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Fel's Life

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Hi I'm Felicia aka Fel, I'm just your average black teenage girl who was bullied in middle school and my mental health started detoriating. I told no one but my bestfriend Sasha. I come from a large family of 12sisters and one brother plus ofcourse my mom and dad. We have a variation of skin tones my dad is white and my mom is black. They make me happy but also take me on many emotional rollercoasters. I have a huge crush on Dylan Keller captain of the basketball team at Campbell highschool. After all the cries for help, Sasha and my guidance counseler beg me to go for group therapy. "Black people dont go to therapy!" I get aquainted with new suprising people who are now my friends. I go through an accident and discover new shocks as i recover. Finish the school year go to college with a special somebody. And have a lot more going on. Now buckle up lets go for adventures together! ⚠️this book may trigger anxiety, trauma or other mental disorders⚠️if you ever need help or someone to talk to please feel free to contact me on my email. No racism involed♡ Love one another! And talk to your Family!

Humor / Romance
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*1 days before joining high school*
"Be down for breakfast in 10 minutes or else!..." my mom said while knocking on my door. I groan as I get out of my bed guess I didn't hear my alarm that's great, I rush to brush my teeth and run downstairs cause I know my momma gon whoop my a** if I miss breakfast.
Everyone is staring at me (my siblings) probably because i look like a walking tree with my messy hair but who cares! "Sleeping beauty is finally awake " my brother says making everyone chuckle. Ha ha Very funny Cameron I say sarcastically while glaring at him. He has hazel brown eyes like mine, a dimple on the right of his cheek ,he's 6'3 with a body of underwear models ,Short dreadlocks and one piercing yup he's that guy! I sit down and start munching on my bacon, the door bell rings and my little sister Annie ,she's five, dashes for the door and I hear a familiar voice asking for me, I squeal in excitement "Sasha's here, my bestfriend!" I go and we do our handshake like we do everyday. Sasha is 5'7 and medium toned like me with sparkling green eyes plus she's pretty curvy with straight blue hair. Anyway I notice she's pouting and giving me puppy eyes.....What's wrong, "You ate breakfast without me," she says while wiping her imaginary tears, I hear mom chuckle saying "you know I always keep breakfast for you, baby," yay "I love you momma," she says while sitting down to eat. My mom has always been Sasha's mom too.
"Oh Felicia, you should go get dressed quick I have to take you, Leah and Sasha shopping for school, "Prudence my eldest sister says while sipping her coffee. I run up stairs take the quickest shower, I don't wash my hair, its a fluffy afro ponytail, teehee, throw on my baggy pants and T-shirt with blue snickers and head out to the car where the girls were waiting for me and we head to the mall.

In the mall, i start browsing through scholastic things with Sasha as my sisters head to the food court. We go to the botique to get clothes, Sasha always loved sundresses so she picked a few for me as well but I on the other hand stopped wearing things that showed my body well...since I was bullied in middle school.
It was the end of school and I really wanted to pee, I was wearing a black body hugging dress with a grey denim jacket plus white matching sneakers, I had braces and of course my glasses.
I placed my books on the floor and headed into the stall when I heard Ashley and her squad walk in, it wasn't fair how she treated them like puppets, Ashley was a skinny white girl with honey blonde hair always in heels and short skirts, I hated her anyways, I mustered up the courage to go and wash my hands and hopefully not talk to Ashley but boy was I wrong.
"Who do we have here?" I-I'm just trying to wash my hands Ashley, please! "Don't you dare be rude to me , Grab her!" She commanded, immediately one of her puppets grabbed me by my hair and pushed me to the wall , took off my glasses and punched me in the gut. "Why do you even try to dress pretty, your just an ugly pathetic girl, no one wants to see your disgusting body!" I tried my best not to cry as the tears flooded my eyes, they hit me one more time and let me fall to the ground giving each other high fives as they walked out.
I was in pain and couldn't walk I called Sasha to come get me and within a second she was there, she vowed to never let me leave school by myself and to make Ashley pay! But guys revenge is bad!
*End of flashback*

I see Sasha deep in thought so I use the chance to go into the library, it always felt so refreshing to read I loved it there. I was browsing through the books until I saw a familiar face through one of the shelves... holy crap! Dylan Keller, He grabbed my arm and I didn't have the courage to say anything but to stare in his eyes not until Sasha saved me by grabbing me away, I'm sure she was already planning a wedding in her head, Thank God she didn't ask about whatever that was.
I concluded my shopping, had lunch with the girls at the food court and headed home to get some well deserved rest before school tomorrow. :)

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