The Unexpected Journey

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What happens when a little girl encountered with an alien?

Humor / Children
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Chapter 1

There was a young girl, Charlotte Cockman who had her heart set to see the world. She wanted to discover the vicissitudes of life. She told her mother Natalie Cockburn about her wish. Next Sunday, they set out on their journey. On their way, they saw the woods, mountains, different animals, and innumerable things.

They were moving along to their journey and suddenly on their way they heard the thunderclap, the sky turned black, both of them were perplexed. Suddenly a flash of forked lightning leaped from the sky and touched the lake.

They did not have any clue what to do. They turned out of their car and saw a UFO toppled from the black clouds. It perched where the lightning struck and a diminutive cerulean-colored alien-like creature with a lamp on his head transpired out, similar to that of Hritik Roshan’s “koi mil gaya”. Both of them were apprehensive, and suddenly her daughter exclaimed ”haila jaadu“!

Natalie Cockburn screeched ”Call 911“. But as it was a craggy area there was no network coverage. They quietly went behind bushes and hide. Abruptly the alien started to do a floss dance. Seeing this, Charlotte Cockman told her mother ”Mama, don’t you think this alien is too addicted to Fortnite’. But her mother did not utter a single word. All of a sudden when the alien was busy doing the floss dance, the girl managed to break free from her mother’s lap and amalgamated with the alien and started to do floss, and the whole society of alien came out from the UFO and started doing floss, seeing this her mother rushed into her car started it and dashed into one of the aliens, but the car passed through the body of the alien but her daughter didn’t show any trace of consternation on her face. She was immersed in doing the floss dance . ”Cut-Cut-Cut" a voice came from behind the woods, it was Marijuana Pepsi Jackson, the director of a film and the whole crew of the film making stood still and turned out from behind the bushes.

The girl and her mother were bewildered. The director told them that shooting was going on for the next part of “koi mil gaya” and these all alien are holographic images produced by artificial intelligence. Natalie Cockburn showed an expression of relief. The girl was too young to understand all this drama going on. She didn’t worried about what’s going on and just continued to do floss. Everybody contemplated the girl dancing with the aliens and relished it. At last, when she was worn out they went back home and the shooting recommenced. Till the time they reached home, the girl was already asleep and was murmuring in dreams ”Mai idhar chali mai udhar chali , jane kaha mei kidhar chali arrre mei to floss kari, ye maine kya kara“. The mother smiled and laughed and went into the house and they both slept.

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