't remember much about my childhood, except for the fact that I only had two moods, anger and anxiety. I once broke a kids arm and threw his friend off off the jungle gym, they tried to take my lunch and called me names since I sat alone like an outcast I was. A therapist then diagnosed me with a disorder called bipolarity. Which up till this day never made no sense to me. So explain this shit to me.

Kids at school werent just scared of me they were petrified of me, I got into alot more fights then a normal middle school girl child should which made me feel even more like I didn't belong. What didn't make sense to me is people were even more scared of my dad then anything so as much as my parents should of gotten court orders, or being sued that didn't happen.

My dear old mother tried so hard to make me seem normal she always told me "conceal don't feel" and yet dear ole pops told me to embrace what ever I was feeling, which in my case kinda sounded hypocritical cause I had to wear this dumb contacts all the time. My parents seemed to have everything thing planned out so did the rest of this world... Was I the only one born without a compus or a single fucking clue on what's going on?

My life was upside down from the beginning and all I ever wanted was to feel... Normal or atleast happy.

I had that feeling once when I was thirteen and my dad was teaching me how to ride a bike. Why so late you ask well... I was in more therapy then the joker himself, to learn anything. I didn't want to go but I went anyways, why? To please my parents of course.

Dear ole daddykins wasn't paying attention when I rode straight into a car. Oddly I was okay and but the car had a dent in it to make it seem like I shouldn't have been alive. I did how ever break my leg and was rushed into intensive care, where they gave me a morphine drip. That was the moment I felt it, no pain, no feeling out of place, no worries of trying to please my parents... Just me, myself and I floating, pain slowly drifting away. It was if I had no care in the world and the world wasn't even there anymore, just me on this hospital bed and the feeling I never wanted to end.. I was... I was happy and it felt like nothing and nobody could take that away from me.

But of course everything comes to an end... The doctor of course prescribed me some pain killers for my leg... Apparently the dosage was meant for an adult not a child going into her teen years but hey that's life right. The pain killers did the same effect and I knew... I knew this was it this was my key to euphoria.


"Good morning egg doner and sperm doner." I said coming downstairs from my room, into the kitchen to greet my parents. My dad as usual oblivious to the world as he sat at the breakfast table and red the news paper, while my mom slaved away making us breakfast.

"Mom and dad will suffice." She smiled gently and pecked me on the cheek.

I playfully rolled my eyes and stole a piece of already made bacon that was on a plate. "I gotta go I'm late." I said kissing her on the cheek and walking towards the door. Taking a bite of the bacon.

"Aren't you going to have breakfast?" My mom asked.

"I did." I said, shaking the piece of bacon in my hand, but unfortunately was snatched by our freakishly huge dog Cruella. "Hey! That was mine you little demon dog." I pouted.

My mom chuckled as she served my dad his breakfast. "Yeah that's right Cruella more breakfast for us." My dad said chuckling. Strangely Cruella only listened to my dad but loved to be played with by me and my mom. My dad smirked at me as he gave me a wink. I groaned in annoyance.

"I don't have time for this, I gotta go." I said walking out the kitchen and into the living room where I grabbed my car keys and continued to storm out the house. "You better be going to school!" My mom yelled. I didn't answer as I neared the drive way and jumped into my 2019 Audie A 7 and pulled off. I knew Zayne was waiting for me and I was not about to make him wait. He was a very impatient guy.

I finally pulled up to the tattoo parlor where we usually meet aka his parlor. He always saw me before he started business.

"Angel, Angel, Angel." Zayne said as soon as I walked into the parlor. "What can I do for the fine miss Reeves today?" He asked smirking. His thick curled jet black hair with frosted tips hung untidly on his face and shoulders only showing his lip and nose piercings, he had one on his eyebrow too but his hair was hiding it, he looked as if he had, had a hectic night. His piercing green emerald eyes could make any girl swoon, specially since it went well with his smirk, with those pink plump lips. His body was inked to the core not an inch of skin was showing. He wore a black V neck which showed off his buff, toned body, he paired it off with black jeans and black combat boots.

He was definitely not the type to take home to momma not dadda. "Cut the crap Zayne." I said placing my hands on my hips. Zayne was the most feared guy in town no one would dare speak to him the way I do, unless they have a death wish.

I was the only one who could talk to him like that seeing as he knew I wasn't afraid of death and my dad was more scarier then he was. "Alright I see my Angel isn't in the mood, what you want?"

"Opiates and Codes." I replied dryly.

"Alright." He smirked as he bend down in his chair and opened a draw next to him, which made me spot a bottle of vodka behind him. I smirked as I walked closer to him.

"Here we go ma lady." He said handing me my drugs. I took them and shoved them in my pocket and took out the cash paying him, all without making eye contact my eyes were fixed on the bottle behind this beautiful lethal creature.

"What?" He asked, following my gaze he looked behind him and saw what I was looking at.

I was close enough for him to grab me by the waist, at the same time I grabbed the bottle and popped the lid opened. He placed me on his lap as I downed the contents feeling that beautiful sensational burn go down me.

"You insane you know that?" Zayne said smirking. Zayne and I never hooked up although I would love to we just didn't, he loved to play around tho which I didn't care as long as he was supplying me what I needed and wanted I was happy with out relationship.

"Yeah but you love it." I winked, pushing myself off of the beautiful specimen. Feeling a slight buzz.

"I'll be seeing you." I said, giving him a two finger salute as I walked out the door.

"Yes you will." He yelled back, giving a slight menacing chuckle.

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