The senior trip

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Hi guys hope you enjoy this rollercoaster of book ☺😊😇 CAST: Avery:you/main character Xavier:best friend Enzo:read to find out! Azia: read to find out!

Humor / Drama
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Chapter 1| avery pov

GGGGooodddd MMMOORRNNIINNGGG!!!! I yelled over Xavier face.
He was still sleeping.
"What the f-" He yelled.
"Woaahhh language language" I said.
He sucked his teeth, rolled his eyes and pulled the cover over his face.
"Come on we have to go meet the other kids, they said they wanted to meet us!" I said. "
"What other kids." "The kids from down the hall" I said.
He groaned and sat up. "Dude it's 12pm its too damn-"
"Late to be sleeping still" I interrupted .
"Good grief let a man sleep"he said
"Boy" I correct
"Hush" He said playfully punching my arm
"Anyways come on I'm pretty sure the kids down the hall is either waiting for us or almost done getting ready. So hurry and get ready" I said
"Your not even ready" He said
"What" I gasped "I am ready see"
I stood up straight.
Oooo u might wanna get ready again cuz.."
"Shut up and get ready I'm going to get something from the vending machine want something?" I asked
"Naw I'm good I'm about to take a shower"


"Come on Xavier we have to go they are waiting" I said
"You can rush perfection"he said
"Oh please perfection where cause I don't see it"
"Don't be dumb you can't see perfection you can only sense it"
"What? "I said
"I don't know I read that somewhere"he said laughing a bit.


"Hello" I said walkin up to this girl about the same size as me but with red hair and paler.
"Hi" She responded
"What your name" I asked
"Im azia"
"Oh what a unique name, I love it"
"Thanks" she said shyly
"Oh you have to meet my friend Xavier you gonna love him he's really nice just don't wake him up if he's sleeping" I said with a smile. ( not in a pick me way)
She nodded her head
"Xavier" I yelled( not that loud but loud enough)
"I'm coming" he said in response
This dude came down the hall with his shades on like he on the run way.
"Omg you did not" I said
"Sure did" he said
I turn around to azia who's just dying of laughter.
I laughed a little then helped azia up.
"Come on guys we have to meet up with another person. He said he's on the 3rd floor so elevator or stairs? "
"Okay let's have a race me and azia takes the stairs and Xavier takes the elevator okay on 3." i said
"Okay" Xavier and azia said in union
Me and azia raced down 1 flight of stairs before the elevator doors fully close so I knew we gonna win. We started pushing the elevator on every floor so that would slow him down. Evil I know
We got there first if course, we cheated
The elevator doors open up.
"What took you so long we said out of breath"
"Y'all needa catch y'all breath before y'all catch these hands" He snickers.
"What number are they at?" Azia asked
"He said 215" I responded
"Well this is 199 and the numbers go up this way so come on" He said pointing to the right side of the hallway.
We begin to walk, took a right then I start to see a dude in front of what's suppose to be 215
"Hey" I said
"Are you avery? " They asked
"Yeah" I responded
"Theses are my friends azia and Xavier"
"Guys this is Enzo"
They both waved and said hello.
" Guys come one let's go get milkshakes" I said happily. They all flowed closed behind me having there own conversations.

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