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"And here we are, love."She opens the door of her car and rings a bell on the white picket fence. Someone opens the gate and she drives through.

"Help me hold the bag, Trevor." Elizabeth tells the guy I think is my half brother. He looks to be fifteen or sixteen.

He ignores me like he hasn't seen me at all. I don't want attention so I guess that's fine. "Follow him, love." Elizabeth tells me and I do so.

The house fills like it's some people's home which it obviously is and that just makes me uncomfortable. Being in someone else's home. In a new environment. Knowing no one. Trevor moves my bags to the last room on the upper floor and I guess that's my new room.

I don't think I'm ready to associate with anyone or be asked questions and looked at like a biology specimen for that matter so I decide to just change clothes and keep in my room.

I read two novels on my e-reader before finally giving up and sleeping. The quiet never bothers me. After all I spent all my life with Sheena and sometimes she came home late from her waitressing job.

I wake up three hours later with the sound of kids whispering from outside my door. I open the door and the two girls nearly drop to their feet. I smile against my will because the girls who are about ten years old are now blushing a deep red and quarreling at each other in hushed whispers for speaking loudly. They blush even more when I clear my throat and they remember I'm standing there.

"I am Jetta. She's Gabby. I was just telling her that I saw you!! You are like so pretty OMG OMG!!!" The little girl, Jetta screams right in my face.

"No need to scream it Jetta. I can see her you know." Gabby says shaking her head. Elizabeth calls for them from downstairs and they all run down to her.

I'm guessing it's time for dinner as different aromas are filling the whole house. A guy I didn't see earlier that's in his early forties is carrying Jetta. He has a few gray hairs and looks like he's the older version of Trevor. I'm guessing it's there dad. He makes a few introductions saying his Matthew Thompson. And even though it makes me question my Thompson name and why Elizabeth would name me after her husband. I don't give it much thought.

Everyone keeps staring at me for introductions during dinner. But I make no effort to introduce myself. "And this is my niece, Zoey, I told you she was to come and live with us from today onwards. Her mom, Sheena,my sister, passed on yesterday. Such a loss. I decided to bring her here as a good Samaritan." Elizabeth says with a smile on her face.

I stare at her blankly, because why the fuck is she referring to me as her "niece." And why is she calling Sheena her sister/my mom. I mean, her and Sheena do not even have a slight resemblance. Where Sheena had lively green eyes and red hair, Elizabeth and I have black hair and brown eyes. I knew that Elizabeth was lying and that none of her family had ever seen Sheena for that matter. But I also felt and knew that it wasn't my story to tell and that she alone needs to participate in this lie, not me. So I thanked her for dinner and moved to my room.

Everyone else was staring at me probably wondering why I didn't add on to Elizabeth's story and maybe talk more about myself. I just didn't care. Lol.

I couldn't sleep. I kept turning in my sleep. Sweat dripping from my hair and body clinging to the sheets. All I could hear were the sirens of the ambulance and nurses rushing in and out of wards. I guess that's what staying in a hospital for a full year turns you into that. I finished my freshman year of college by studying online so that I would look after Sheena but the hospital smell and sounds never stopped, not even now when I had left the hospital.

I sat up in bed. It had to be around one in the morning but I could hear Matthew and Elizabeth exchanging words at each other. The argument had to be about my stay here and why she didn't tell him about "her sister". And whether the money she had been sending all these years was to Sheena and I. That money stopped coming when I was around eight but I'm guessing Matthew didn't know that too. They kept on exchanging words and yelling at the top of their lungs at each other till the sun begun to rise.

They didn't speak directly to each other for the whole of the next week. Jetta told me they have been going to marriage therapy for like four years now and that Gabby and her were now used to the tension in the house. I rarely saw Trevor and when I did, he mumbled a greeting and moved to the opposite direction.

I started thinking that Matthew was suspecting something as sometimes I would catch him staring at me for far too long but I didn't even care, it still wasn't my story to tell.

I was just counting down days for me to go to college.

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