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Everyone was mad at me in this house. Everyone apart from Elizabeth who was trying to get in my graces as she at times thought I could destroy the last string of her marriage, which I think I could.

Jetta and Gabby had told me the previous week that Matthew had stopped both of them from speaking to me and Trevor mumbled barely audible greetings whenever I passed by him.

Matthew used to ask me a lot of questions about "my mom, Sheena" but he stopped when he got no answers and now he just says nothing to me at all. And I'm proud to say it doesn't bother me in any way.

I only get out of my bedroom to pick my food from the dining and then to my room because a girl can't live without her dearest friend, food.

I guess that's why they were all surprised to see me sit with them today. Actually, I was equally surprised, we all knew I was least interested in creating any friendships with anyone here.

No one talked about my leaving for college. Not in a way that we don't want talk about something like that because it hurts to see you gone, Zoey. Hell no.

I had heard Matthew and Elizabeth quarreling again and this time, Matthew wanted me to go to a girls' community college because it is cheaper and I can always come back to help around.

While Elizabeth obviously wanted me far far away so that she could keep her lies and lie even more. And her marriage would be safer I guess. So she instead that it would be better I go to Halles University since her "other sister" is a board member there.

Yeah, I know. How can someone be capable of telling all theses lies so elegantly that even her husband and children believe it without a question?! I'm really impressed by her abilities even though I don't want to be part of any of it.

Anyway, I waited for Elizabeth or Matthew to come and tell me about Halles but nothing. Everyone was still staring at me, probably ever since I entered and sat with them with a smile. I didn't even know how to begin a convo with these people.

" I'm supposed to leave for college tomorrow, right?" I asked even though it sounded more like a statement. Matthew and Elizabeth exchanged a look like who told her. I rolled my eyes at this predictability. "C'mon. It's no secret you yell about everything as long as it clocks midnight. Even I a deep sleeper can hear you both." I say. Matthew's jaw hardens like c'mon, did he really think it was a secret.

"There's so many unspoken stuff here but who I'm I to say. I'm going tomorrow and no one has even said it to me directly. Mind you I already packed just wanted to know who is taking me- oh I know that. It's obviously Elizabeth and Godddd why did I even come yet I already know that. I would have been done eating oh- yikes I didn't pack my books " I rush to go back to my room. I hear Jetta and Gabby giggle before I run to pack my many novels.

That night I sleep peacefully because my oh my I'm leaving tomorrow.


Apparently, Elizabeth's 'sister', the board member had filled for me everything that needed to be covered and I only had to go to my room. I liked this board-sister as I call her very much today, even though, I've never really met her.

The moment Elizabeth dropped me here two minutes ago, she left. Yes. No cries. No checking out my room. Funny enough two years ago, I could see myself happily coming to college because of Sheena's stories and crying because she was going to be left home alone and I would be at college all alone. I wipe a test or two because there's no say that goes that I don't miss her.

Someone that passes by could mistake me for crying because I'm in a new place with no place blah blah so I ask the two girls next to me to direct me to room 107. They exchange a look. What's with people and exchanging looks?

"So...did you like replace Cherry? Or Megan? " The pretty redhead with large green eyes and freckles asks. I stare at her blankly. "Or you are dating Dean or Benji?!" Uhm, nah not even those people.

I never really had friends growing up, because I was too lazy to make any. And who wanted to make friends with a way slim nerdy girl with braces and a wild mess of curly hair. Sheena was the only one I had and needed. But now that she's gone, well, I don't know.

Well, puberty hit, not at fourteen or fifteen though like the normal kids but at eighteen, the year before Sheena fell sick, meaning there was completely no way of making friends in highschool. Now most people casually call me pretty, or attractive, it feels like a mock, you know.

"Am I supposed to know any of them?" I ask. They exchange a look again. I roll my eyes at this. "Because am sure I know none of them."

"Look, I'm not sure it's the best decision but will show you there and maybe wait for you if at all things don't work out." The redhead says as her friend with dyed blue hair just eats her chocolate but nods on all the same.

It seems there's a room party in 107. The redhead tells me that this happens every weekends. It's not for everyone though. Just a selected few.

"And you are among the few?" I ask her. She turns to me smiling. "I'm obviously not. Not even close. But my sister is the head."

All this time I had been with my suitcase and the redhead was helping with the other. The blue head was basically just following.

I expected it to be so crowded with people throwing up everywhere and it full with an alcohol stink but it seemed like this was a different kind of party with just three girls and three boys?

"This a party or a meeting with music?" I asked the redhead who just laughed it off, told us to wait at the doorway and entered.

I remained with the blue head who seemed more interested in looking at her shoes than talking to me. Five minutes later, redhead came out with a blonde.The blonde looked me up and down, shook her her head and went back. The redhead gave me a sad smile.

"Guess you can move in with me us. Been looking for a third roommate." She then leads me to another hallway I'm guessing to my new room.

Oh, wow.

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