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One thing changes everything

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She is home schooled up until the 7th grade. She was nervous starting her first year going into an unfamiliar building. Never in her life had she walked into a school building. She was very anti social and somehow going into the school in the middle of the year she was a hit. Everyone in the school knew her and within her first week she was the most elite girl in the school.. Every thing was great until…

Humor / Romance
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The start of everythingシ

My parents told me the words I have been dreaming of since the 7th grade. I am a sophmore now. The words have more meaning than anything. I am very anti social since I have never stepped an inch into a public school before. Not even a private one. Every since preschool I have done my school on a computer.
It was not that bad since I didn’t know what it felt like to do anything else. I AM GOING TO SCHOOL!
I don’t even have to go shopping cause I just went to the mall yesterday and got my wardrobe updated to the most recent style. I am going to sleep in almost 2 hours for the biggest day of my life!

“Ava, will you take the dog on a walk before it gets to dark?” My mom yelled up the stairs. I let her words hang in the air for a second. I really didn’t want to at the moment. I was about to shower. But I really did not want on her bad side so I agreed.

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